Deb L

Quick Facts

Favorite Health Food: Salads & Veggie soups

Favorite Sinful Food: Ice cream

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Running, weights

My Approach to Weight Loss: Better eating habits, increased activity

My Diet Plan: I don't follow a plan

Fitness/Exercise Apps: RunKeeper, MyFitnessPal

Fitness Devices: Apple Watch

DietBet Winnings: $151.52

TIME PERIOD: All 60-Days 30-Days
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-0.4% Since last weigh-in
-0.4% 1-Month Change
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05/01/2022 7:07PM in The 2022 Game Changer Transformer - $10,000 in Prizes!
I started out strong but didn’t make rounds 2 or 3. I’m not going to make round 4 either but I’m not going to give up. I’ve made some changes… replacing 2 meals a day instead of 1 with protein smoothies, eating smaller potions at dinner, tracking all my foods and drinks, less eating out and I joined a boot camp on top of all the walking I already do. I lost 2 ponds this week! I am feeling better and ready to really take on this challenge. Better late than never!

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Erin A.

You got this! Sounds like you’ve found some things to help you hit your goals!


You can do this Nutmegkay!!!

Julie L.

04/19/2022 8:50PM in The 2022 Game Changer Transformer - $10,000 in Prizes!
  • Started a new series on iFit tonight for the treadmill. Been doing the weight loss walking series in Italy and Turks and Caicos. This one is the Bora Bora Bootcamp. Towards the last interval, the trainer says she wanted to see a spike in our heart rate and we'd get this by skipping with high knees! Nailed it and I learned it is possible to skip on a treadmill ????

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Deb L

I am addicted to iFit. If you want an incline walking challenge, try the “Alps Beginner Series” with John Peel. My booty has been on fire with this one!

Lara M.

Love iFIT!

Kelly P.

04/02/2022 9:57AM in The 2022 Game Changer Transformer - $10,000 in Prizes!
  • Liift4 week 3 day 4. Leg day! And that’s 3 weeks of ZERO missed workouts!! Yay, me!

    While yesterday and today are weigh in days, I knew I likely wouldn’t make weigh in for this month because I started lifting heavy. With that mindset ahead of time, I’m happy where I am right now even though I did NOT make this month’s weigh in because I’m definitely stronger and my body is noticeably tighter and firmer. There is still the flab I need to get rid of, but I know I can do it and I’m feeling so much better with adding in the heavier lifting!!

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Deb L

Good job! I’m feeling the same way. Didn’t meet the monthly weigh in goal this month (or last), but slowly, steadily getting stronger and still feel like I’m on track for the end goal.

Nancy N.

Great job with the workouts a day! So inspiring!


03/31/2022 6:14AM in The 2022 Game Changer Transformer - $10,000 in Prizes!
I’m not sure if I’ll make this weigh in again , but I’ve continued to lose weight and my A1C is getting better . That’s a win in my book. Ever since starting a new anxiety/ antidepressant my weight loss has slowed a lot. Still going down , but slowly.

Congratulations to everyone who has made progress and hasn’t given up. You matter!

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Deb L

Same here - I’m going down at a very slow but steady pace. I will be a couple of pounds short of making this weigh-in, but setting my sights on next months goal!


I’m glad your getting A1C down….I’m not sure what that stands for but losing worthy too is always good! So glad your staying positive through the med change!

Deb L

03/29/2022 8:24AM in The 2022 Game Changer Transformer - $10,000 in Prizes!
Trying to stay positive here, but does anyone else find it incredibly frustrating the way the monthly goals were calculated? I’m sure there is some science behind it or maybe they are just trying to make it more challenging…but why wouldn’t it make more sense for each monthly goal to be an even division of the 6 month goal?
At the end of month 3, I have lost a little over half my ending goal, so I feel like I’m doing the right things and am basically on track. Yet, I missed last month’s goal and will likely miss this month’s too. I know if I stay on track, eventually I will “catch up”, and have been told that as long as I make my end goal, I should at least get my money back, but it’s discouraging to feel “behind” and miss goals. I feel like it encourages people to try quick fixes to try to beat a weigh in, instead of rewarding for being consistent & mathematically on track to the end goal. It was clear to me ahead of time what the goals were and I willingly chose to participate, so I have no problem losing my portion of the pot monthly to the people who DO meet the goals, but I have to keep reminding myself to focus on the end result. Anyone else struggling with the same thing?

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I get what you're saying, but trust they have chosen these numbers as an average that works out for the majority. I'm sure it was calculated with scientific data of weightloss trends.

If I'm consistently dieting I lose slowly and steadily. But when I join a transformer having not done anything beforehand, I drop a ton the first two months and then struggle the rest. I manage to stay ahead of the numbers by getting ahead the first month. This game Im just on target for April 1st. So the rest will be the challenge.

Hang in there! Tweak your routines if you're maintaining instead of losing. You can do it!

Shannon E.

I’m with you! Several times in the past I met first round and got in my head so much losing the next couple that I didn’t do well the rest of the game. Trying to stay on target and possibly meet up at the end. I much prefer StepBet to DietBet as I can consistently get my money back. My winnings from step bet are basically paying for my DietBet entries this game. At this point, I met 1st month but not 2nd month and while I am down overall I am still over 5 pounds away from this months goal also, which does not seem possible.

Kelly S.

03/24/2022 11:22PM in The 2022 Game Changer Transformer - $10,000 in Prizes!
Soooo glad I took measurements on the 15th. I had a fantastic week with eating, hydration, exercise, sleep..all of it. It felt incredible. Then I got on the scale...Being 175 on my 5’2” frame I would think I’d be losing weight. Still static though. :( Looks like another month I won’t reach the goal BUT.. I kicked ass & in just the one week I lost solid one inch each around my chest, waist & hips. (!!) Plus I’m finally seeing fat % on the scale go down. I know I’m putting on muscle weight training 3x/wk I just need to keep focused & not think so much about the monetary loss of not reaching the weight goals set by the game. I’ll just keep on keeping on.

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Well this week my scale took a big jump downwards after a 2 to 3 week plateau, and I don't have water weight around my ankles! So don't give up! When you are doing it right, there's always hope!

Mary K.

Thanks for the reminder to take measurements!!!

Jasmine P.

03/20/2022 11:47PM in The 2022 Game Changer Transformer - $10,000 in Prizes!
I only weight myself twice a week. I feel that this helps me from obsessing over the scale. I was tempted to weight myself tomorrow morning cuz I could use the feel good boost of seeing the number go down, but I’m determined to hold out until Wednesday.
I don’t want to weigh every day and have my mood depend on the number the scale shows so I’m sticking to my plan.
How often do y’all weigh?

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Elizabeth S.

Daily! I track it in MyfitnessPal so I can see the trends. I look to see that I’m lower than a month prior. Fluctuations happen and don’t bother me one bit.

Janna M.

I weigh about every other day-ish, but only track in in my app on Fridays (or Saturday if I forget to weigh Friday). That’s the balance that keeps me on track without obsessing over it. I had to try several different routines before finding this one that works best for me.

Julie L.

03/16/2022 2:47PM in The 2022 Game Changer Transformer - $10,000 in Prizes!
Has anyone here used Noom? My hubby (doing his own weight loss journey) just signed up for the free trial and is liking it so far. He thinks I would definitely benefit from it for this diet bet as well as overall and that I should get the paid subscription. I have a fitbit and can log food, there I just haven't. I mentally add up the intake during the day and just make good choices throughout the day. I've been doing good this way so far but I'm open to new ideas too. Just thought you all could give some good/bad feedback of Noom or other food tracking programs.

And keep up the good work everyone! We're in it for the long haul still :)

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Mary K.

I did the two week free trial 3 years ago and it helped me identify my fundamental motivation for losing weight. But I couldn’t see paying the high price so I found a strategy that worked for me (low carb, intermittent fasting, macro & calorie tracking on MFP and DietBet and StepBet). Good luck finding your personal formula for success!!!

Amy H.

I did it for a few months. I probably lost about 8 or 10 pounds. But as a chronic dieter, I knew most of it. I did like the tone it had, though. In the past, I tended more towards tough love/more "early Biggest Loser" types of motivation. So that was a nice change especially coming from a spot where I was my highest weight ever.

Elisabeth F.

03/01/2022 6:10AM in The 2022 Game Changer Transformer - $10,000 in Prizes!
Good morning all. Just sharing my thoughts. I did not make my weight goal today. However, I did lose and I am doing my best to continue to lose. So today I am still satisfied because this is the day the LORD has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it! Keep up with the journey my friends. We will arrive at the finished line together. Have a blessed day all. 💙🙏

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Deb L

I’m in the same boat. I was less than a pound away last Thursday, but a long weekend out of town derailed me a little. I’m staying positive and focusing on making sure I’m where I need to be for the next weigh in. Still plenty of time to meet our end goals - We can do it!! :blush:

WayBetter Kristin

02/23/2022 1:00AM in The 2022 Game Changer Transformer - $10,000 in Prizes!
  • Do you agree with this weight loss tip?

    Don’t exercise when you start a diet.

    The idea is twofold:

    1. Cutting calories can cause fatigue and you may be too tired to workout. Which can also lead to giving up altogether.

    2. At the beginning of your weight loss plan, you should focus on your diet because it matters more. Putting all your energy into healthy eating, you set yourself up for quicker results and staying motivated longer.

    What do you think?

    I can definitely see a point here. Focusing your energy on healthy eating while doing a smaller increase in your general activity rather than hard-core workouts does seem like a great way to start. However, I've recently found I like to get up early and get a workout in - it makes my whole day a little better.

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Mary K.

What LilyBu said-every body is different and it’s important to take the time to figure out your unique body. I’ve also found that the monitoring needed to do this is ongoing-when I stop tracking, I gain. When life throws a curve ball, like now with a back injury that prevents me from working out, I can review my spreadsheet and figure out what to manipulate to keep the weight loss moving in the downward direction. But I sure do miss walking, biking, weights and yoga. After 2 months of PT I’ll finally seeing a spine specialist on Monday and can hopefully get on a road to recovery.

Pam S.

I agree wholeheartedly
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