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03/12/2019 9:06AM in Slim Down for Summer—Win a Vitamix
By the skin of my teeth (a pound under goal). WHEW. Recommitting. I really need to stop drinking calories. What do you guys do to get your water in?

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I fill my 3 bottles and make sure to drink all three throughout the day. I always keep one in my office in case I forget one. Sometimes when I'm busy I hate getting up. The three bottles total to 86 oz or about 2.5L

Dana G.

Water has never been an issue for me (the one healthy habit I learned growing up). That being said, my husband struggles to get all his water. He likes the flavored water granulated packets you can buy at Walmart. You can buy them for a water bottle or pitcher sized. We buy Walmart brand, but the "real" brand is Crystal light. It would be better to drink straight water, but the flavors encourage him to drink more so he has a better shot at reaching his goal.

Jason B.

02/26/2019 1:36PM in Slim Down for Summer—Win a Vitamix
A little math for the fitness geeks out there:

[(Current Weight - Goal Weight) / (# of Days to Goal)] * [3500 cals / lb.] * [ 1 mile / 167 cals] = min. # of miles / day to reach goal {Not including proper diet regiment}


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Cole P.

Looks good on paper. So, if you keep everything else the same and run 3 miles per day you should lose a pound a week. Right?


As an engineer/math guy, I love this mentality.

However, while this is theoretically great on paper.... there are two major flaws that limit it's practicality.

1) Calories/mile can vary by several multiples for differing weight/fitness levels as well as intensity-level. While there is no definitive standard, your 167 cal/mile looks to be near the higher end of the spectrum. Hard-coding cal/mile means this won't translate from person-to-person.

2) It assumes near-perfect BMR intake calories.

* A big caveat for both #1 & #2 as well is that they will both change over the course of time as you lose weight/increase fitness level.

This may be good for trying to determine a starting mileage goal when beginning, but beyond that, probably not.
Cole P. accepted the challenge.
02/11/2019 7:28AM in Slim Down for Summer—Win a Vitamix
The pot in Round 1 is now $2,412.50

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