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yalitza m.

04/29/2019 9:43AM in Felicia Fitness Health Kickstarter - via iPhone
  • I know my weigh in is still being finalized but omg so happy to win another DietBet 🙌 thank you so much Felicia ♥

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Felicia K.

04/22/2019 7:46AM in Felicia Fitness Health Kickstarter - via iPhone
  • MONDAY!!!! Our final week here as begun! I know some of you probably struggled yesterday and THATS OK!!!!! The only thing that matters is how you move on from it. Today is a brand new day! Get your water in, get back to your routine! I had a few to many pieces of chocolate but I’m not going to let it effect today. WE GOT THIS!!!! This weeks final giveaway is going to be $100 cash giveaway (PayPal or Venmo)! All you have to do is comment below telling me how you’re feeling and what you plan to do this week to reach your goal!💗

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Darlene C.

I need to watch what I eat today, track everything and drink a lot of water.


Done well. Feeling really good with where I am. Being extra mindful so not to blow everything I’ve been working for

yalitza m.

04/20/2019 10:33AM in Felicia Fitness Health Kickstarter - via iPhone
  • Love the Felicia combo????

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yalitza m.

04/09/2019 11:59AM in Felicia Fitness Health Kickstarter - via iPhone
I am determined to get more water intake in everyday. I just finished 100oz right now and will get to 150oz by tonight 🙌 My NSV is being able to button up my Jean jacket I bought last year that would not even button one & now I can fully button it without it even looking tight 🙌

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- Slim -

That is such a great feeling!

Felicia K.

04/08/2019 8:28AM in Felicia Fitness Health Kickstarter - via iPhone
  • HAPPY MONDAYYY!!!!! Fresh week, fresh start for anyone who’s struggling! I’m doing another giveaway, this weeks giveaway is 1 box of Built Bars (my favorite protein bars!) All you have to do is comment down below and tell me how you’re feeling today, and what your short term goal is for this week! I’m feeling super good and motivated! My goal for the week is to workout 4 days this week!! Love you guys!!!!💗

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karin v.

I’m feeling pretty good! My goal this week is to have my blue dots and to drink more water

Ruth G.

Kids got the stomach flu last week so I wasn’t able to go to the gym as much as I usually do. My goal this week is to go to the gym 5 days this week and run 3 miles in 35 min on cardio day!

Felicia K.

04/04/2019 7:19AM in Felicia Fitness Health Kickstarter - via iPhone
  • Goodmorning everyone and Happy Thursday! How is everyone feeling??? I wanted to make today’s conversation about struggles. What do you struggle with most in this journey? Food, exercise, the mental struggle? I want you guys to comment below what the hardest part is for you. For me it’s always been food/the mental battle. I had to come to the conclusion that I’m NOT a “normal” person when it comes to food. When I go out to eat..... none of my friends are battling in their brain, “should I get the hamburger....or the salad. If I get the hamburger I’ll probably gain some water weight. If I get the salad I’ll feel better. But I really want the hamburger... should I get the appetizer or is that too much? I really want dessert. I wonder if anyone else will get dessert... I’ll just wait to see if they talk about dessert..” Like I’m ALWAYS thinking that way and I’m not sure it’ll ever fully go away. I have to face that fact! And being honest to myself and aware of that has really helped me. Also getting a workout in when I’m tired 😭 but I know how damn good I feel when I do it! Comment below!💗

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Josh W.

Food for sure. Even if it’s healthy I eat too much of it.


My struggle is the food & staying motivated to workout!

yalitza m.

04/03/2019 10:52AM in Felicia Fitness Health Kickstarter - via iPhone
  • Today was the perfect day for a run and I was loving every minute of it! 🏃👏????

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yalitza m.

04/02/2019 5:53PM in Felicia Fitness Health Kickstarter - via iPhone
Honestly I am glad I joined this DietBet, I won my first one in December/January with Felicia DietBet also. I have lost 25 pounds since the end of October 2018 and I am at my last 9 pounds that I need to loose and sadly it’s my stubborn belly fat which is what makes me unhappy. I am doing a ton of cardio but honestly I eat either too little or sometimes way too much junk food and I just need more food ideas and more time to prepare my foods 😫 any ideas?

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Stacey B.

whole_healthy_momma on Instagram has great ideas for meals as well and she is on weight watchers.

yalitza m.

Thank you both!! I will so check them out :heart::raised_hands: