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Bruce K. has weighed in at xxx pounds, down 2 pounds
02/28/2019 6:05PM in $200 in BONUS PRIZES! Weight Loss Challenge!

Total weight lost is now 31 pounds! Average is 0.2 pounds.

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Bruce K. accepted the challenge.
The pot is now $1,800

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Bruce K.

02/27/2019 10:03AM in January Fitness—Workout Headphones Giveaway - via iPhone
Good news. Went on an all-inclusive Caribbean vacation last week. Weather was great and had a blast.
Bad news. Ate and drank way too much and too much of the bad stuff.
Bad news. Missed my Round 1 goal.
Good news. Have lost half the weight I put on during vacation .
Good/bad news. No vacations in the future .
Good news. Committed to making the next round and all future round goals.

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I would have a hard time now gaining 15 pounds on those. Last cruise I went on was only a 4 day and I probably gained 10

Christin A.

Cruises are hard because it seems like everything revolves around food. The last one I did, we made a joke that we ate the ice cream every time we walked by the machine. Of course, the desserts and cookie runs didn’t help either. Oh well, just look forward and try to get the weight back off..


02/17/2019 2:02PM in BET BIG 4 NEW YEAR! 2X WINNINGS PRIZES! - via iPhone
I am so excited that I made it to my goal weight. I’ve had a very challenging month at home but really stuck with my diet and am so happy to finally see the scale moving down instead of up!! Looking forward to my next challenge. And also, my weight was verified within 1 minute. No waiting for the confirmation, which was so nice!

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Bruce K.


Sandy P.


Rebecca D.

02/16/2019 7:39AM in BET BIG 4 NEW YEAR! 2X WINNINGS PRIZES! - via iPhone
Made it!!! This was a fun challenge!! Kept me on track!

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Bruce K.

What made it fun??

Sandy P.

Congratulations! Great attitude

Bruce K.

02/16/2019 5:15AM in BET BIG 4 NEW YEAR! 2X WINNINGS PRIZES! - via iPhone
Drives me a bit nuts after submitting the weigh-in to wait for the the approval. Anybody else ?

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Lawrence W.

Sweet!!!! Did it take an hour? Am delaying brunch plans until I receive the green light haha

Bruce K.

Took around 2-3 hours

Jac R.

02/16/2019 1:55AM in BET BIG 4 NEW YEAR! 2X WINNINGS PRIZES! - via android
I did it!! Yeehaw!! Hard work paid off and I had 0.3lb to spare lol woop woop

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Bruce K.

Congrats!! Me too-but i need the official confirmation

Sandy P.

Woo hoo Jac!! Congrats


02/13/2019 8:26PM in January Fitness—Workout Headphones Giveaway - via iPhone
Hey! Does anyone know if I can weigh in before the official dates - the 22-23? I am traveling on the 21st for three weeks and am not sure I’ll have access to a scale, would need to weigh in just a day earlier...

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I have brought a travel scale before...they are tiny and convenient!


You can join the membership program. Then you can weigh in any time. The trick would be to weigh in less than 2 days before our scheduled weigh in. Then on weigh in day, you simply tell it to use your last verified weigh in. Note that weigh ins expire 48 hours after you submit them. You MUST log in and tell your current game to use the recent verified weigh in. It won't do it automatically.

Lisa E.

02/12/2019 8:41AM in BET BIG 4 NEW YEAR! 2X WINNINGS PRIZES!
$4 ????? Not worth the trouble to take the pictures and do the weigh in. How is it that there wasn't more money to distribute to the winners? Disappointed,

Robin K. likes this comment.

Bruce K.

Too many winners (which is a good thing) . And DietBet’s cut. At least you lost some weight !!!


02/11/2019 3:48PM in January Fitness—Workout Headphones Giveaway - via android
One of my goals this year was to stop drinking pop. Diet Mt. Dew was my vice. I was successful , but decided to have a Diet Coke on date night Saturday... it was so yucky!! And I was so glad. 😁

Monica K. , erin r. and like this comment.

Bruce K.

I drink Zevia soda. Zero calories and supposedly natural sweetener. I like black cherry and grape. But probably better off not drinking it !!


I know a lot of people drink those flavored sparkling waters. I have tried them at parties and they are actually not to bad.
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