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Stephanie W.

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01/25/2019 8:45PM in Losing_for_health’s Eating Clean for 2019 - via iPhone
My fiance's best friend is getting married in June and we're getting married in November. I'm trying to shed some weight for both events but he's such a bad influence and is perfectly happy eating out regularly. I work two full time jobs 7 days a week and feel exhausted by the time it comes to meal planning so I often give in. I've tried Meal prepping and it just doesn't work well for me. Any advice or suggestions on how to break the "quick fix" dinner habits?

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Cynthia B.

You could meal prep a few different things on a day off and then freeze them. Then you can heat them in any order u want. I have a hot logic mini. I make what I want. Freeze a meal in a plastic or pyrex dish with lid. Then I stick it in the hot logic in the morning. When I get home it is cooked to the exact temperature I can eat it at. That thing is amazing and i love that I dont stop anywhere on the way home out of hunger. I can't eat something different because it is literally cooking itself while I'm working. U really have to check that out! Also if there is two people u get the larger size and u can make 2 completely different meals in 2 pyrex dishes. Zip them in there side by side. Both people are happy to eat what they have that night. Sometimes I dont prep...I throw in frozen veggies, broth, salsa, spaghetti sauce or gravy, lots of seasoning, sometimes cheese and a frozen protein ( usually chicken) I cover the pyrex, zip it in the mini and go to work. I get home and all is cooked to perfection. Love that gadget. (It is literally the opposite of a cooler. It looks like a cooler but it has a heating platform at the bottom instead.

Janet Snakehole

I'm with Crystal. I will never be a good meal prepper. I have learned to identify healthy things I can keep on hand and put together quickly or just grab and go. If I do cook, I cook enough for at least three meals, but not usually more. Sometimes meal delivery services have helped and a boyfriend who cooks and respects my diet also helps.
I constantly have to remind myself that I have food at home or to stick to the guidelines I've put in place for my lifestyle if I do have to go out to eat.
My mindset has changed from "this is how I have to eat now" to "the ways in which I've changed my habits are good for me and my body and I've gained a whole new life by sticking to my goals."
I am also doing vegetarian keto so it's next to impossible to eat out anyway. :joy:
I hope you find something that works for you and congratulations on your wedding.


01/24/2019 7:03AM in Losing_for_health’s Eating Clean for 2019 - via iPhone
  • Giveaway! I’m giving away two different seasoning packages from Redmond Real Salt, my favorite and only brand I use for quality salt! To enter, comment your favorite seasoning to use for your meal preps below by Friday, January 25th @ 5pm CST. Winners will be announced at the end of the game!

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Amy W.

I LOVE Buffalo Wild Wings’ Salt and Vinegar seasoning!

Irene O.

Haven’t tried it yet, but garlic olive oil!


01/23/2019 11:13PM in Losing_for_health’s Eating Clean for 2019 - via iPhone
  • Bought this online to add to chicken noodle soup :) The noodles are already in water so they’re ready to make ASAP. They can also be used as regular pasta or dry fried!

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What is the texture like? I’ve cooked with shiritake noodles before, but not this brand.


The directions are on the package, I just wanted to describe what they were. In soup, they tasted kind of like vermicelli noodles-still had a tough texture, not as soft as pasta and not great but not bad. I’ll try dry-frying them w/veggies next time!

Stephanie W.

01/16/2019 8:28AM in Losing_for_health’s Eating Clean for 2019 - via android
Is anyone doing intermittent fasting and/or Weight Watchers? My past doctor recommended Weight Watchers and my current doctor (I moved cities) recommends intermittent fasting. Any tips for doing either or both? My goal is to really nail down weight loss with only food and no exercise (so that if I DO exercise, it's like an added bonus!)

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Cynthia B.

I have went down to my goal weight with intermittent fasting and low carb. Loved every bit of it. I have done weight watchers but I had a love hate relationship with it. Plateaued for months....but not with IF. I had only stopped the low carb and IF for the holiday season....ate every garbage sugary snack that came my way....then it was so hard to stop cause my system craved the sugar. By coming back to DB it made me get a hold of myself and get back to it and I feel better already (3 days into my to my good habits). So happy, and my sugar cravings have subsided substantially!


Love intermittent fasting! If you start building up to it, you can keep decreasing your eating window to see even more results. I’ve done a few 20 & 24-hr fasts especially if I’m plateau-ing. IF you want to add in exercise, I recommend right before you break the fast so you can eat right after! Good luck!!

Stephanie W.

01/14/2019 4:25PM in Losing_for_health’s Eating Clean for 2019 - via android
My first DietBet! Honestly kinda nervous. I've never lost weight before! (But also haven't really seriously tried.) Hopefully I do well!

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Welcome to DietBet! You’re going to be fine. Let’s get this weight loss going!