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09/09/2021 6:51AM in Back To Schooling Your Weight Loss Goals

It's that time of the week when we announce the 10 recipients of the Zeno Gym Workout Bench! You’ll receive an email from us with details, so be on the lookout. Congratulations to the following DietBet Members: 


Bianca HHeather MIsaiah E, JeeJessica GLeighanne FMandyRobert B, Sri107, and Tamara A


Next week’s prize: a Core Meditation Trainer! Focus your breathing and find relaxation with this handheld meditation device. 17 players get this prize.Want a chance to win? Become a member today! 


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Melissa B.

Congratulations everyone!!

Megan R.

Congrats winners!

Ilana Muhlstein

09/09/2021 2:00AM in Back To Schooling Your Weight Loss Goals
  • Hey Rock Stars!

    If you like me and are always rushing to get those kids out in the morning. Here is a breakfast idea that the family always loves, and is super filling, yummy and delicious! You can also add more berries and skip the waffle and make a jumbo PB & J wonder whip.

    Click on my youtube video below for more wonder whip recipes- they're the best! If you are dairy free, you can blend them up with a plant based vanilla protein powder and turn them into a smoothie. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1K9IwTryCj4&t=193s#FoodieFriday

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Sounds yummy! I'll have to try this.

Agnes S.

09/07/2021 9:18AM in Back To Schooling Your Weight Loss Goals
I definitely feel more accountable when I post my food, and meal prep on here.
If I make it, or eat it I'll post it
That way I'm held accountable to reach my goals!

Does anyone feel the same way?

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Melissa B.

Same! I need to get in better habit of taking pictures

Megan R.


Ilana Muhlstein

09/07/2021 2:00AM in Back To Schooling Your Weight Loss Goals
Hi Everyone! I am so excited for this group to get started! I want you think about the following::

I want you to feel so good and proud of yourselves for being here today. Pledging to this goal is so important. We need to be in peak physical shape as a means of protecting and optimizing our physical and mental health and wellbeing. Just know that this bet is a win win! There are 2 outcomes that are both fantastic. Either you invested $35 to refocus your energy off of politics and drama and more into a positive routine and community of supportive people. And lose some weight and learn better habits, insights and recipes through the process.


You lose 4% or more of your weight in a way that feels energetic, focused, positive and fun and make some extra money in the process. Either way you are a winner and proved that to yourself the second you signed up. Let’s make this fun, inspirational, and uplifting for one another. Let’s cheer each other on more than normal. Let’s post more and like each other's posts more than ever before. Let’s not hold back our inner kindness and cheerleader. The more positive we speak to each other, the better practice we have speaking kinder to ourselves. The less judgemental we are of others, the less judgemental we are to ourselves. You are a winner surrounded by winners. We all have something to learn from one another so please start to share a little bit about yourself in the comments below.

Where do you live and what is a non scale victory you hope to achieve in the next 4 weeks? LETS DO THIS!

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J E.

Hi everybody! I’m from DC and I want to feel more comfortable in my skin and not bloated and sluggish all the time.


I am having such a good time reading comments and posts and learning so much from the experineces of others. this is so great!

Ilana Muhlstein

09/06/2021 3:00PM in Back To Schooling Your Weight Loss Goals

    Hi Everyone! I just wanted to do some housekeeping before we got started- as a reminder I will be hosting 30 Minute Live Q&A's via Zoom. Reminders to post your questions and the links will be provided the day before.

    Again for those who are new to this- If you see that your question has already been asked then just give it a thumbs up and I will answers the questions with the most thumbs up. I will only be able to commit to 3 of 4 Q&A Session this time- I will be recording them and reposting them in the event you can't make it. I am super excited to hear from you guys and help you through these next 4 weeks!

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Nicole P.

This is awesome, so excited! Thank you!


its amazing how much reflection comes from just reading questions and struggles!

Ilana Muhlstein

07/14/2021 2:00AM in Jump Start July Into Weight Loss with Ilana
  • It's Humpday and that's why I am going LIVE to help you get over anything you are struggling with! Don't for get to tune in.

    Please submit questions you might have. If you see the same questions has already been posted just like the question and will make it a priority to answer! I will do my best to get through everything in the 30 minutes we have together.

    All the best!

    I can't wait to see you there!
    ****YouTube LIVE Stream Link Below***

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Sarah M.

Caught the recorded video while in a walk
Thanks so much !

Caroline O.

Great video! Thank you for having the replay available for us Ilana :blush:

Ilana Muhlstein

07/12/2021 2:00AM in Jump Start July Into Weight Loss with Ilana
  • Hey Everyone! I am so excited to be back helping all of you! This Summer is so going to be even more special. If you are just starting out or continuing in from another game- Congrats! We are going to plant our seeds together through these next 30 days! Let this game act as your foundation and let it carry you through the summer and into fall, when things typically get a little more tempting, and that when you will harvest your benefits. When you decide to committee today the challenges of the future will not matter!


    Repeat the below paragraphs out loud, I don't care who is around. This is how I kickoff my sessions with my private clients. It's so important you keep saying these phrases today and everyday to help you fend off temptations and keep your focus in the right place.
    here goes:

    I C A N L O S E W E I G H T.
    I W I L L L O S E W E I G H T.
    M Y B O DY L OV E S L O S I N G W E I G H T, A N D S O D O I.

    I C A N L O S E W E I G H T.
    I W I L L L O S E W E I G H T.
    M Y B O DY L OV E S L O S I N G W E I G H T, A N D S O D O I.

    I C A N L O S E W E I G H T.
    I W I L L L O S E W E I G H T.
    M Y B O DY L OV E S L O S I N G W E I G H T, A N D S O D O I.

    I C A N L O S E W E I G H T.
    I W I L L L O S E W E I G H T.
    M Y B O DY L OV E S L O S I N G W E I G H T, A N D S O D O I.

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Hilary Y.

Hilary from Austin, Texas - to get strong enough to complete a half marathon in Colorado at 5000+ feet of elevation this coming November.

lindsay n.

Hey I’m lindsay I’m a mental health counselor from New Orleans and my goal is to hit 137 by the end of this diet bet!

Ilana Muhlstein

07/11/2021 2:00AM in Jump Start July Into Weight Loss with Ilana
  • So excited to get this game going!!! Thank you all for joining in, it’s going to be great!! Here are a few things you can do this week to prepare:

    1. Take this week to start clearing away anything that’s been causing weight gain. Finish the last of that ingredient, product or habit that’s been throwing you off.

    2. Start a new tracker. Print out the pages and make your own or order a new one at 2BMindsetTracker.com

    3. Check out the meal plans and grocery lists from the You Can Drop It! Book and Mindset Membership meal plans. Think ahead about what recipes you want to try and be sure to have what you need to make them.- I will be sharing some of my favorite ones throughout the month.

    4. INVITE INVITE INVITE!! Invite your friends and family members to join our game! The first 2,000 players to sign up with automatically be entered to win 1 of 3 mystery boxes filled with health, wellness, and beauty swag. At the end of the game I will pick 3 lucky participants.

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Sandra F.

This is amazing!

Arelis M.

Just joined, I have seen many dietbet but this is my first one. Totally lost, I will weight myself tomorrow morning. I will be 50 in 8 months want to be my healthier me. I have 5 boys my husband just had a heart attack, I need to be present, healthy my best self for them.
I also need accountability.