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Candace W.

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Candace W. has weighed in at xxx pounds
12/12/2018 12:05PM in KetoinCanada's Committed to Change DietBet

Total weight lost is now 877 pounds! Average is 2.2 pounds.

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Candace W.

11/29/2018 7:35PM in KetoinCanada's Committed to Change DietBet - via android
Is it required to do all consecutive weigh ins at the same time you did your initial weigh in?

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No the time doesn’t matter. It just has to be within the weigh in window

Candace W.

Thank you!


11/29/2018 6:02AM in KetoinCanada's Committed to Change DietBet
ROLL CALL! I’d love to know where you’re playing from and your motivation is to lose weight! ❤ I’m from Woodstock, Ontario and I’m here to stay on track as I head into my third year of transforming my body!

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I’m from Winnipeg and I do lazy Keto...looking forward to my 2nd diet bet

kirsten d.

I’m from Sandpoint Idaho. I started Keto last month and I am hoping I can keep motivated through the holidays.