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Mary W.

05/17/2022 7:10AM in Syd’s April DietBet Game!
  • Barelyyyy. I don’t know I managed to hit this time but I’m so glad I did! On to the next challenge 😂

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05/05/2022 11:01AM in Syd’s April DietBet Game!
  • Not the prettiest but one of my fav breakfast (or lunch brunch as we tend to have) meals aside from eggs is chocolate PB proatmeal. For this I use:
    •Oats (quick or old fashioned, old fashioned holds up better)
    •Unflavored protein powder (you can use a flavor too instead of adding your own) I usually add more water than the oats call for to account for this.
    •Cocao or cocoa powder (I used cocao today)
    •Peanut butter or PB powder (I switch it depending what I'm in the mood for or have).
    •Sweetener of choice

    Today I added a sliced banana 😋 including my celcius this meal is a little over 500 calories (with PB powder and no banana it's 300-400)

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Mary W.

Looks good!

Anne-Claire O.

It seems very filling! Very good!

Anne-Claire O.

05/05/2022 5:12AM in Syd’s April DietBet Game!
  • Today’s lunch:

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This is beautiful

Anne-Claire O.

Thank you so much!

Mary W.

05/04/2022 4:23PM in Syd’s April DietBet Game!
Breakfast- chocolate premier shake

Lunch- eat to evolve Mississippi pot roast meal

Dinner- cooked up some lemon pepper chicken and white quinoa with sliced carrots

Dessert- mint chocolate chip Yasso bar.


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Cristen H.

05/01/2022 8:34PM in Syd’s April DietBet Game!
Food is your friend, not your enemy

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Mary W.

Healing my relationship with food has been a journey. I think of it as fuel now opposed to something negative. That’s helped so much.

Anne-Claire O.

Amen to this!

Jesalyn C.

05/01/2022 6:16PM in Syd’s April DietBet Game!
Spent so many hours on outdoor projects this weekend in between kid’s soccer game, laundry, church and even a 3 hour work project with my boss this afternoon. I am exhausted in a very content way. How was everyone’s weekend?

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Mary W.

We had baseball for both boys and family time. I feel like it went by super quick :sweat_smile:

george p.

I like that active weekend outdoors with family and friends. That reminds me of past good memories. I was able to cut the grass and shop for some diet friendly items Saturday. It was a rainy day Sunday so it was a couch potato day other than laundry and dish duty. I am now well rested and set for an active week.

Cristen H.

05/01/2022 8:27AM in Syd’s April DietBet Game!
  • How’s everyone doing

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Dianna b.

Ummmm yea I would eat 6 donuts hehe:flushed::laughing: donuts are my weakness ( maybe not the many though )

Mark S.

Not to defend soda and energy drinks, but I think this just compares sugar. Donuts have that plus fat and carbs. I hate whoever thought up fried bread with sugar on top and brought it into my life.

Mary W.

04/30/2022 2:15PM in Syd’s April DietBet Game!
  • 3.5 mile walk with my goodest boy today

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kathy b.

I love corgis we had one when our girls were growing up.




04/29/2022 6:16PM in Syd’s April DietBet Game!
  • Happy Friday friends!!! I want to do a quick giveaway to show my appreciation for you all! I’ll be giving away x4 $5 Amazon or Starbucks gift cards (winners choice) and announcing the winners on Monday. I really do appreciate everyone here that has joined my game and I hope you are enjoying it so far 😊!

    To be entered into the giveaway please go ahead and comment 1-2 things you are proud of accomplishing so far during your 2 weeks here ❤. Have a great weekend everyone!

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Mary K.

I'm proud of myself for maintaining a positive attitude and doing positive affirmations every morning. I'm proud of exercising, even a little bit, every day.

Jessica W.

Keeping up with my exercise, walking daily

Mary W.

04/29/2022 9:42AM in Syd’s April DietBet Game!
  • Did a dance workout for national dance day 💃????

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Jesalyn C.



The only thing I can stick too is any DANCE cardios!!
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