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Chelle F.

01/13/2019 10:22PM in Instant Loss New Year, New You! - via iPhone
Gained a bit since my last DietBet win. Ready for another round!! Good luck all, let’s do this!!

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Harmony P.

Same here! I figured I would eat what everyone else was eating those two weeks between Christmas and New year's and looking back I could have done that a lot better. But I'll learn from it and move on! Here we go!

Chelle F.

Always learning!!

Lindy H.

01/13/2019 9:56AM in Instant Loss New Year, New You! - via iPhone
Excited to give this a shot. Brittany is such an encouragement! Hope everyone in this gets blessed!

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Fiorella C.

01/13/2019 9:36AM in Instant Loss New Year, New You! - via iPhone
Hey all! It’s my first DietBet! I’m so excited especially since I’ve had this plateau for so long! Ive recently been diagnosed with celiac so I’m excited to feel better and less bloated with that alone! Cheers !

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Lindy H.


Rita L.

01/10/2019 6:27PM in Instant Loss New Year, New You! - via iPhone
I want to cancel now I did not know I would be charged extra money Moneyly upto $20.00 or more.. I want to cancel this ASAP

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Julie M.

Ok phew thanks for clarification. I loved the sound of this but my husband said it was too good to be true there must be hidden fees so I freaked when I saw this. Excited to try this for the first time!!! I have 75 lbs to lose :sweat_smile:

Josie C.

Yeah, games that are for 4 weeks long, is a one time fee. Only games that are for 6 months charge monthly.

Brittany W.

11/29/2018 6:33AM in Thanksgiving Afterburn Challenge - via iPhone
  • Congratulations to all who had a successful day yesterday! Lindsay you are the winner! Please shoot me an email with your mailing address: brittany@instantloss.com
    One of the comments that I get all the time is “I wish I had your motivation” and I get it, I used to feel that way too when I had a friend who’d really buckle down and start losing weight. BUT now that I’m on this side of it I can tell you that I rarely have motivation.
    Most days I’d rather not make dinner. Most days I don’t want to leave my house and go to the gym. Most days it would be so much easier to call for pizza.
    I stopped hitching my success to something fleeting. Eating healthy isn’t something you do when you’re inspired (though inspiration is a great motivator) eating well and taking care of your body is necessary and necessary things require discipline. Like paying bills, or going to work, or feeding my kids. It’s just as important that I take care of myself.
    So throughout this challenge let’s focusing on working on our self discipline instead of trying to keep hold of motivation because at some point motivation is going to leave you... and what then?

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Krissy J.

How does this work?

Krissy J.

Congrats Lindsay

Lindy H.

11/25/2018 5:09PM in Thanksgiving Afterburn Challenge - via iPhone
  • Hoping this is true! 😃 Always struggle with weight!

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Lindy H.

11/18/2018 1:05PM in Thanksgiving Afterburn Challenge - via iPhone
I’m so excited as I’ve never done this but love encouraging and need encouragement 😃

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Jeanette C.

11/17/2018 3:51PM in Thanksgiving Afterburn Challenge - via android
This is my first dietbet and I realized my notifications were off so big ooops on my behalf but I'll be up and running for our first day! I am so excited!!!! Eeee!!!

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Lindy H.

My first time also :blush: What do we need to do with notifications as not good with this stuff? Thanks and good luck!

Jeanette C.

I just went to my settings and turned notifications on for the app and updated my email so i make sure i get the emails