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Favorite Health Food: Salmon

Favorite Sinful Food: Pizza and Cake

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Mrs. Sporty functional training

My Approach to Weight Loss: Intermittend Fasting

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: I don't follow a plan

Fitness/Exercise Apps: MyFitnessPal

Fitness Devices: FitBit

DietBet Winnings: $494.22

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01/20/2019 1:54AM in Healthy Holiday Transformer -$500 weekly drawings until 2019 - via android
Hey Guys

Just curious to peoples Instagram handle so we can follow up each other and keep supporting each other once the bet has finished

Mine is @stronglikesteele

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Anna Katherine


Emily Y.

01/14/2019 2:08PM in Pre-Holiday Power Transformer - Win $2000 for your Holiday Gifts! - via iPhone
Let’s be Instagram friends and hold each other accountable! Add me @diet_and_doughnuts

Post your username below and I’ll add you

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Nice to meetcha!



Ali S.

01/12/2019 9:07PM in Pre-Holiday Power Transformer - Win $2000 for your Holiday Gifts! - via android
Does anyone know what time and in what time zone the weigh in window starts?

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Ali S.

How does it work do you get notified when they will let you submit it


It’s open now :blush:

Krichelle M.

01/12/2019 6:37AM in Pre-Holiday Power Transformer - Win $2000 for your Holiday Gifts! - via iPhone
What if we are still at the same weight as when we started. Do we have to try drastic things to catch up? I didn’t gain anything but I haven’t lost anything? Anyone know? It says I have to lose 12 pounds by next round? Yikes!

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you may or may not make the next ROUND goal but you have 6 months to reach your total goal... so dont worry too much

as to helping you off that stall:
check that you are eating enough (cut the calories too far and many people stall) and that you are not having calories sneak up on you.

Cut back on any artificial sweeteners, in SOME people they can stall weight loss

Make sure you are getting good electrolytes. you will hold water if you arent.

now... i do best on a low carb diet, so for ME i have to watch those carbs. (i do keto) and as long as my carbs stay low i am ok... but whatever diet you do? track EVERYTHING you eat, and use an app like my fitnesspall to look at how much carb, how much sugar... etc


Im in the same boat. I need all the will power I can get!

Carly C.

01/10/2019 7:29AM in Fatgirlfedup's Year of Transformation Kickoff - via android
Does anyone have a good template for measurement tracking? I want to make sure I watch my inches as well as my weight so that at times where the scale isnt moving so much i might still see some progress. I just get a little confused at what all gets measured and what your "total inches lost" actually refers to and want to be sure I do it right.

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I use my fitnesspal

Brooke H.

I love this! Measurements is such a great way to help you really see your weight loss!


01/07/2019 5:22AM in Fatgirlfedup's Year of Transformation Kickoff - via android
  • Breakfast this morning! We are currently staying at Hilton Head Health and they are a healthy living resort so making healthy choices! I ordered 4 hard boiled eggs, salsa, and avocado. Protein, fats, and healthy choices that will fuel my busy day. Eggs are something I've ate almost daily in my journey. I'll be giving away a getaway later in our game here so keep your eyes on the forum. What did you have?

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Clif bar. Gotta get away from the sugar but feel good about the rest of today :blush:


  • Overnight oats with chia seeds, sliced almonds and golden raisins and unsweetened almond milk!


01/06/2019 1:55AM in Fatgirlfedup's Year of Transformation Kickoff - via android
  • Still in bed at almost 10am. Feeling dreadful with my chest infection and temperature. Wish I was up and out doing something but gotta get better soon. Just thought I'd say hi and all your positive posts really inspire and motivate me. My story on Instagram is FATLADFEDUP if anyone's interested in following my journey.

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Mike F.

Hope you get to feeling better.


Hope you are feeling better soon

Emma S.

01/06/2019 1:54AM in Fatgirlfedup's Year of Transformation Kickoff - via iPhone
My first DietBet and I love that this exists, what an amazing way to create communities and give people motivation. Quick question - who has won before? And how much did you win vs your original bet?

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I’ve finished 2 and they finished at $55 & $50.

Star C.

Did one last month, bet $35, won $63 but it didn't have nearly this many players

Stephanie J.

01/06/2019 1:39AM in Fatgirlfedup's Year of Transformation Kickoff - via android
Hello everybody, has anybody win this before? And did you really get money? If the answer is yes, how much? It is my first time here.
Greetz from germany

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Stephanie J.

I think one :heavy_dollar_sign: more back is agreat deal. And i think it gives us motivation on top. Cant wait to loose weight. I feel this time it will be easier because of you all!


I'm going to win my first diet bet on Jan 10th so I'll know then!


01/06/2019 12:44AM in RESOLUTION KICKSTARTER with jordanshrinks - via iPhone
Today was not my best day in terms with how I treated my body. Yes I ate a decent amount of food but how I consumed it was unhealthy and needs to be corrected. I had breakfast (homemade) and I didn’t pack a lunch. From 8:30am until 8pm I didn’t consume a single thing but 1 carbonated water and 1/2 bottled water. The time I ate I scarfed down my food so quickly I didn’t even enjoy it. I over ate in terms of amount. As someone who struggles with skipping meals that can lead to days I am trying to break this habit. I wanted to also point out, skipping meals (as someone who doesn’t snack) isn’t healthy. As a remind to myself and others please treat your body with love, respect and kindness.

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Krista C.

I struggle with this too and end up eating a huge meal right before bed. Sometimes it’s unavoidable. But I think more than worrying about the amount of food, worry about what kind of food you ate! And know that bad days happen to everyone, so give yourself some leeway.

Victoria G.

When I started portion controlling my food I did the same thing, but it helps if you meal prep and have small healthy snacks in between meals like I'll pack string cheese or even an apple since most of the time I wasn't hungry I just needed to chew down on something for the jitters/anxiety
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