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Laura M.

07/15/2019 12:36PM in Summer time slim and trim
  • Yay!

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Laura M.

07/13/2019 5:45AM in Summer time slim and trim
Feeling nervous since we’re so close to the end! Going to make sure I’m getting all the water in!

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Jessica S.

07/04/2019 4:12PM in Summer time slim and trim
I’ve completely failed this time.
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Steph Dee

Not failure, a lesson, and opportunity for a decision. Are you going to let this set-back spiral you into oblivion where your health doesn't matter anymore because you "can't do it"?
Or are you going to take this opportunity to show that voice in your head that it's wrong and get right back on track?
The choice is yours, but taking control now before you fall into negative self talk is only going to increase your self worth and give you physical and mental results that will carry you over this bump...and I think that's worth a world more than believing a voice that lies to you to keep you comfortable.

Laura M.

Keep trying!

Laura M.

07/01/2019 10:57AM in Summer time slim and trim
  • Went to the gym!

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Laura M.

06/25/2019 7:40PM in Summer time slim and trim
I have zero motivation or energy to go to the gym right now. 😩

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Heidi S.

I feel ya evening workouts are harder for me, but each week I make a schedule for working out and keep it realistic. Then I feel more motivation to do those workouts because they are written down on the calendar. Plus I always leave my workout glad I did it, energized and feeling good.


06/18/2019 11:17AM in Summer time slim and trim
I want to know where you all are from!
Also, how much do you plan on losing in this game and how? :)

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Thank you for hosting this DietBet game, Jess! I'm from Lodi, CA (Northern California). I'm looking to drop another 9 pounds. Maintaining my diet and daily workout/exercise routine is key. On my way to 60 pounds dropped since the beginning of 2019. Feeling stronger and healthier everyday! Good luck to all of the other players.

Bonnita P.

I’m from WV. I hope to lose 8lbs. I’ve been following a low carb diet and exercise along with IF

Laura M.

06/11/2019 9:46PM in Summer time slim and trim
My first diet bet! Looking forward to this and the motivation.

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Laura M. accepted the challenge.
06/11/2019 9:42PM in Summer time slim and trim
The pot is now $3,185

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05/20/2019 1:51PM in Summer time slim and trim
$100 giveaway!!
Comment your email for a chance to win $100😁
Picking 2 winners when we hit 200 players so TELL EVERYONE!!

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Wendy S.


Shannon M.