I want to be mentally and physically healthy.

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Favorite Health Food: Strawberries.

Favorite Sinful Food: Mild boneless wings.

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Cardio.

My Diet Plan: Keto

Fitness/Exercise Apps: MyFitnessPal

DietBet Winnings: $144.34

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10/15/2020 8:23PM in Crushing Fall w/Franny + lots of challenges
  • Hi guys,

    Had a killer AM workout this morning full of cardio and some upper body work. Closed all of my Apple Watch rings & had a great eating day. I made dinner again tonight on my @whatfrannyeats IG for anyone who’s interested. Chicken thighs and a cauliflower/butternut squash risotto that was to die for.

    Heading to bed now so I can be up in the morning for my workout. It’s been a successful week for me, I hope it has been the same for you all. Remember we’re about 9 days away from final weigh-ins so there’s not too much room for error at this point. On the other hand I don’t want you giving up! No matter how impossible the goal may seem I want you all to finish strong. There’s over a week left plenty of time to make progress. There’s no reason you can’t dust yourself off and put in the work for the rest of the game. Cheering you all on!

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This looks so good :heart_eyes:

Lauren T.

I made their cauliflower stuffing today, added bacon to it. It was soo freaking good! I’m excited to try the cauliflower/bnut squash risotto next.


10/10/2020 10:08AM in Crushing Fall w/Franny + lots of challenges
  • Absolutely crushed it today! After a strong start to this DietBet, I’ve definitely fallen off my progress game. Today I got back on track by doing a 30 minute cardio workout and then went on a 5.5 mile walk to try out a new coffee spot!

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Pretty view!


10/07/2020 7:02PM in Crushing Fall w/Franny + lots of challenges
  • Here is challenge #3

    15 minutes total
    (Repeat 5 times)

    5 burpees

    (Repeat 5 times)

    Rest as needed but do your best to repeat for 15 minutes. Modify where needed, if you can’t do these movements for 15 minutes modify to 10. If you have a hard time doing a full burpee modify it to your ability. I’ll be doing this tomorrow morning! Try and get it done before Friday, I’ll be doing another giveaway 🎉 picking from the comments as usual.

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Crystal S.

Got it done!!


Challenge closed.


10/07/2020 12:56PM in Crushing Fall w/Franny + lots of challenges
  • Wasn’t really sure what I wanted. Just kinda went for a few snacks that sounded good and made that my lunch.

    Strawberries, raspberries, tuna, turkey breast lunch meat, 2 cheese sticks, and 4 green olives stuffed with feta. So delicious!! 😋😋

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fallon d.

Love a good snack plate, I do this often w healthy treats too and it definitely helps stop cravings :)


10/07/2020 10:46AM in Crushing Fall w/Franny + lots of challenges
  • Guys it’s week 2 day 3 and my morning workouts are still happening! So appreciative of this game and every single one of you for making me hold myself accountable. Sunday & Monday were rough for me emotionally which was reflected in my food choices. Tuesday and today (so far) have been great. Only thing I really need to buckle down on is my water. I have totally been slacking which is very unlike me.

    Wanted to jump on and encourage you to do something positive for yourself today. If it’s in the form of a workout or just prepping a healthy meal I promise you it will be worth it. Sometimes we’re just one small decision away from feeling better about ourselves. How’s everyone doing mid week 2?

    Challenge #3 will be posted shortly. Stay tuned!


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GIIIIRL :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Your challenges keep me on track!!!


10/06/2020 12:30PM in Crushing Fall w/Franny + lots of challenges
  • Cilantro lime chicken breast with garlic Parmesan cauliflower rice

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Steph C.

Looks yummy!!!


Looks good :yum:

Anna J.

10/03/2020 11:45AM in Crushing Fall w/Franny + lots of challenges
  • I’ve said no to temptation everyday since I’ve joined the dietbet, I’m so proud! I never pass up a treat or take out but so far so good.
    This morning I stood my ground and didn’t touch a doughnut or brownie, Didn’t even lick the frosting on my fingers. I went and did my workout. Broke my fast with this..

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Julia L.

What is this?? Looks tasty

Anna J.

This is cauliflower rice with a little vegetable bullion paste added in for flavor, with some corn, peas, and scrambled eggs.


09/29/2020 5:01PM in Crushing Fall w/Franny + lots of challenges
  • #transformationtuesday

    Left is when I first started at 295 lbs. Right is from today at 264.6 lbs. I still have a ways to go but I will get there! I am more motivated than ever.

    Hope everyone is having a great day!!

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Way to go! Great progress

Brielle P.

09/29/2020 2:33PM in Crushing Fall w/Franny + lots of challenges
Just curious.... is your morning weight your “real” weight? Is it better to weigh yourself in the morning or at night? What’s more accurate

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I weigh in the mornings because after over a gallon of water food and working out my weight can change drastically later in the day.

Melanie C.

I usually weigh myself at night so then if I happen to weigh myself in a morning I’m happily surprised, haha!


09/28/2020 5:46PM in Crushing Fall w/Franny + lots of challenges
  • Hello everyone! Hope you all are having a good day. I hit the gym today after work again. First time since shut down I went for the last five days in a row!
    Got home and made me some lunch. This is a blueberry two good yogurt with 2oz of blue berries and 3oz of bananas. I also had half of a sandwich. 😋

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I had the coconut one today! Love them
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