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Favorite Health Food: Fruits

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My Preferred Method of Exercise: Strength training

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Tammera accepted the challenge.
03/21/2019 6:45AM in Losing for Health's Spring Shape Up
The pot is now $630

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02/22/2019 7:41AM in Love Yourself Valentine's Day Kickstarter - via iPhone
  • YUM!! Avocado from my misfits market box. Follow me on the gram @tamstagram_1

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Jessica L.

This looks yummy! I love avocado on just about everything



02/21/2019 10:08PM in Love Yourself Valentine's Day Kickstarter - via iPhone
Had a hard time giving up soda...I can make it through my day without it but when I get home it’s like a beer I wanna crack a cold can open... any suggestions?

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mandy j.

Sparkling water is nice


  • My FAVORITE sparkling water is the Simple Truth brand at Fred Meyer/Kroger - all the flavors. They also make up a SUPER yummy italian soda, if you’re living the low-carb life! If you go for a more natural approach/don’t do the artificial sweetener in these syrups, this is also really delicious with just plain old Stevia, or vanilla Stevia drops!


02/20/2019 5:30AM in Love Yourself Valentine's Day Kickstarter - via android
  • I'm doing a challenge this week to eat my breakfast and lunch fast food but make it as #dirtyketo as nm possible. This morning is Burger King sausage egg and cheese croissant no bread. Only 1 carb per and I ordered 2! I was down another 2 lbs this morning so must be working. This afternoon I will have dominos thin crust pizza with alfredo sauce, chicken and bacon and scrape all off the bread and just eat toppings. It tastes amazing!:)

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Yaaaay, another keto buddy! :muscle:


I do Keto to :wave:

Michelle D.

02/20/2019 3:06AM in Love Yourself Valentine's Day Kickstarter - via android
I have gained!!!!! I'm really disappointed in myself. I have stuck within my points and exercised regularly and and I'm up from my starting weight!!!
Today starts a new weight week... next week I will hopefully be down.
This is my 1st dietbet, I'm really hoping I dont lose this one!!!

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Stay positive and focus on how you feel when you make healthier choices versus the scale. You got this!!!

Nathan O.

When my weight seemed to plateau, I needed to be more rigorous at tracking my food. We tend to underestimate how much we eat.


02/19/2019 6:13PM in Love Yourself Valentine's Day Kickstarter - via android
Man, I don't know what's going on but I am self-sabotaging. I've won four dietbets in the past 6 months and but have fallen off track with eating good so I decided to join this one for some motivation and it's just not working this time. I tried to get some people irl to do a little competition with me, but no one was interested. I have no control over what I'm eating and it's driving me insane. Very frustrating. 😔

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What were the competitions? I tried the Apple Watch one someone posted but I can’t see anyone on the challenge.


They were just little ones with friends and family for some motivation, but everyone around me is lazy right now, myself included. Lol


02/19/2019 7:53AM in Love Yourself Valentine's Day Kickstarter - via iPhone
Hi everyone! For anyone who has an Apple Watch and needs some extra motivation this is for you!

Download the challenges app and input this code, it’ll have daily activity goals to accomplish and by the progress you do with these goals you gain points, and obviously having the most points you win. Who doesn’t love a good motivational competition?

Follow this link or just input the code 3g6m in the challenges app to join!!! Hope to see a few people join!

You have been invited to compete in ''Love Yourself Valentines Day Kickstarter''!

First, download Challenges:

Once you have the app, enter invite code: '3g6m' or tap on the link below to join:


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  • Should I create a team within this challenge

Stephanie Q.

02/17/2019 11:52PM in Love Yourself Valentine's Day Kickstarter - via iPhone
So I basically went off the wagon since last Thursday put on 2kg 😭 so now I’ve got to REALLY pull myself together to lose this 4%

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Stephanie Q.

Had a good day today (I live in Thailand so my day is now over) back on track but no gym or swim as they were closed :(


Don't beat yourself up! Just dust yourself off, and get back on track :thumbsup:

Jessica L.

02/17/2019 11:28AM in Love Yourself Valentine's Day Kickstarter - via android
  • Good Afternoon Everyone,
    I recently got a Fitbit so I don't need my old Smart Bracelet anymore. I would love to give it a new home if anyone is interested! Free! First come, first serve.
    It has multiple functions such as a heart rate monitor, calories burned tracker, distance, call reminder, Step Counter, Sleep Quality, Remote for Camera, Task reminder, SMS, QQ, and WeiChat.
    It is nothing too fancy but it gets the job done. Id love to be able to help someone out who would benefit from a Smart Bracelet like this! Let me know.

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Jessica L.

Can I have your email or you can add me on Instagram @jessicaleitnerfit so we can coordinate sending it out :smile:

kay s.

That is so sweet of you to help someone out like that. These aren’t cheap!


02/15/2019 2:03PM in Love Yourself Valentine's Day Kickstarter - via iPhone
  • YUM! Shrimp and green peppers (veggies from my misfits market (25% off code below). I tossed it with 1/8 cup coconut milk, turmeric, pepper and salt with a little bit of garlic powder. 153 calories ????????


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got hungry! :)

Jessica L.

Yum :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
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