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DietBet Winnings: $114.71

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-1.5% Since last weigh-in-2.5 lbs
-1.5% 1-Month Change-2.5 lbs
-8.5% Lifetime Change-15 lbs

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08/02/2019 6:16AM in Fitbit Fanatics July Challenge w/ DietBet Jen
August 2

Final weigh ins are underway! Don't forget to submit your final weigh in by 11:59 pm PST on Saturday, August 3. If you reached your goal, you will need to submit two photos for verification just like you did at the beginning of this DietBet.

Once the final two step challenges are verified, Amazon gift card will be distributed via email to the players who selected that as a prize. Since this challenge ends on the weekend, that means they won't be sent out until early next week. Be on the lookout for it in the inbox of the email address associated with your DietBet account.

And remember, if you're up for another round, the next Fitbit Fanatics' DietBet begins on Monday, August 5.


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Felicia D.

Do you know when we find out how much we won? I want to use it towards the next game.

David J.

Well, didn’t make this one but it was a good run. Away from my scale, away on a family getaway. Next time.


07/12/2019 5:57AM in Fitbit Fanatics July Challenge w/ DietBet Jen
July 12

Today is Friday, and that means the weekend is upon us. And for me, that's when I really have to be diligent to stay on track.

Are weekends killing your weight loss? How can you stay on track over the weekend? I found a good article with great tips on how we can break that cycle:

1. It's how you eat during the week. If your diet is strict during the week (think chicken, brown rice, broccoli, etc.), then you're more likely to binge over the weekend.

Fix: Eat better weekday food! There are so many great websites today that offer delicious recipes that are also healthy and calorie-friendly.

2. Plan time to work out. Working out during the week is easier because it becomes part of your routine. The weekend arrives and you just want to relax.

Fix: Schedule it! I find that when I work out, I am more inclined to "staying on track" with my food. Treat Saturday & Sunday like you would any Monday.

3. Even better - make exercise fun! Get outside and enjoy nice weather (if the weather is nice where you are!).

Fix: Go for a hike. Dance. Grab the family and go for a nice bike ride.

4. Prep meals ahead. Planning ahead is key because if you're out and about with no food/snacks on hand, then you're more likely to just grab something (that typically isn't the best option) just to satisfy that hunger.

Fix: plan ahead. Carry healthy snacks with you. Take water wherever you go.

5. It's always a mental game. Be filled with pride on Monday because you stayed on track.

Fix: Don't use food as a reward and exercise as a punishment. If you want a reward, try shifting your thinking to make that reward a massage, manicure, a new outfit, etc. Exercise shouldn't be a punishment either. Be proud of what your body can do now. Don't punish your body because you ate a donut.

Let's be proud on Monday because we continued making those tough

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tammy f.

We have been on hurricane watch. Instead of eating my nerves away, I have gone on walks between the rain. I hit over 16,000 steps yesterday and stayed on track with my food!! That was a huge weekend win for me!


Stay safe Tammy!