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Rosanna M.

about 12 hours ago in Fatgirlfedup's Fit in February Dietbet

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Gwen C.

Great way of thinking!!



Rosanna M.

about 17 hours ago in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame 47, #FattyAtHeart
  • #TIT #ThirstyThursday

    Ah TITs! I decided to give up drinking for Lent. I’m one week in and dying. What a terrible idea!

FlowingStillness , Roni M. and like this photo.


May God bless your soul. I hope your first drink on Easter is incredible!

Rosanna M.

02/24/2021 4:54PM in Fatgirlfedup's Fit in February Dietbet
  • I’ve never considered myself a runner, but my cousin convinced me to run a marathon with her...I agreed to a half. Training for it has been a struggle, especially considering I’m by no means a small person. But this evening I was able to get in 3 miles...of course there was walking as well. Now I just have to tack on 10 more miles...no big deal! On the plus side it was a beautiful evening, which we have not had for a long time.

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Talia M.


Kristina S.

Great job! You can do this!


02/24/2021 3:37PM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame 47, #FattyAtHeart
  • My newest medal arrived today .... People assume that I like to run; they are incorrect 😖

    On the plus side, I have 4 days to shed 2.5 pounds ... I think I can ... Currently trying my hand at intermittent fasting.

Danielle S. , Mn M. and like this photo.

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This Kat Is Chonky

I hate running too, but I'll be damned if I let running beat me!


Karlene: I finished in 166 days; I initially signed up for 182 ... Understanding that I counted everything; steps/running/exercise/yardwork/especially active days at work ... Everything!

Aaron C.

02/24/2021 10:40AM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame 47, #FattyAtHeart
  • I have no idea what people assume about me to be honest, I'm not one to ask, and its never been brought up lol. But here is a picture of my family this morning for Pink Shirt Day/Anti-bullying Day. Just a reminder for everyone to be kinder to each other, you never know what people are going through already, and its just a dick move to be a bully regardless.

Danielle S. , Mn M. and like this photo.

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Wendy L.

This is so awesome!!

Bridget K.

This is so amazing!! Good job. You are winning at parenting.

Rosanna M.

02/23/2021 11:04AM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame 47, #FattyAtHeart
  • #WhenYourCoworkerGetsAholdOfYourComputerTuesday

saramousy , Roni M. and like this photo.




02/19/2021 4:45PM in Fatgirlfedup's Fit in February Dietbet
  • Dinner tonight, Prosciutto Wrapped Wild Alaskan Cod on Lemon Garlic Spinach. I topped with a Lemon Aioli (mayo with lemon juice and zest; not pictured)

Serena H. , Mel and like this photo.

Holly KW

Yum :yum:. We’re smoking salmon and having spinach and mushrooms with it. Enjoy your dinner

Rosanna M.

Thanks for sharing the recipe! That looks delicious!

Rosanna M.

02/16/2021 9:17PM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame 47, #FattyAtHeart
  • Haven’t done a #TST in awhile so why the hell not?!

Roni M. , LadyTreds and like this photo.


Hullo gorgeous

Rosanna M.

02/13/2021 11:59AM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame 47, #FattyAtHeart
  • #SocialSaturday

    Yes, we are having a party during these Covid times. We are celebrating my son’s 10th birthday with family. We are rebels :)

SpoiledRabbit , Danielle S. and like this photo.

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Looks amazing


Awesome job! And im a rebel too...hence the 9 kids that spent the night at my house last night :joy: Hope you had a blast!


02/13/2021 11:36AM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame 47, #FattyAtHeart
  • #socialsaturday I miss shenanigans. Sad witch, nooooo not sandwich - well, maybe!

Danielle S. , saramousy and like this photo.

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Rosanna M.

That’s hilarious! My coworker had just said this saying the other day and I had never heard it before.

Rob F.

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