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Referee Kim

02/25/2019 2:18PM in Love Thyself—Win a $500 Wardrobe Giveaway
  • Monday confessional! I did NOT log even ONE food entry last week! I really wanted to, and I thought about it a few times, but I never did it.

    I've just downloaded the app and have created a new account. Tomorrow, I am going to start posting daily screenshots to hold myself accountable!

    How are you doing on your goals & priorities and how can we help you stay accountable?

    Together, we can do this!

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Tracie T.

I use SparkPeople for food logging and workouts. It has great articles and exercise tips too. Best of all it’s free.

Referee Kim

Hey Kat, that is pretty frustrating but it sounds like you are sticking to it even though the scale isn't moving and that is critical! Way to keep focused!

Missy, it sounds like you've successfully made tracking on MFP a habit which is awesome. I am hoping once I get into the groove with it, I can too.

Laura, that is awesome! You will have to let us know how your workout went! I've worked out with trainers in the past and really have liked it. It's good knowing someone is checking and helping me with form because I probably would have no idea when I am doing things wrong! LOL I also really liked the suggestions to modify things when dealing with an injury. I always found that very helpful.

Tracie, thanks so much for the suggestion! I am going to check that out! :)

Referee Kim

02/16/2019 10:07PM in Love Thyself—Win a $500 Wardrobe Giveaway
  • We are heading into a new week and I really want to get back to basics! Let's have a fun challenge this week and share our accomplishments along the way!

    Pick something that you've really wanted to commit to but for whatever reason, just haven't been able to consistently. It could be something like - drink more water, get more steps in, sleep 8 hrs a night, do 25 squats a day, ditch red meat, eat a salad every day, wake up early to get a workout in, track your food, quit smoking, cut back on soda, sugar, alcohol, caffeine. You name it. Make it yours!

    I am going to track all meals for the week. I really hate doing this. I don't know why because there are some great free apps that make this so easy but I just don't do it!

    Let's check in often and keep each other accountable.

    This is totally optional and just for fun. It's not required to win the game or the wardrobe. Just something fun for those who would like to join in.

    What would you like to focus on this week?

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Christine I.

I track everyday. I use MFP, but I also use Lose It!. Of the two, I prefer Lose It! because the calories adjust as you lose weight. MFP is always 1200 calories, which I think is a little too low for me.

Stephanie C.

@Referee Kim Thank you for the shout out!. And.. 6AM is likely out for me.,,but who knows. As I committed to workout 30 minutes each day this week and did not workout or exercise this morning or this afternoon, I cranked some tunes after dinner and danced, danced, danced for more than 30 minutes! I had fun.