For my health mainly. I want to be fit, to have more energy and not have so much excess fat.

Quick Facts

Favorite Health Food: Spinach, hard boiled eggs, and avocado

Favorite Sinful Food: Chips, chocolate, and pizza

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Walking

My Approach to Weight Loss: Calories in calories out

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: I don't follow a plan

Fitness/Exercise Apps: MyFitnessPal

Fitness Devices: Apple Watch

DietBet Winnings: $927.78

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08/19/2020 7:11AM in Maddy’s July Dietbet

    It’s a wrap! Official Winners have been announced for the July DietBet! 😍 whether we reached our DietBet goal or not, we are still winners because we got something out of the July DietBet! We learned something new, we experienced something new, we did something new, maybe we even realized that we want something new out of our journey!

    🎁 How to enter the giveaway: comment below and share something new that you learned, did, experienced, or realized during the July DietBet! 🎁

    I will announce the winner on my Instagram story and on here in 2 days! Good luck y’all!!!! 💗😍

    (Winner will be selected using an online random name generator. All players who comment have the same odds of winning)

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Milton Y.

They’ll be ups and downs. As long as more ups than downs, you’ll be ok


I learned things take time, you can't just snap your fingers and lose weight. I have to be patient and consistent
Xochitl accepted the challenge.
08/19/2020 12:51AM in Fit for Fall with Losing For Health!
The pot is now $420

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08/18/2020 12:50AM in Maddy’s July Dietbet
  • I won! Add me on IG @xochi_gets_healthy

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Jasmine M.

08/14/2020 1:49PM in Maddy’s July Dietbet
  • I made a Starbucks Cult classic “Medicine Ball”
    But I substituted a few things to make it a bit more healthier.I also wanted it Iced! Omg! It came out so bomb! I made enough for one serving but I added extra,extra ice and shared my serving with my sister.

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Jasmine M.

  • I added 1 lemon. One tea bag of each mint and peach tea. 4 drops of peppermint. 1 TBS of honey. 2 truvia sugar packs. Lots of ice!! And I threw in some mint leaves.

Ashley S.

It was amazing!! So refreshing perfect for this heat!! I so totally recommend it!! Thank you sister!!!:two_hearts:


08/02/2020 12:14AM in The WayBetter Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
Hey everyone! I have to lose 23lbs to meet the 10% goal. What about you all?

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Katie L.


Shirley T.

18.1 for my 10% goal. 37 for my overall goal. Plan to lose it all before the end of this game though. We can all do this!


07/29/2020 9:01PM in Pound Punisher with Picktritionist!
Comparison = Joy Sucker

Been thinking about this lately. It’s very easy to compare ourselves to others and you CAN NOT DO THAT. You need to focus on you and you only. We’re bombarded by touched up, filtered, perfect lighting pics of people on Instagram and Facebook and it’s easy to get discouraged when you see these super “happy” looking people with awesome bodies.

Just remember that you are doing your best day by day to be a better version of YOU. Not to become them.

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Kausha S.

So true and appreciate your posts a lot. Have a blessed day


Thank you for the encouragement!


07/26/2020 6:59PM in Maddy’s July Dietbet
  • *** 🎁 GIVEAWAY 1 🎁 ***

    It’s time dahhhhling! $50 giftcard giveaway! Winner will have the option to receive an amazon giftcard or PayPal payment!

    The entry question for this giveaway will be a little different than the ones I’ve done before. I truly believe that a huge part of a physical transformation involves a mental and emotional transformation. Our mind, body, and souls are connected and if we want to better one, we have to work on them all! One thing that has helped me become truly happy and want to keep bettering myself is volunteering. Helping people and animals has helped me focus on things other than myself. It’s helped me realize that yeah, I care about my body and appearance, but what I look like doesn’t matter if I have an ugly soul! No one will miss me because I was sexy or skinny or fit... they’ll miss me because of my deeds 💗

    HOW TO ENTER : comment below and share something you did last week, or something you are going to do in the next week, to help someone or something. Did you open the door for someone? Pick up groceries for your mom? Donated to an organization? Volunteered your time somewhere? Share a good deed that you did last week or will do in the next week!

    Winner will be randomly selected, using an online name generator, on Wednesday! Good luck! (I will also announce the first-5 mini-giveaway winners on the same day) Love y’all! 💗😚

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Thalia B.

I know I’m late but I still wanted to answer! I plan to join a fundraiser next week to help the children’s hospital in my city! I loved this question


Has a winner been chosen? It’s past Wednesday
Xochitl has weighed in at xxx pounds, down 1.7 pounds
07/20/2020 12:05PM in Pound Punisher with Picktritionist!

Total weight lost is now 23 pounds! Average is 0.2 pounds.


07/18/2020 4:23PM in Maddy’s July Dietbet
  • So excited for this game! This is my 10th or so DietBet. I've gained some weight so looking to get back into the teens. If i win this I'll be back in the 220s so one step closer! We got this!!!

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Julia W.

07/18/2020 5:02AM in Maddy’s July Dietbet
  • I just stepped on the scale for the weigh in and I'm shocked! I haven't weighed myself in about a year and really let myself go since then....I cant believe how heavy and fat I got 😭😭😭😭
    Here is a pic I posted to my instagram story in may of last year vs today 😳😳😳
    I could seriously cry right now! I am in it to win it! This is just too sad!!!

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You got this!

Judy F.

First thing you need to do is stop beating yourself up! Life is a journey do think about what made you go from the high of feeling and looking great to going overboard ! All we can do is learn from our mistakes. I have been the proverbial yo-yo all my life and now my goal is to lose the weight and keep it off! It’s funny how your mind plays tricks on you! You know- you lost it before so you can have that cookie or the whole package of cookies and lose it again! We can get this!
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