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Mandi R.

07/23/2019 7:14AM in Step out of your comfort zone this summer!
I smh seriously started out goo weight was down and now it's like I never started...weight is literally down 3 pounds from start of bet I'm so disappointed annoyed irritated agitated ugh guess I need to get stricter

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Howard H.

Hang in there, like others have said this is not about the money. This is about motivation and any loss is a win


Learning experience, try to see what you can do better next month? Sleep and stress can make a big difference even when following your diet.

Mandi R.

07/18/2019 8:42AM in Step out of your comfort zone this summer!
Ate bad one day teyi g to trick my body and now I'm up 3 pounds for the last 2 days😭😪

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Try the egg fast, if you can eat eggs.

Mandi R.

07/14/2019 5:13AM in Step out of your comfort zone this summer!
Weight goes up and down and up and down lol why cant I see consistent ⬇

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Mandi R.

Its rough!! I am doing eith fasting from 8pm to 12 am or omad and I feel like it should be lower then it is but I'm bot going to stop it's just very frustrating!! And yeah I am drinking a ton of water besides coffee and under tea it's all i drink

Michaele M.

Mine too!

Mandi R.

07/11/2019 7:37AM in Step out of your comfort zone this summer!
Does anybody do intermittent fasting? I have an app that is really good!although I'm scared because the next couple of days I eat in the morning and fast at night😥

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Andrea S.

I fast every few days (no schedule) and keep my calories to 50 or below (mostly nut milks for my coffee). Keep those no-cal, no-carb beverages handy! It's mind over matter most of the time.

Mandi R.

I did yesterday Omad, is wasnt bad but my husband decided to eat a "snack" at 1030 lol I made him eat in the kitchen and not in front of the tv with me lol. I was supposed to fast after 10 am but ended up eating one meal at 2...I still am down a pound this morning so it was worth it:grin:
Mandi R. has weighed in at 219 pounds
07/10/2019 12:05PM in Step out of your comfort zone this summer!

Total weight lost is now 331 pounds! Average is 1.9 pounds.

Mandi R.

07/05/2019 7:59AM in Step out of your comfort zone this summer!
  • I've put 40 miles on my spin bike since I bought it Tuesday. I love facebook yardsale groups they are extremely helpful

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That’s amazing. I’ve always wanted one too!


07/03/2019 8:52PM in Step out of your comfort zone this summer!
  • Indulging on my chocolate cravings with out going of track 👍

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Mandi R.

Yummm what is it?


Joe duff brownie batter recipe

Mandi R.

07/03/2019 7:41PM in Step out of your comfort zone this summer!
I hope this is just the push I need to get this weight off me for good!! Bought a stationary bike yesterday and started fasting from 8pm til 12 pm...what's your strategy?

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Good luck Mandi. Hope you reach your goals.


Water water water and walking ! Keeping it low carb as well!
Mandi R. accepted the challenge.
07/03/2019 12:32PM in Step out of your comfort zone this summer!
The pot is now $2,550

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