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Danielle D.

08/05/2019 10:39AM in My Girlish Whims Summer Heat Dietbet
My birthday was last week and I indulged to much on my birthday and on the weekend birthday celebration😭 gotta work extra hard now!!😬

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Rebecca G.

hope you enjoyed your birthday regardless - it only comes once a year ;) Just use the celebrations as extra fuel to get you back on track!


Same, but it was worth it! Happy birthday!

Rebecca G.

08/01/2019 9:28AM in My Girlish Whims Summer Heat Dietbet
NEW MONTH CHECK IN! Happy August first you guys! How have you been doing so far on this bet? we are over 1.5 weeks in so it’s a good time to reassess your approach to the challenge. What have you been excelling at? What has been the hardest thing for you to stick to? This is a great time to set some new goals for moving forward. Make sure you take time to celebrate and be proud of the positivity habits you have already adapted - even if the scale isn’t changing as fast as you want. Let us help you set some extra goals if you need for the items you struggle most with! 👇

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Jacquellyn C.

My hubby loves eating out! Plus the kids were gone at camp all week so we really lived it up. Still on track, but it’s been a bit more difficult than usual.


I’m finding it so hard to stay in track. I’ll have one good day and then three bad :tired_face: I know it’s all down to me and having self discipline but it is hard. I’m down 12% so at least I’m going in the right direction albeit slowly

Rebecca G.

07/30/2019 6:47PM in My Girlish Whims Summer Heat Dietbet
  • 9:40PM in bed - and just planned all my meals and snacks for tomorrow! Just some general advice for anyone who counts calories or macros: shoot for consistency and ranges instead of hitting exact numbers everyday. I think consistently striving for complete perfection everyday can lead to an “all or nothing mentality.” Thinking: “oh no! I went over my calories by 100 today I just can’t do this” or thinking “I ate 20 extra grams of carbs today, might as well just eat whatever and start again tomorrow” are NOT good mindsets to get into!! I have certain calorie and macros set up in my fitness pal that I aim to hit WITHIN REASON. Today I really wanted some powdered peanut butter with my afternoon snack, so I had it even though it put me just “over” my goal for carbs and calories. Going over your goal by a little bit isn’t going to make a big difference - but feeling deprived and bingeing later on 1,000s of extra calories will. Give yourself some grace - shoot for general ranges for your nutrition goals, and just KEEP CONSISTENT! That will give you the best results overall!!!

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Erika A.

That's a good lesson!

Stephanie S.

So true — this is great to keep in mind!

Ashley M.

07/28/2019 4:51PM in My Girlish Whims Summer Heat Dietbet
Anyone else just doing this via diet/home exercise?! My local library has all sorts of dvds and programs so currently I'm working into PiYo by beachbody. Anyone have a favorite home workout?! :-)

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Lauren B.

I highly recommend Fitness Blender! They have free YouTube videos and you can find pretty much any kind of workout you want to do. I love them!

Christina B.

Me! I love the 21 day fix videos.

Rebecca G.

07/22/2019 7:37AM in My Girlish Whims Summer Heat Dietbet
WELCOME TO THE GAME!!! I’m so excited to start another great challenge with you all. Let’s ROCK this thing together!!! I’d love to get to know you all better: drop a comment on this post with some information about yourself and why you wanted to join this DietBet so we can all get to know each other! Don’t forget that if you share the game on your instagram account, you can post a screenshot of it on the other pinned post for a chance to win the $100 cash giveaway. I’ll pick a winner for that on Saturday: you can officially join and weigh in for the bet up to 14 days after it starts so lets try to GROW this pot before then!!!

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Christine B.

Have a chill weekend home with the family!

Candace S.

Who was the winner for Instagram? I can't find the post...