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MaryBeth S.

02/19/2019 4:06PM in Goal Crushing in 2019 with Ketogalsara - via iPhone
  • Dinner: started with thinly sliced radishes (they sub for potatoes) and added red onion, next added some buttered and salted raw broccoli and about 3 oz. cooked brisket for a one pot meal. Of course I just shipped so I had to get some extra veggies in the way of a super simple salad with ranch.

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Looks great!

Jackie T.



02/18/2019 5:38AM in Goal Crushing in 2019 with Ketogalsara - via iPhone
  • 1 week down! How’s everyone doing?

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At parties I always bring a sweet treat in my bag that I know I can have so i don’t feel like I’m missing out. If you gained its most likely just water weight so be sure to be on your water game and keep it as low carb as possible and you will be back in ketosis in no time. Fasting will help speed up the process

Rebekah T.

Was doing great until yesterday when there were 6 varieties of girl scout cookies in the coffee room.... Oops. I still got my workout in last night and ate a healthy dinner so not a complete fail of a day.

MaryBeth S.

02/17/2019 4:57PM in Goal Crushing in 2019 with Ketogalsara - via iPhone
  • Cauli-Shrimp Fried Rice...so dang good!!! Recipe is from Simply Keto by Suzanne Ryan, and it is really amazing!

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@just_you_weight *.

02/14/2019 1:00PM in Goal Crushing in 2019 with Ketogalsara - via iPhone
  • Happy Galentines day ladies! Lol
    Insta @just_you_weight ❤

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MaryBeth S.


MaryBeth S.

02/12/2019 7:17AM in Goal Crushing in 2019 with Ketogalsara - via iPhone
I’m doing Keto as I’ve been since Dec 31. In January the weight was coming off pretty steadily, but then shark week came the first week of February and my weight still hasn’t settled down. In fact it’s going up. Any advice?

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Are you drinking a lot of water? Fluctuations around that time are normal and it can take a week or more sometimes before you see it drop back down. you would think drinking a lot of water would make you retain it but it’s actually the opposite.

MaryBeth S.

I know I’m not drinking enough water. I find it currently quite difficult in the cold weather, but I am trying. I’m truthfully probably between 48-64 oz per day currently. My go to is coffee. :expressionless::expressionless:


02/11/2019 8:27AM in Goal Crushing in 2019 with Ketogalsara - via iPhone
Good morning everyone! New to the group, been trying Keto since January 1 and slowly adapting but need motivation so here I am!

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MaryBeth S.

I’m definitely going to have to add IF and workouts to get things moving again. I have hit a stall, but hoping to see the whoosh again soon!
Best of luck to all of you!


Hi Jen! I'm doing keto as well. Lost 11 lbs last month. Hope to lose about that amount this month. Good luck.
MaryBeth S. accepted the challenge.
01/31/2019 5:41AM in Goal Crushing in 2019 with Ketogalsara
The pot is now $180

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MaryBeth S.

01/15/2019 10:07AM in New Year! New You by Ketogalsara - via iPhone
  • So excited about this progress! I have a blouse that I keep wearing on the first day of the week so I can see my NSVs. 😍😍😍

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I'm gonna do that from now on ,is a great idea and congrats !!


I went shopping today just to help myself be real with where I'm at. Some clothes were too big, some too small, but it was just a good exercise for me. Also got some steps in! ;>)

Jonathan C.

01/13/2019 9:35AM in New Year! New You by Ketogalsara - via iPhone
Curious what people are snacking on when they have that craving for a corn or potato chip or a cheezit. Aka I need something salty and crispy. I get pork rinds but need something new.

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Jonathan C.

I ordered a variety of the shrewd food crisps. So far some good ones.

When eating the strawberry ones they tasted so much like a sweet cereal that I decided to pour the bag into some 1/2 and 1/2 and it was amazing.

If you like sugar cereals try it.


Dip raw bell pepper or any veggie in a little queso.

MaryBeth S.

01/13/2019 7:49AM in New Year! New You by Ketogalsara - via iPhone
So I have found myself off and on craving popcorn. Like super salty, buttery popcorn. So, hang in with me for this cuz it sounds weird AF, but my son is a cook, and he’s been catching the prep cook in the morning who does the broccoli so he can eat some of it. It’s raw, buttered and salted (because they just steam it for their veggie side). So, he asked if he could make it last night and was awaiting our reactions. I didn’t know why it tasted SO good, but then my husband said it tasted like popcorn. It totally has that quality of salted and buttered popcorn. Plus, it totally satisfied that crunch craving!

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Love raw broccoli
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