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Heather D.

02/23/2021 4:38PM in DEDICATION with Bloodsweatfiness!
  • Meal prep for the week, taco bowls

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Tara L.

Looks good!

Doctor Dreee

Yum what's in them :yum:

Takirah M.

02/19/2021 9:43AM in DEDICATION with Bloodsweatfiness!
Snack thread. Share some of your favorite healthy snacks .

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Kaydee N.

Veggie straws for sure. I’ve been loving carrots and red bell pepper with hummus. I like turkey and low-fat cheese rolls.

Jina H.

I like the protein flex chips from sams are good...
Quest chips.. I love the chile lime and loaded taco flavors.
We got the hold the cone ice creams from trader joes for the perfect low cal sweet snack.
Sugar free jello and pudding is also a staple at our house.
Pickles.. Grillos are yum!
Obviously fruits and veggies too...

Krystal B.

02/16/2021 9:26AM in DEDICATION with Bloodsweatfiness!

I’d loveeee to hear everyones goals for this month! **MUST BE COMMENTED ON THIS POST** Doesn’t have to be weight related. ANY goals you have. In your personal life, with your job, your weightloss journey, your relationships, parenthood, ANY GOAL you have whatsoever!!!

I’ll be choosing 1 person to refund their buy in (I have PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, or zelle pay) and YOULL GET TO PLAY THIS GAME FOR FREE!

A huge goal I have is to get under 210, which I haven’t seen since way last year, excel even further in my new job, cook constantly, and get my heart healthy again! Also to start saving money back up since I took a week off of work to explore the Grand Canyon!


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Bethany S.

I know the giveaway eneded but I still wanted to share my goal with all of you. I would love to be under 175 pounds by the end of the dietbet and also fit into a bridesmaid's dress for my best friend's wedding!

Stephanie G.

I need to be more consistent with making good food choices.
Tara L. accepted the challenge.
02/10/2021 6:16AM in DEDICATION with Bloodsweatfiness!
The pot is now $420

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Lu H.

02/08/2021 8:02AM in Fit Happens in 2021 with Megan Davies
Hi there, any help on unable to submit final weight out? I was providing my information in kilos, but somehow the app said the weight was not acceptable in lbs. (I did provide in kilos) afterwards I couldn’t submit my final weight out anymore......

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Sara O.

Email them

Lu H.

Hi all, it appeared that the weight in submit would be blocked for a while anf I was able to resubmit the result after couple hours :)
Tara L. has weighed in at 162.9 pounds, up 0.6 pounds
01/18/2021 12:05PM in 2021 New Years Resolution!

now at 79% of their goal

Total weight lost is now 611 pounds! Average is 2.5 pounds.

Vladka L.

01/08/2021 1:21PM in 2021 New Years Resolution!
Hey, what is your favourite fitness video on youtube?

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Vladka L.

Thanks for your tips, I am going to try them all, hohohoo! My yt favourite is Rebecca Loise, especially her ABS workouts.

Tara L.

I like the Fitness Marshal for fun dance workouts.