Courtenay A.

I’ve steadily been putting on pounds over the last year and I just want to get back to neutral before the holidays.

Quick Facts

Favorite Health Food: Field Roast and Hilary’s patties

Favorite Sinful Food: Tostitos

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Ultimate Frisbee

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: Tone It Up (loosely)

Fitness/Exercise Apps: RunKeeper, MyFitnessPal

Fitness Devices: Polar Heart Rate Monitor

DietBet Winnings: $144.11

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Ashley L.

05/18/2021 8:37AM in Fatgirlfedup's Spring Slimdown
  • I’m not even made because the day before I weighed in I ate pizza and candy even had some soda. Took my kids to red lodge and we enjoyed the weekend to the fullest I still came in under my goal weight by a couple pounds ! Winning !!

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Courtenay A.

Learning to enjoy experiences like that in moderation is a huge part of losing weight AND keeping it off, so well done!



Gina L.

05/14/2021 2:12PM in Fatgirlfedup's Spring Slimdown
It's crunch time, y'all! Can someone clarify... If it says the last day of the game is the 15th, and the final weigh-in is 17-18th, what's the 16th? Is that a weigh in day, too? Or is the 15th the first weigh-in day?

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Oralia F.

  • Gina the Hawaii time could be the difference. I know people in Europe have to calculate their time since they are like a day ahead. Just know the time and day are in PST.


  • Screenshot from Europe (The Netherlands)

Tywana H.

05/14/2021 7:41AM in Fatgirlfedup's Spring Slimdown
If you already reached your goal, do you have to weigh in again on the last day?

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sharon b.

Courtenay—Yes. If you are doing multiple bets and weigh in only a day apart, they will use the same one. I’m doing a transformer too, so usually only weigh once for that and the Kickstarter.

Amanda O.

Jeff D, so we submit a weigh in on the 17th-18th then we wait and, if we're at or below our goal, we have to submit another weigh in and additional pics? This is my first dietbet so I have no idea how the final part works.

Andrea L.

05/13/2021 9:07AM in Fatgirlfedup's Spring Slimdown
Hey guys! Growing up, I biked a lot. I even participated in a 100km bike-a-thon, using my mountain bike! But now, I seem to have very sore knees as soon as I bike or run. What do you guys use to help knee
Pain!? What works best?? :)

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Priscilla P.

I had to rest for a week and stretch every day & use foam roller on quads, hammies and woo! Took forever but this week I am back on. I also take it slow. I try to push too hard on a 6 but needed to move to a 1 and keep it there when it was too much pressure while cycling uphill. I am not in my 20's anymore and weigh at least 40 lbs more so I can't 'beast mode' until I lose more weight.

Priscilla P.

I am training for a triathlon so I also get breaks between bike training, with run/walk & swim days. So you might consider that too. Switching stuff up until your leg muscles build up


05/13/2021 7:16AM in Fatgirlfedup's Spring Slimdown
1 lb to go with a whole 4 more days that include the weekend to screw it up 😂 It has been a struggle!

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Kristie K.

You’ve got this! Same situation here!!

Priscilla P.

Same, but have our Jewish feast on Sunday for Pentecost... :/

Heather C.

05/13/2021 7:11AM in Fatgirlfedup's Spring Slimdown
I feel bad that I’ve been so inactive on here, the 2 main reasons I did this was for accountability and the support from all of you. I’ve been so busy that I hardly get on!! It has been very hard to break this Plateau! I just now at 2lbs away from my goal weight. I hope this has been a good experience for everyone! Make it a great day! 💕

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Courtenay A.

Make sure you’re in a calorie deficit, go for a walk, eat lots of fibre, drink lots of water. You can do it! And even if you don’t hit your goal in the next five days, it’s a win if your habits are on the right track. We believe in you!


05/09/2021 12:19PM in Fatgirlfedup's Spring Slimdown
I'm so close to being under 200 but of course I've hit a plateau at the moment. I'm still happy with my progress. Even though the scales not moving at the moment (hasn't moved in about a week) I'm noticing that my once favorite clothes are getting to be a little bit big on me

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sharon b.

Huge NSV!

Courtenay A.

Are you maintaining a modest calorie deficit? If so, you’re doing just fine and the weight will “come off” eventually (usually after a few days of drinking lots of water and limiting salty foods). If you’re on Instagram, check out SyattFitness—he does “mini cuts” now and then and has them saved to his Stories. Watching him calmly navigate plateaus (and spikes!) has helped me get over my own plateau anxiety. Either way, focusing on how your clothes feel is a much more reliable metric! Great work!

Sajjan S.

04/26/2021 3:09AM in Fatgirlfedup's Spring Slimdown
  • My names Sajjan (28) from California, I’m a frontline workers in the medical field and love helping people. I choose me now, I choose to be break all boundaries and habits.

    I have more to offer this world and myself. So I hope to meet many people and form strengthening bonds with new individuals.
    Our hands are to be given when someone needs support. I’m here to give and take support 😊

    I’ve been on a journey and lost -70lbs in 7 months I want to lose 90 more lbs and I’ve changed so much. The most beautiful part was I found god on my journey and I have faith I’ll get to where I’m going. I have goals but I trust the process and god and I’ll keep going, one foot after the other.

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Your journey is amazing! Thank you for sharing

Courtenay A.

Thanks for your work as a frontline worker! Looking forward to seeing you crush this challenge. You deserve to prioritize yourself.


04/25/2021 10:49AM in Fatgirlfedup's Spring Slimdown
I'm getting very frustrated.

Over the last month+, I have lost about 15lbs. But this whole last week, the sale has Not. Moved. At. All. I have been Exactly 214.3 for 5 days in a row. I even had my hubby weigh himself to make sure my scale wasn't broken

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Had this last month and it was such a bummer! Stop weighing yourself every day would be my advice - then when you do look you’ll have lost and it’ll feel so much sweeter!

Carol R.

When that happens to me I will do a fast day followed by upping my exercise a little and switching up the kind of exercise

Kirsten H.

04/25/2021 7:41AM in Fatgirlfedup's Spring Slimdown
I let the weekend turn into a weak-end. Lexi just posted this on IG and I thought, yep, that's what I'm doing. I had a vein procedure, nothing too serious but I have to stay off my feet. I was feeling lonely and sore so I ate too much and sulked yesterday. I gained back 2# of the 4# I lost. Sigh. I'm feeling hopeful this morning, tho. I'll be kind to myself today, drink lots of water, start walking a bit and get back at it. Thanks for listening!

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Dawn E.

No looking back- only forward! Don’t give up!

Kayla M.

I did this ALL weekend and even yesterday night as I was still sulking. I’m back on track this morning and still feeling in a funk but will continue the positive self talk and carry on! :sweat_smile::grinning:
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