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Nichole J.

02/21/2019 11:34PM in Jasmine's Winter Weight loss ! - via android
Does anyone else here have problems with the combination of food and their partner?
I lost control of my diet very soon after we met, he's definitely a sugar addict and we both love salty, fatty food. My old trick was to simply not buy these things, if it's not in my house I can't eat it.
He always has snacks around and I sometimes catch myself grazing without even noticing.
I've spoken a few times to him about this, that I want to lose a few kgs and regain control but it hasn't made much difference. Last night he bought me a huge slab of my favourite cake on his way home. He means well.
Any ideas or experience with tackling this issue?
I know first thing is for me to exercise my self control.

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My hubs eats what he wants. I just fix our food separate. He got ill w it at 1st but as the months went by he got over it. I fix his and the kids food then I fix my own. Or sometimes the same time depending on what it is. If it's chili or things as such I just take my part out and then continue on with theirs. If I want to graze I try to do so on foods that are good for me. There are times I slip up or whatever but I get back on track or strive to do so. It's not gonna happen over night. But you didn't get there over night. Baby steps go a long way in time. You got this. You just have to be mindful of what you at or if you really want it. If you really do let yourself have a reasonable amount and be done. It's a life thing not just a diet. :kissing_heart: I hope that helps


I guess happens to everyone! I gain 15-20 since I met my now husband and slowly trying to get rid of them, now We usually eat the same but he does another dish also and bigger portions. Sweets, he eats regular yummy candies and I eat sugar free. It sucks at the beginning but then you get used to. Now when I try sugar, I don’t like it that much. Keep on, you can do this!

Sarah R.

02/21/2019 8:41PM in Jasmine's Winter Weight loss ! - via iPhone
I had a bit of a binge today. Not as bad as usual but still. Not exactly sure what/how much I ate so I can’t log it correctly. Disappointed with myself but ready to be back on track tomorrow. Thanks everyone for this community of support. I don’t have anywhere else to share things like this so its usually just bottled up.

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Oh my goodness my hubs brought home Girl Scout cookies yesterday :disappointed: Don’t know how long I’ll be able to resist.

Miranda H.

Don't let one bad day destroy everything. We're not perfect. You've got this today!

Nichole J.

02/20/2019 11:43PM in Jasmine's Winter Weight loss ! - via android
  • I find there are pros and cons to being a chef. I can cook delicious meals such as these vegan mushroom and spinach filled potato pockets, but if I come home from a night out and want onion rings I can very easily sabotage myself.
    Is it just me?

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Nichole J.

I'm sorry you had to stop your program.
I know exactly the eating pattern you're referring to. I've been professionally cooking for 12 years now and I think vast majority of chefs are like that. They cook all day and don't want to cook for themselves.
Thankfully that has never happened to me. I found batch cooking on my one day off helps a lot.
I hope you can peruse gastronomy again in the future if you want to. :blush:


We’ll see. It’s still my passion but with turning 50 this summer I’m realigning my priorities and really trying to put myself and health on top.

Nichole J.

02/20/2019 7:50AM in Jasmine's Winter Weight loss ! - via android
  • Nothing makes me sweat like HIIT! Using that in combination with long distance runs is how I train for 10k and half marathon.
    Though I ate like rubbish yesterday and today my legs felt like they were made of concrete. I'm sure you all know what I mean... ??
    First gym selfie ever! Haha.

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Awesome selfish! You look like you killed your workout


I LOVE a good HIIT workout - my absolute fave, great job :muscle:

Whitney T.

02/19/2019 7:48AM in Jasmine's Winter Weight loss ! - via android
Can anyone give me ideas on healthy breakfast foods that don't require eggs? I'm not a big fan of eggs, and I'm having trouble figuring out a healthy breakfast that has protein. I'm honestly not into breakfast foods in general much at all. Thanks!

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Whitney T.

Thanks for all the ideas! I never think of fruit smoothies. I should do that, and add some protein or peanut butter. I've never had rice cakes, so I'll definitely look into that!

Nichole J.

I struggled with the same when I turned vegan, and I have never liked bread.
Depending on how much time I have, for me it's either a fruit smoothie, oatmeal or just a big plate of my favourite vegetables, a mixture of cooked and raw.

Nichole J.

02/18/2019 1:45AM in Jasmine's Winter Weight loss ! - via android
Good luck every one! Much love from Germany! ❤

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Hi from Canada !:heart:


Hallo Nichole bist auf Insta?! Viel Erfolg :relaxed:

Nichole J.

02/17/2019 2:41AM in Jasmine's Winter Weight loss ! - via android
Weigh in done! Bring it on! 😊
Turns out I'm a terrible photographer.

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02/13/2019 3:43AM in Jasmine's Winter Weight loss ! - via iPhone
How many people are DietBet virgins ?! Lol I will be doing this DietBet right along with you all (my first one as a player and a host!) and Jeremy will be doing it as well

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First time doing dietbet, I am excited !!


It’s my first time too :)