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Rachel T.

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Rachel T.

01/28/2019 4:18PM in My Girlish Whims New Year Dietbet - via iPhone
Is final weigh in the 29? Or 31?

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Rebecca G.

The game ends midnight on the 29th so you have 48 hours after that to submit your weigh out!

Nicole B.

Interesting. So final weigh in is either the 29th thru the 30th at midnight.

Julie S

01/10/2019 12:31PM in My Girlish Whims New Year Dietbet - via iPhone
How do you all handle muscle soreness? It doesn’t seem to matter what I do, everything makes me sore (besides maybe walking). I do flow yoga, light weights, Pilates. Etc. Any good post workout strategies to combat this? Any good powders or supplements that help you? I do sometimes take tart cherry supplements but they don’t help me that much.

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Hydrate, eat well balanced diet, stretch, and ibuprofen. It's inevitable to some degree.

Rebecca G.

BCAAs and foam rolling. And surprisingly enough...continuing to workout keeps me from getting to stiff!

Rachel T.

01/07/2019 12:03PM in My Girlish Whims New Year Dietbet - via iPhone
How frequently are we supposed to weigh in?

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Rebecca G.

You only have to officially submit the initial weigh in, and the official weigh out when the game is done!

Rachel T.

Thank you!

Rebecca G.

01/02/2019 6:33AM in My Girlish Whims New Year Dietbet - via iPhone
WELCOME TO THE GAME! I’m so excited you guys have decided to play with me! After the holidays I am SO in need of a diet reset, and I’m so looking forward to the motivation and accountability that DietBet gives us all!!! Let’s get started by introducing ourselves! Drop a comment on this post with your name, where you are from, and tell us a little bit about yourself and why you wanted to join this game. I can’t wait to get to know you guys over the next 4 weeks!!! ❤

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Cori C.

Hi I’m Cori! This is my second diet bet with Rebecca and I won the last one! Hoping to start 2019 strong.

Alexis B.

Hi Alexis from Las Vegas. My goal is to lose weight and start 2019 off strong.