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Laura A.

My clothes don’t fit and I hate shopping so much I would rather diet and exercise instead of buying new clothes!!!

Quick Facts

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Walking my dog

My Approach to Weight Loss: Keep it sustainable

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: I don't follow a plan

Fitness/Exercise Apps: Charity Miles

DietBet Winnings: $71.10

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Laura A. has weighed in at 130.3 pounds, down 3.1 pounds
04/19/2019 6:05PM in Walk to Lose for Spring!

now at 79% of their goal

Total weight lost is now 769 pounds! Average is 3.9 pounds.

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Laura A.

04/09/2019 4:00PM in Walk to Lose for Spring! - via iPhone
I don’t have a Fitbit to track my steps- does anyone have an app that they use instead? I’m going to use the one on my iPhone for now.

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Jane P

Fitbit app. Use the mobile track option. The phone acts as your Fitbit

Laura A.

Oh, I never knew about that!! Thanks for the tip :sunglasses:

Laura A.

03/31/2019 3:02AM in Walk to Lose for Spring! - via iPhone
I’ve not had a great week with my food choices. I’m a big comfort eater and have had some very big downs. BUT my weight has stayed the same so I’m seeing that as a positive. Like instead of eating an entire bag of chips, I’ve just eaten 3/4 of a bag of chips. Baby steps! I’m really trying to unlearn these habits I’ve gotten into.

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Jane P

That is a positive - I view it the same way. Logging my food during those times goes a long way. Even if I’m just going to eat whatever I want, when I have to log it it does stop me from going too far (by seeing it in front of me). Let’s have a great week 2!


03/30/2019 8:49PM in Walk to Lose for Spring! - via android
  • It was kind of a lazy day step-wise, but I did get alot of housework, and laundry and meal prep done for the next week. I did 16 hours of IF from dinner to breakfast. I try really hard NOT to do any snacks after dinner cause my late night eating can get out of hand. I had no night-time snacks this week, so that's a plus for me. Calories for the day were 1370. I try to stay at 1200 to 1300, but went a little over today. Tomorrow is another day!

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Laura A.

That’s such a positive attitude. I love it! I often beat myself up when I make unhealthy eating choices but tomorrow IS another day!

Jane P

Sounds like a perfect day to me. 1370 is a good count (having a slightly bigger range may help keep your metabolism revving - like 1200-1500 - when you go up and down the range in calories it keeps your body guessing. You are doing great- motivation and inspiration to me to do better too!

Jane P

03/25/2019 2:00AM in Walk to Lose for Spring! - via iPhone
  • Woohoo!! Good morning, happy Monday and happy first day of our DietBet!!! Let's take this game by storm - wouldn't it be awesome if EVERYONE hit their goal weight? Only way we can is to work - so let's get to it!

    This week's goal (optional of course - this is a DietBet so the goal is always to lose 4% of your weight of the 4 week challenge) is 30 miles steps (M - S) we can do this!! You IN??

    On Sunday I'll have a qualifier's post. If you make 30 miles for the week you can comment under that post for a chance to win Dietbet credits. I'll have a couple other chances to win this week too not every challenge will be a qualifier challenge but they'll all be fun!

    So check in now - tell us YOUR step goal for today. How do you plan to reach it? What's your diet plan? We have a Dietbet Facebook group (FB.com/groups/Dietbetgroup) where I keep files for this game - lots of plans in there, just check the photos and files sections

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Kimberly G.

Daily step goal is 10K a day - use my Fitbit to compete with my BF and sis so they always make me go to the gym as well to try and beat their daily steps. We run a daily showdown and workweek hustle and keep one another motivated. Tracking all my food via MyFitnessPal and working innthis being my 3rd successful DietBet in 3 months!

Anjelica R.

I just upped my step goal from 10k to 12k a day on my fitbit and plan to hit it everyday. Im also apart of stepbet so i have extra encouragement. Im tracking my food with my fitnesspal to help me stay on track.


03/24/2019 8:30PM in Walk to Lose for Spring! - via android
  • So, this is a little terrifying for me...

    The pants and shorts in these pictures are my summer goal. I bought the jeans three summers ago and have never been able to wear them. The shorts, I bought last summer in a size I thought I left behind, but have never been able to wear. And I bought the purple pants in November, sure they'd fit, but they don't. My goal is to be able to comfortably wear all of these by summer. I'll even give it Seattle summer (July 5).

    I've been so depressed for so long, I didn't really realize how much I'd let myself go. I always say I'll do better but then I don't and let myself down and then spiral more and more out of control. These pictures make me sad and embarrassed because I don't want to be this sad person anymore. I can do better, I will do better!!

    Good luck on this game everyone, we can do this!!!

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As someone whose lived in places that seem sun-shy, “Seattle summer” made me smile.Let’s crush our goals and make sure you’re rocking those pants and shorts by summer! :punch:


Definitely!! Thank you!!
Laura A. has weighed in at 138.9 pounds, down 1.3 pounds
03/08/2019 6:05PM in FIT-ness Pizza in my Mouth Dietbet

now at 24% of their goal

Total weight lost is now 141 pounds! Average is 2.3 pounds.

Sarah gets ripped

03/02/2019 12:28PM in FIT-ness Pizza in my Mouth Dietbet - via iPhone
  • Getting it done on a Saturday morning!!

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Laura A.


Stephanie G.

02/24/2019 5:16AM in FIT-ness Pizza in my Mouth Dietbet - via iPhone
  • Today’s at home workout!

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Jennifer B.

I'm doing this today as well! Thank you for posting!

Laura A.

Thanks for posting this
Laura A. accepted the challenge.
02/23/2019 10:23PM in FIT-ness Pizza in my Mouth Dietbet
The pot is now $500

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