Ellen J.

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07/31/2021 9:55AM in July Joggers
I’ve been sick the last few days. Been really hard to eat and I haven’t exercised. Probably helped with my weight loss but definitely don’t recommend this route !

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Ellen J.

I’m right there with you, I had two teeth extracted on Thursday and I’ve been living on cottage cheese, pudding, halo top, I just made a smoothie with apricots, watermelon and blueberries healthiest thing I’ll have eaten in the last three days!!
It’s really hard to find foods that are super super soft AND not terrible in carbs/calories, Lots of soups.
I think I’ll try a baked sweet potato tonight for dinner. I hope you feel better soon!

Shelley E.

Yuck! Being sick (and/or) having dental work definitely isn’t the route to take to losing weight! Hope y’all get to feeling better soon!


07/18/2021 9:32PM in July Joggers
Welcome to the DietBet game! I’m Michael and I’m your host. Let’s start with some introductions! I’m 30, live in Phoenix AZ and work as a firefighter/paramedic. I’m married with a 3 year old daughter and a 1 year old daughter. I love fitness and nutrition. I was a personal trainer for years and I studied nutrition in college and it’s something I’m very passionate about.

I wrote an E-Book “The Ultimate Guide to Fat Loss” and it’s available for all my dietbet players for FREE! (Usually $20). Go to www. Picktritionist. com and put in your email address to get your copy for free. This is an easy to read step by step guide to help you understand how weight loss works and how you can design your own program customized for yourself. This is the same process/outline that I use for my clients. I wrote it to help people figure it out without having to hire and pay and trainer or diet coach. I hope it helps!

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I’m Sheri momma of 4 minions lol ages 8,7,6, and 4.5! Sounds crazy but I assure u it’s not and I wouldn’t change it! Love the games something for me to stay on track! Looking forward to checking out the ebook !

Ellen J.

I’m from Frankfort, Ky. I have lost over 80 pounds in 3 years, Hit some plateaus for months at a time and was on a small plateau when George invited me to do this, so it is perfect timing! I am taking my group fitness instructor exam soon through ACE, doing it mostly for the knowledge and to keep myself on track and learn more about how important it is to get into shape and stay in shape and hopefully help others do the same!
I am super excited about your book I will be requesting that now, So thank you very much.
Ellen J. accepted the challenge.
07/17/2021 4:48PM in July Joggers
The pot is now $460

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Yay Ellen!