Tawnya S.

To stay healthy and be the strongest version of myself to care for my special needs son and his little brother!

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Favorite Health Food: Salads

Favorite Sinful Food: Mac n Cheese

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Strength Training, HIIT, and Cardio

My Approach to Weight Loss: Just take it one day at a time!

Fitness Devices: Apple Watch

DietBet Winnings: $287.90

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Lindsay S.

08/17/2021 7:22AM in Move Your Body w/ Blood Sweat Finess
Question for the group... how often do you weigh yourself? I find if I weigh myself daily I get frustrated with the lack of progress but still want the reassurance i am doing the right things to be successful in this journey. Weekly seems too far apart, esp since i tend to derail progress on weekend lol.

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Irina V.

I weigh myself every day, but I track my progress weekly, every Monday.

Krystal B.

I weigh daily! I just use the info as data. I know if I’m eating clean and working out then I’m doing everything I need to be doing. Our bodies fluctuate for SO many reasons! Don’t let that number make you feel any type of way! Easier said than done I know. But the more you tell yourself it’s just date and the more things you learn that affect weight will help SO much!

Kristen M.

08/15/2021 7:06AM in Move Your Body w/ Blood Sweat Finess
I got in 7 days of exercise this week and my food was ‘perfect’ but alas, the scale did not budge this week. I didn’t gain, so that’s a positive. I lost 10 lbs last month so I’m concerned it will take a bit more time for any more weight to come off. I basically ate the same foods for breakfast and lunch the entire month so I’m planning on changing it up a bit starting tomorrow. I’m also starting a new exercise program tomorrow. If anyone has any other suggestions, I’m listening! Have a great week!

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Krystal B.

This is amazing!!! :scream: you’re doing everything you’re supposed to, consistency will GET IT DONE I promise!!

Tawnya S.

Increase your water intake! Whenever I feel like I’ve stalled with weight loss, water becomes my best friend.

Krystal B.

08/11/2021 7:50PM in Move Your Body w/ Blood Sweat Finess
  • INSANE leg day today!!! Wanted to keep going but I knew I wouldn’t walk for 2 weeks if I did!!! Haha trying to hit legs twice a week! What did you all workout today? ????

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Tawnya S.

I worked out legs yesterday too and it was my 2nd leg workout of the week. My legs are jello to put it lightly!! LOL Today is upper body and I’m excited :muscle:

Stefanie L.

I played golf yesterday. Mellow but lots of steps and it was smoking hot out.

Tawnya S.

08/11/2021 5:55PM in Move Your Body w/ Blood Sweat Finess
You know you had a good leg day workout when it hurts to get off the toilet 😂 Stairs aren’t fun right now either LOL

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Elise N.

Lol, right? But doesn't it make you excited to do more? When I excercise to my limits, it just makes me want to go further! Now, if only I was good at starting, hehe

Krystal B.

This will be me in about 24 hours! Lol

Krystal B.

08/11/2021 4:40AM in Move Your Body w/ Blood Sweat Finess
I would love to open up a post for you all to drop your social media accounts if you feel like sharing! I love following new accounts and maybe you will too!!!
My Instagram is @Bloodsweatfiness !

Drop your accounts/handles in the comments and find some new friends!

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Megan H.


Tawnya S.


Tawnya S.

08/10/2021 9:30PM in Move Your Body w/ Blood Sweat Finess
  • What is your favorite salad dressing? I want to try some new ones! I’m really loving all the G Hughes dressings I’ve been finding at Walmart lately, especially this Honey Dijon one! Perfect addition to my Key West Salad

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Kristen M.

Sounds so good. I love Litehouse Lite Ranch. The best I’ve had so far.

Wonder Woman

I put Annie’s Goddess on everything


08/10/2021 7:23AM in Move Your Body w/ Blood Sweat Finess
  • Feels so good to be all Sweaty first thing in the morning!

Diba M. , Kristen M. and like this photo.

Bart a.

Nice way to start the day!!!!. Sometimes it’s hard for me to get up the motivation to workout in the morning, but once I am done with my workout and am all sweaty it doe feel amazing!

Tawnya S.

You’re rockin’ that Zyia!

Tawnya S.

08/09/2021 11:08AM in Move Your Body w/ Blood Sweat Finess
  • Back in the gym today after my two week long vacation!! Happy to be back in my routine. This week’s goal is to workout 5 days, stick to my meal plan, and drink at least 100oz of water daily! What goals are you running after this week?

Tawnya S. , Kristen M. and like this photo.


08/09/2021 10:45AM in Move Your Body w/ Blood Sweat Finess
I don't think saying I M glad to be back here is true! I used DIETBET GAMES a few years ago to lose around 70+ pounds.... Now I am back! I need to lose 20 pounds and haven't been able to do it on my own.... So here I am!

Kristen M. , Diba M. and like this comment.

Tawnya S.

Welcome back!

Jeanne o.

08/09/2021 8:30AM in Move Your Body w/ Blood Sweat Finess
Howdy everyone!! I hope everyone is excited as I am to start this journey!!! My goals this week is 10000 steps or better each day. Pushing play on TBD at least 3 days. And stop mindless munching!!! What are all of your goals?

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Renee S.

Less munching for sure! Just trying to make smarter choices in general. Water over soda. Veggies over chips.

Tawnya S.

You got this! My goal is to workout 5 days this week and drink at least 100oz of water each day!
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