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Cherie J

09/12/2019 10:37AM in Fall back into weight loss mode with Ilana
  • Lunch = so many veggies + tempeh + seasonings + a liiitle avocado mayo. The scale was up one this morning after being DOWN 1.6 yesterday. I was a little heartbroken bc I was sooo hungry yesterday and made good choices. Hoping it was just something salty and it’ll come off easily!
    Question - I do MM100 and run with my cross country team (I’m a coach for high school). Does working out this much cause some weight gain & water retention indefinitely? I noticed I gain weight whenever I’m doing “too much”, but can never find the sweet spot with exercise.

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I agree with Michelle, sometimes when you work out a lot and aren’t eating “enough” the body just won’t let go of weight. Try increasing your calories! Another thing that may be happening is you may be gaining muscle and losing fat, hence why the scales not moving.

Cherie J

Thank you both!! I am vegetarian, but eat lots of veggie protein + vegan Shakeology! Perhaps you’re right, though! I could focus on more protein! I gained quite a bit of fat (and a little muscle) while training for an ultramarathon last spring. Might have been too much stress on my body?!! Now I’m fighting to get it off.
Claire has weighed in at 184 pounds
09/11/2019 6:05PM in Fallin' Into Fitness with kpnfit!

Total weight lost is now 196 pounds! Average is 0.5 pounds.

Claire has weighed in at 182.3 pounds
03/14/2019 12:05PM in Winter Wonderland—Win an Apple Watch Series 4

Total weight lost is now 5,340 pounds! Average is 6.8 pounds.

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02/26/2019 6:52AM in Winter Wonderland—Win an Apple Watch Series 4 - via iPhone
Wow. Just reached my first goal weight somehow, despite being on a two week working vacation and not counting calories the whole time. I guess 14 hour days, lots of walking and a healthy dose of stress somehow counteracted all the pizza? Oh well still happy and super motivated to get back on track with my eating!

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02/06/2019 8:09AM in Winter Wonderland—Win an Apple Watch Series 4 - via iPhone
So annoyed went to check my weight this morning, and my scale gives me a crazy number. I get off and try again and it gives me a weight 3 pounds different! Two more tries got me different results each time. I thought I was being smart buying a weight watchers scale but apparently not :( 😡

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Alisha M.

Have you tried moving it? Mine does that if it’s not sitting quite right on the hardwood floor. Also pick it up and make sure there’s no dust bunny, dog hair etc on the little pads on the bottom. Sounds like it’s just sitting wonky!!


The biggest thing with the scale is that you need to let it calibrate itself correctly. I always place it down on a flat hard floor, then I let it turn itself off. I tap it with my foot and when it comes on I let it go to 0.0 and turn off then I tap it and get on after it goes to 0.0 and I always get a correct reading that way. Seems like a lot of work but it’s really not especially if you take out the scale when you start brushing your teeth. By the time you’re done you can strip and step on it.


02/05/2019 8:03AM in Winter Wonderland—Win an Apple Watch Series 4 - via iPhone
Feeling really good today, a lot of my bloating went away overnight and now I feel like this rounds goal is actually attainable! Let’s do this!!

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It absolutely is!! You got this!


02/04/2019 8:12PM in Winter Wonderland—Win an Apple Watch Series 4 - via iPhone
I forgot today was weigh in day so now I’m having to weigh in at the end of the day... and it’s the start of shark week

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