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03/05/2019 1:04PM in Fatgirlfedup's February Fight Back
Oh, Fat Tuesday.... My boss brought me a donut and insisted that I eat it. I just smiled and shoved it in my lunch bag when she turned her back. At least she won't find it in my trash can later. ;)

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Kimberly J.


Tacey G.

Nice :thumbsup:


03/05/2019 1:02PM in Fatgirlfedup's February Fight Back - via android
Help Plz,

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Thank you all for your comments


Yes to ice. Get in an ice bath to reduce inflammation.

Kelly H.

03/05/2019 12:57PM in Fatgirlfedup's February Fight Back - via iPhone
  • This is from TWO weeks of CrossFit. I’m so so happy I took before pictures before starting this six week challenge I’m doing at the CrossFit gym. I cannot believe how much difference I’m seeing in such a short period of time already (Please excuse my Christmas underwear 😂) The scale has only budged two lbs since I started but it’s clear to me it’s working regardless! The scale doesn’t always tell the full story - keep your chins up guys!

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Tacey G.

Nice :thumbsup:

Kelly H.

Thank you so much everyone :heart:


03/05/2019 12:10PM in Fatgirlfedup's February Fight Back
Putting things into perspective. Not gonna make the goal from this dietbet, as my body decided it had enough and did not want to lose anything for three weeks, despite doing everything right. However, this dietbet kept me accountable. Before, I would go back to my old eating habits, because my mind would say "what is the point?". Finally starting to go down again now (thank you body)! So, will still join the next dietbet, because at the end of the day, I lost!

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You got this! I was feeling the same as recently as yesterday, then stepped on the scale today and am only 2 pounds away from my goal - there's always a chance :purple_heart:

Amanda T.

Great job not giving up and going back to your old habits!


03/05/2019 11:57AM in Fatgirlfedup's February Fight Back - via iPhone
I haven’t lost weight in 2 1/2 weeks 😢 why me?!?

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Mee too.. I ate no more than 1400 kcal with moderate sport (jogging, walking) and only lost 2 kg. I habe to lose 3,1. I think I am not gonna make it. Still 1,1 to go.


Try intermittent fasting. Don't eat anything after your dinner for 12-16 hours. It's good if you don't have a late dinner either. In the morning, you can have a cup of bulletproof coffee, because that won't break the fast. I have been doing this for the last year and it is great!! Here's a link which explains:

Justin C.

03/05/2019 11:21AM in Fatgirlfedup's February Fight Back
finished the January kickstarter then plateaued out. Still have 3.4lbs to go. been eating totally whole30 since January 4th, no added sugar, no grains, gluten dairy etc. and 2/3 plate veggies one third protein. still stuck... just started doing a fitness class this week, (similar to crossfit). i already drink 120-160oz a day of water. any other suggestions to help me knock off this last 3.4 lbs and win the bet?

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Justin C.

teresa i have been doing 16 and 8 as well. nothing seems to be working!

Betsy D.

I log my food at MyFitnessPal and that really helps.


03/04/2019 6:08AM in Weekly Challenge/Prizes with Picktritionist! - via android
Hi all! My name is Teresa. I am well into my fitness journey, having lost 35 lbs over the last year or so! I have 12 lbs. to go and diet bets keep me on track so that I can cross that finish line!! Let's do this, people!!

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Laura G.

03/04/2019 12:49AM in Fatgirlfedup's February Fight Back - via android
I'm only 2lbs off now. The problem is I've been off work from my depression and anxiety for the past month and today is my first day back and I'm a stress eater 😅😅 Hoping I can hold it together this next week.

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Violeta W.

You can do this! Its the last week! Be strong! :muscle:


You are almost there! Keep your eyes on the prize!! You've got this, girl!!


03/03/2019 4:52PM in Fatgirlfedup's February Fight Back - via iPhone
  • I finally said goodbye to my favorite jeans, these were size 18W and today I went shopping for new jeans, I’m now a size 12 and can almost fit size 10! This is so crazy because I can’t remember the last time if ever that I purchased jeans that were in the single digits, so this is my new short term goal, to by jeans size in the single digit!!
    I never knew how much went into losing weight, honestly this journey is so hard emotionally, physically and FINANCIALLY! My bras are falling off of my body but I refuse to get new ones ????
    At first I would just use a belt, and then I added holes to it because it was too big for me. Also I rekindled my love for goodwill and now I go there for clothing since I know they won’t last long.
    Who has tips to make their clothes last longer during weight lost?

    Please share!
    Thanks @themedicatedvegan

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Leisha W.

Went to St. Vinnie's yesterday and got a new skirt and jeans for $13 total. When you donate they give you a 20%-off coupon! Out with the old, in with the new. :sunglasses:


Couple of things: find a friend who is losing weight like you and is the next size down. You can ask for her to pass on her too big clothes to you. Also, pay it forward by finding a friend who's a size up from you and pass your big clothes on to her. Goodwill has two days per month where everything is 50% off! Check your local store's discount day schedule out online. I have gone from a size 16 to a size 6 and my whole wardrobe is now GW. I paid pennies on the dollar for very cute outfits!


03/03/2019 1:54PM in Fatgirlfedup's February Fight Back
Yehaw! I just measured myself again (2nd time only because I hate trying to measure myself) and from Jan 6 to today I have lost 15 3/8 inches. WOW I'm feeling sorta surprised and amazed but also super proud! As annoying as it was to measure, seeing the verified progress is such a motivator! I'm so ready for March - month 3 of my transformation!! It's working! I'm actually doing it! Yay me! <3

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Mama G

I'm so happy for you.


That's is stunning! Yay you!! Keep going,!!!
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