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04/07/2019 6:58PM in Spring to Health with LishIs.LosingIt! - via iPhone
I wanted to start a thread where we can share our Instagram handles so we can follow along with each other’s progress. Most of you probably know mine is @lishis.losingit. Leave yours in the comments below if you want!! 💖

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Lisa J.




Carissa L.

04/12/2019 6:37PM in Spring to Health with LishIs.LosingIt! - via iPhone
Finished the 5th and final day of my egg fast today. Going in I had a goal of five days, but was willing to fold after three. I’m excited for my results in the morning and can’t wait to share them.

How was everyone else’s week? What non scale victories did you have?

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Denise D.

My wedding ring is too big, but I swapped it out for a ring I bought in middle school that hasn't ever fit. :raised_hands:

Carissa L.

Those are awesome victories ladies!!!! They all add up:bangbang:


04/11/2019 7:51PM in Spring to Health with LishIs.LosingIt!
  • Hi guys, time for the first challenge/giveaway! Comment your favorite healthy meal below to enter, the more details the better and brownie points if you post a pic! I want to give everyone a chance to see this and comment so I'm going wait and randomly select a winner on Sunday! The winner will recieve a Starbucks gift card!

    How's everyone doing so far?? I see collectively we've lost 61 pounds, that's awesome for only a few days in! Keep up all the good work, and always feel free to message me or reach out if you need support! <3

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  • Chicken parm is always a a good idea in my opinion. Crust is grated parm and pork rinds. So good

Megan M.

  • Favorite meal is Mongolian Beef. I LIVE for asian food. ????


04/08/2019 5:18PM in Spring to Health with LishIs.LosingIt! - via iPhone
  • TIME TO ANNOUNCE THE WINNER OF THE DRAWING! As I said in my earlier post, since we reached(and surpassed!) our goal of 50 players, I randomly selected one person to play the game for free!!

    AND THE WINNER IS: LUNA!! Please message me on Instagram (@lishis.losingit) with your email address so I can reimburse you the $35!! Congratulations to you Luna, you're SUPER set up to win now! Once again thanks to everyone for being here, you guys are all rockstars! Hope you all had a great Monday and first day of the game!! Now let's really get this game going and continue to motivate, inspire, and encourage each other!!

    As a reminder, I will be doing a challenge and giveaway every Friday of this game, so stay tuned for that!

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Congrats luna!!!!


Congrats Luna!!


04/08/2019 8:20AM in Spring to Health with LishIs.LosingIt! - via iPhone
Happy Monday everyone!! Remember to start the week off with healthy choices that are going to get you to your goal. Track your food, eat lots of veggies, drink lots of water, and get active if you can! It’s finally spring, so if it’s nice where you are try to get out for a walk! If you’re just starting out on your journey, I’d recommend focusing on the food aspect and gradually incorporating exercise as you adjust. If you need any support, please reach out to me on Instagram or the group here. We got this!

I am mind-blown that we’ve reached 50+ players!!! Honestly when I created this game I was going to be happy if I got even 10 players in the game, so THANK YOU all so much for being here!!! As promised, one of you will be randomly selected to play for free! You don’t have to do anything to participate. I will wait in case any last minute players join today then announce the winner tonight at 8PM EST. Stay tuned!

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Amazing!! :heart:

Carissa L.

04/08/2019 7:13AM in Spring to Health with LishIs.LosingIt! - via iPhone
Good morning everyone and happy Monday💪
I’m so ready to tackle this week head in and I’m determined to slay this bet. I made some new goals for myself this week and trying some new things, so I’m really looking forward to how it will work out for me.

I do intermittent fasting, but usually do the 16:8. This week I’m doing the 19:5. I eased into it over the weekend which wasn’t so bad. I also started the egg fast today to help get past my recent stall. No meat will be hard for me but I’m determined. That on top of trying to job more is super exciting.

What is something you’re trying this week?

Follow my journey on IG and I’ll follow back. The friends I’ve made have been the absolute difference. @unstoppable_cece

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I've been doing IF but not tracking it just making sure its atleast 14 hours between meals but I think I may pay more attention to the exact times. Possibly work my way up to doing a 24h. I'm also upping my water by about 20oz to make sure I'm always over the amount I should take in

Melissa B

I've been trying some intermittent fasting, but I got all messed up with trying to do some other diet changes at the same time. I'm now mostly back to trying to consistently to the 16:8, working toward 18:6. I'm won't go Keto, as many suggest for longterm fasting, but I definitely notice that I need to mind my carbs, so that fasting isn't too hard.


04/08/2019 5:26AM in Spring to Health with LishIs.LosingIt! - via android
Hey everyone! I'm Sam. I've done my weigh in and I'm so excited about this one! If I win I'll be in the 150s for the first time since I battled with anorexia 4 years ago. I have lost just over 80lbs in 18 months and have 21lbs to reach my goal weight and lowest weight as an adult! I hope everyone has an amazing monday!

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I am excited to see your journey. Sounds like you have an interesting story! So many people do and we just never know. Thank you for sharing and congratulations on taking care of you!!


Hi Sam! Sounds like you’ve come a long way in your journey, good for you!! So happy to have you here! :hearts:
SisShrinking accepted the challenge.
04/08/2019 5:00AM in Spring to Health with LishIs.LosingIt!
The pot is now $1,680

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04/08/2019 1:03AM in JENS JOURNEY SPRING DIETBET! - via iPhone
  • LET THE GAME BEGIN!! Happy day 1 everyone! For this DietBet I’ll be giving away 4 Amazon Gift Cards. Weeks 1, 2 & 3 will be a $25 gift card, and the last week I’ll be giving away a $50 amazon gift card to the MVP of the game! To be chosen as MVP of the game, you’ll need to be active in the game discussion board. This means interacting with other players, offering encouragement & advice, answering questions if you know the answer & just being an active member in the game! For weeks 1-3, each Monday I will make a post where you can enter to win. So let’s get started!!
    For week 1 I want everyone to focus on their water intake. Water plays a VITAL role in weight loss & is necessary to be successful. You should be drinking half of your body weight in ounces of water daily. So if you weigh 240 pounds, you need to drink 120 ounces of water each day. I know, it sounds like a lot. But the majority of people in America are chronically dehydrated. Water makes your body function the way it needs to to lose weight. So whether you need to flavor your water, drink tea, or just chug, GET YOUR WATER IN!! Leave a comment on this post with how much water you currently drink & if you’re not drinking what you should, explain how you plan to up your intake! A winner will be chosen Friday! Good luck everyone & LET’S DO THIS!

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Lyndsay P.

I currently drink either coffee or water and the occasional alcoholic beverage. Water to me was a necessity, I'm on the road a lot for work and it's something I crave. I don't always drink enough, not likely half of body weight, but I get a good 60-80 ounces each day. I also love sparkling water for a treat or change once in a while.

michelle b.

My favorite breakfast is 2 eggs hard boiled sliced on sprouted grain toast with 1 tsp of hummus spread and topped with either sun dried tomatoes or roasted red peppers and Salt & Pepper to taste.
Less than 200 calories and loaded with protein and flavor!


04/08/2019 12:15AM in Spring to Health with LishIs.LosingIt!
The game has begun! Lose 4% by your final weigh-in, and you'll be a winner.

Remember that you can weigh in unofficially as often as you like before then - it'll help you stay accountable. (And don't be distracted if anyone appears to have super fast weight loss. There's no bonus points for losing weight the fastest, and only official, Referee-approved weigh-ins determine who wins.)

Good luck and have fun!

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Weighing in regularly has totally kept me on track!
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