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07/04/2021 10:20AM in Summer Splash Transformer - Win an Inflatable Paddle Board!
I broke my ankle last weekend and had surgery. I can’t put weight on it for next six weeks. This next weigh-in is going to be interesting.

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Amber C.

Ouch that sounds sore! Weight loss is mainly from diet though so focus on eating good food and I'm sure you'll be fine. Hope you have a speedy recovery

Rebecca L.

Wishing a speedy recovery!!


06/28/2021 3:12AM in Summer Splash Transformer - Win an Inflatable Paddle Board!
I am really frustrated. I did really well this week went to the gym every day, tracked all of my food etc, rode 30 minutes on my bike every day and I added 1.4 kilos. I am really disappointed.

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Rebecca L.

I understand but keep going who knows maybe you gained muscle and that is so beneficial in the long run! It burn more calories!!

Amber C.

That's so frustrating! But echoing what everyone else says, maybe take your measurements too, sometimes all your hard work shows a gain on the scales but a loss of a few inches on the body. And keep going, you'll get there


06/21/2021 9:33AM in Summer Splash Transformer - Win an Inflatable Paddle Board!
  • Okay. My biggest obstacle when it comes to getting healthy is finding the time and, Let's be honest, the motivation to exercise. I'm a truck driver so my days are very long and I do a looooot of sitting. I've gotten the eating under control but now I have to get moving. Anyone have a routine they do that's quick(ish) and effective? Or tips and tricks on how to be able to add the activity into an otherwise sedentary lifestyle? Pic of me living my truck life. Lol

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Oliver K.

In the end, I also changed jobs to get rid of travel and driving. I found it was not good for my health. I chose now jobs when I don't have to travel. This limits my choices, but I live healthier.


My big breakthrough in working out was finding things I was genuinely excited to do, then it doesn’t feel painful to dedicate my free time to them. I found I loathe the majority of sports but really enjoy indoor rock climbing and hiking/walking through nature. So before I was always bemoaning spending my free time on workouts and now they’re the highlight of my week.

Jasmine W.

06/10/2021 4:54AM in Summer Splash Transformer - Win an Inflatable Paddle Board!
I don't think that I'm going to make the first weight in by a few pounds. Just inspires me to step up my focus.

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Amber C.

It's just the first weigh in of 6, plenty time to reach your overall target. A transformer is more of a marathon than a sprint, you've got a great mindset so I'm sure you'll catch up soon


While the mindset is great, if you are not far you can probably still make it!! Replace a few of your highest-calory daily meals with a salad topped with protein, maybe try an intermittent fast if your lifestyle allows it, and you might surprise yourself!!