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Favorite Health Food: salads, cauliflower rice

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My Approach to Weight Loss: exercise five days a week with healthier meal options

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10/22/2020 2:09PM in Gabrielle's Fall into Wellness
  • Happy Thursday everyone! I hope we are all having a great day been staying positive and showing up for ourselves!
    Lastnight we went out to eat for a friends birthday. I thought I was ordering some chicken and pasta but I somehow? got chicken & broccoli instead served to me haha.
    Anyways today has been awesome with healthy food chooses and body movement ! I did a backyard workout with my little one.

    Have you gotten your body movement in ?

    Here’s a little throw back Thursday vs today after my workout!
    Happy Thursday!

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Awesome progress :muscle:


Thanks girl!

Cambria N.

10/22/2020 1:22PM in Gabrielle's Fall into Wellness
  • My dinner last night: I call this my Mexican fresh vegetable tostada!
    Tomatoes, jalapeño, white and red onion and avocado on a tostada shell. I only had one. & of course a little cheese on the side. 😊

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Looks so good!

Cambria N.

10/22/2020 1:20PM in Gabrielle's Fall into Wellness
  • Breakfast for today: used olive oil, one scrambled egg with tomatoes, red pinion, white onion, fresh garlic and jalapeños. I also added a little bit of queso fresco cheese on top. I am trying my best to eat cleaner but my body was craving this! After yesterday’s Babes Bootcamp metabolism kicked back up the rest of the day and this morning.

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Looks great! Don’t be afraid of eating foods that you crave. Especially after a workout like you did yesterday!! Add another egg next time if you want! You’re working your ass off girlfriend :smiley:


10/19/2020 6:27PM in Gabrielle's Fall into Wellness
  • Breakfast and lunch I did so well!
    Dinner was ribs and beans and broccoli& green beans! Lol

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10/19/2020 12:58PM in Gabrielle's Fall into Wellness
  • Happy Monday!
    Something that gets me motivated to get my
    Body movement in and set the week right is music! In the morning I put on my music and put my workout clothes on so I have no excuse later. Lol

    What’s something that motivates you on Monday’s?

    Also here’s a workout I did from last night I posted to my IG. As usual...listen to your body and do what you can. But show up. Show up for yourself💜

    IG: GettingfitGab

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10/18/2020 9:27PM in Gabrielle's Fall into Wellness
  • Evening everyone!
    I hope everyone had a great Sunday funday!
    We went out for some food, walked around the spirit store and visited family.
    I’m SUPER proud and happy to say I made healthy choices all day.
    Breakfast: eggwhites with turkey sausage & cottage cheese
    Lunch: chicken sandwich on wheat bread with sweet potato fries
    Dinner: salmon, cauliflower medley & Tuscan seasoned broccoli!
    Snacks: Smart Sweets sour & fiber one brownie!
    I somehow still stayed under 1,800! Which is totally awesome!

    We came home and I got my body movement in. I’ll Post workout in a little!
    Hope everyone is finishing up the weekend strong! 😃 YOU. GOT. THIS!

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10/17/2020 8:23PM in Gabrielle's Fall into Wellness
  • Meals check in !
    I was literally so busy this afternoon and running around the house that I totally forgot to eat lunch. I think I might have stolen a chicken nugget from my little one but that’s about it haha.

    This evening we went to the pumpkin patch and that’s when I realized I accidentally skipped lunch. My tummy was growing. Well slim pickings there! So I had some chips along with a slice of pizza.

    Came home and snacking on watermelon with my little guy before bed! 😃

    May not be the best but proud that I did not over indulge today and for me that is a win!
    Also went grocery shopping so no excuses from me from here on out. Right?!

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10/17/2020 10:38AM in Gabrielle's Fall into Wellness
  • As said, here’s my breakfast protein smoothie!
    Happy Saturday!
    Let’s move our bodies and stick to our goals.

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10/16/2020 10:00PM in Gabrielle's Fall into Wellness
Good evening everyone!
I just wanted to jump on and say that I am happy and proud that each and everyone of you are on here. You chose to take this step to hold yourself accountable to reach your goals.
I hope everyone had a good and safe Friday night. I did a babes happy hour via zoom and had a blast 😃

I know the weekends can be hard to stay on track and make healthier choices. I literally ate so much pizza I feel like I’m going to explode. I told myself it was Friday and I didn’t feel like Cooking. Would have been okay to eat a slice or two but no. My ass went hard. Lol I tend to do this a lot on weekends when my hubby is home and truly want to get better at it.

With that being said, I am going to be posting my meals to hold myself accountable to not eating so bad. Feel free to join me this weekend!

Happy Friday

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Same issue I could eat amazing all week and then on the weekends me and the family go crazy. It’s a hard habit to break. Good idea!


10/16/2020 7:30AM in Gabrielle's Fall into Wellness
Hey ladies! Megan from OC, California. Seems like not many people are doing these so I’m glad we’re here. Trying to get motivated in these crazy time 😰

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Glad you’re here Meg! Excited to be on this journey together :two_hearts:
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