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Favorite Health Food: broccoli

Favorite Sinful Food: dark chocolate and peanut butter

My Preferred Method of Exercise: running

My Approach to Weight Loss: plant based vegan

My Weight Loss Program: Vegan

My Diet Plan: Vegan Diet

Fitness/Exercise Apps: RunKeeper

Fitness Devices: I don't use a device

DietBet Winnings: $681.07

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01/16/2020 7:19PM in Fatgirlfedup's New Year Fit Year
Thank you to each and every one of you for joining my game and my tribe! I hope you're enjoying it so far and crushing your goals. As I mentioned, for this game, I'm donating $1 per person that signs up. Thanks to all of you, that's $6,301 currently so I need your help! The top 5 charities you all identified are: 1) ASPCA 2) Australian Red Cross 2) St. Jude Children's Research Hospital 4) American Cancer Society & 5) Ronald McDonald House. 

Which one should we choose? Write your vote in the comments section (only one vote per person please) and we'll pick the one with the most votes. Submit your votes by the end of the day on Sunday January 19 at midnight est and I'll announce shortly! Thanks everyone! Together, we can make a difference and happy we all can help others together!

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Angela B.

St Judes

Julia L.

St Jude.


01/18/2020 6:33PM in Fatgirlfedup's New Year Fit Year
  • Sushi for dinner tonight! Sushi is something I always thought I didnt like but i learned that I can still have it in moderation when ordered without the sauce, or even riceless when it's an option! My usual go to is a eel avocado roll and I was lucky enough that the restaurant i went to offered a crab riceless roll! Make the menu work for you! What did you have?

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Rosie S.

  • I had this tonight.....soooooo good!!


We had chicken and veg sweet/sour stir fry...just the mix as usual no rice. Was yummy. All homemade. Sauce was honey, pineapple juice, vinegar and coconut aminos (paleo friendly soy alternative).

Kathy j.

01/18/2020 8:48AM in Fatgirlfedup's New Year Fit Year
Man at 24% still. I weigh in Saturday’s and I haven’t lost anything lately. Why why why?! You would think if I could lose 5 pounds in December I could lose 8 in January. Augh

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Melissa A.

Ive been doing intermittent fasting IM and it helped me I have so much more energy and don’t forget the water

Kathy j.

Thx for the tips!! Yes I probly need more water for sure. Will focus on that and watching my dark chocolate pb snack I sometimes have. Lol.

Kathy j.

01/16/2020 8:19PM in Fatgirlfedup's New Year Fit Year
  • Made veggie chilli for dinner and of course for leftovers for a few days! So great with some crusty sourdough. Yum!

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Lyianna M.

Looks so good. Do you mind me asking what’s in it? I really wanna make a vegetable chill but not sure what to put in it. And how did you make the sauce? Xx

Kathy j.

In some water in pot steamed onions, carrots, potato. Can also add zuchini and peppers. After soft drain water out and pour in two cans diced tomatoes, two cans of kidney beans and chilli powder. I forgot to add a can of corn this time.

Kathy j.

01/16/2020 7:56PM in 2020 New Years Resolution - CASH PRIZES
  • Made veggie chilli for dinner and for leftovers! Had with some crusty sourdough. So good

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nichole h.

Looks delicious :yum:


01/16/2020 1:24PM in Fatgirlfedup's New Year Fit Year
One of the additional choices I have made along with joining this Dietbet to become a better me, is starting to take daily vitamins and minerals.
I'm not a fan of taking pills unless I am sick, or having an allergy. But I realised that vitamins is one way of taking better care of myself! And I have a bit more energy, or longer lasting energy. On the days I forget, I noticed that I felt a bit down which made me more prone to stare at all the junk food. No more emotional eating! No more eating to "feel" full or to release dopamine! Taking steps to love myself is helping to shake off self destructive tendencies and habits. Slowly but surely. What additional steps are you taking to love yourself? Let me hear it, inspire me, I would love to continue taking steps to better myself❤

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I also started taking vitamins daily, made such a huge difference for me

Kathy j.

Daily vitamins for me too! Daily running and plant based diet

Levi-Ann M.

01/16/2020 11:49AM in Fatgirlfedup's New Year Fit Year
Hey guys I hope everyone is having a great week!
I have a question!
I have a spiralizer but I have no idea what to do with it... Are you meant to cook the noodles after you spiralize them? I’m worried they would turn to mush.
What is your favourite thing to make with the spiralizer?

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Kathy j.

Cook in a non stick pan till a bit soft and add pasta sauce and chickpeas or lentils so good

Levi-Ann M.

Ok that makes sense thank you guys :heart:
Can’t wait to try it out now!


01/16/2020 9:51AM in Fatgirlfedup's New Year Fit Year
  • GIVING AWAY A $50 GIFTCARD FOR CHOCZERO! Choczero is one of my favorite healthier chocolate alternatives and a healthier version of chocolate that I really enjoy! To enter to win leave your favorite healthier treat below by Thursday January 16 at 11pm. As always all wiinners will be selected at the end of our game!

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Jess C.

Enlightened Keto collection ice cream bars (especially the marshmallow and pb, yum!!)

Taylor M.


Catherine C.

01/15/2020 2:47PM in 2020 New Years Resolution - CASH PRIZES
Just submitted my weekly weigh in!!!
Praying I make my goal!!
I have been on a very serious weight loss plan since early July!!! So, losing another 4% is tough.
I am currently at 59% complete!!

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Kathy j.

Nice! I do weigh in Saturday’s so hoping to bump mine ahead!

Kathy j.

01/15/2020 1:26PM in Fatgirlfedup's New Year Fit Year
  • Lunch today. Chickpea smash on top of leftover steamed broccoli and potato. So good!

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Thèresé W.

What’s in the “smash?”


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