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Brittany A.

05/24/2019 8:35AM in 509s DamnFine Dietbaddies - via android
Was stuck these last few days feeling super bloated and really discouraged about myself. I stopped working out so I could focus better on my water intake and eating and it worked I dropped under 205 FINALLY after the scale not moving for a week. Its crazy what drinking water can do.

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Caitlin H.

Water is the ultimate weight loss bae !!!!!!! Yassss girl !!! Get it !!!

Brittany A.

05/19/2019 1:04PM in 509s DamnFine Dietbaddies - via android
  • So this weekend I went away to big bear with my friends to celebrate my 30th birthday. We had an amazing airbnb and went hiking and down the coolest slide and then we all got massages and just relaxed. But I ate all the things and my body was deffinitly in overdrive between the elevation and eating crappy. Today its back to the grind and I am ready to shed these few birthday weekend pounds I put on.

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Caitlin H.

This whole trip looks like goals !!! Like I need details!! I need an epic dirty 30 party next year when I hit goal weight for my birthday !!!

Caitlin H.

PS. Happy Belated Birthday Baddie Babe !!!

Jill K.

05/17/2019 7:23AM in 509s DamnFine Dietbaddies - via android
I know you're not suppose to check your weight everyday but I have been and its stayed the same, which is better than going up! However I feel a little discouraged 😔

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i check twice, usually on Saturday for my official weigh in then on Wednesday for accountbility. great big difference from the old me that would never weigh and when i went to the doctor i would close my eyes and say don't tell me anything i already know its bad

Caitlin H.

I aim for once a week. I myself hate when I become obsessive over the scale. I find weekly holds me accountable and allows me not to stress it !

Caitlin H.

05/17/2019 6:48AM in 509s DamnFine Dietbaddies - via iPhone
  • Baddies !! Can you believe we are more than halfway down with only week one and are already down over 500 lbs as a tribe ?!?! This is wild and also makes my heart so flipping happy. I wanted this dietbet to be filling with support and motivation and you guys are surpassed all my hopes !! I want to hold a weekly give away for each of the 4 weeks.
    Sundays will be the drawings for each give away!!
    This weekend I wanna focus on your WHY !! Tell me below why you are doing this ?! Why did you start your weight loss journey .. why did you join this dietbet ?! Why are you not giving up ?!
    Post below from now till Sunday at 8pm and a winner will be announced shortly after, randomly.

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Nikki W.

I’ve struggled with my weight my ENTIRE life. I’m using dietbet as a way to share my struggles and accomplishments with people who are having similar experiences as me. I want to be healthy and happy—no excuses!


I needed a little extra motivation to drop down to the weight that makes me feel the best

Brittany A.

05/16/2019 8:17AM in 509s DamnFine Dietbaddies - via android
  • So my goal was to lose 30 pounds before my 30th birthday but im only down 23.6 and my birthday is tomorrow. But that is okay I am not upset at all and I am proud of how far I have come and will continue to keep moving forward. Never let a missed goal stop you.

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Caitlin H.

Yas babe !! Be proud of those 23.6 lbs gone !!! You fucking did that !!!!!!!

Brittany A.

Thank you I am so proud of myself and I feel so much better than I did a few months ago

Debra D.

05/15/2019 6:04PM in 509s DamnFine Dietbaddies - via android
I'm not sure where to start, trying to lose weight. Should I focus on cardio? Or should I also lift weights but I don't want that to increase my weight? Help please

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Caitlin H.

I personally believe it’s 80/20 as well !! My first month I only focused on food no exercise !! You got this babe !!!

Debra D.

Awesome thank you all so much


05/15/2019 7:39AM in 509s DamnFine Dietbaddies - via iPhone
I fell on my head last night with stress eating well into the time I should have started fasting. My mother in law arrives today for a week (I’m not her favorite person, but my husband is). Work was a 16 hour day, so no exercise. Prepping for a week vacation, leaving in 10 days. My head was just swirling.

Before I knew it Cassava Chip bag, GONE! I’m been working so hard to be dairy free, the sliced mozzarella I bought for her to snack on, 3 pieces that I don’t even know I tasted. Handfuls of almonds, berries and a Lara Bar.

I woke up starving, and normally fast until lunch. Instead of giving up and running to Dunkin, I made myself eggs, sausage & avocado, but it’s still not sticking to my plan.

I’m holding myself publicly accountable here. Seeing this in writing is really tough, knowing that I need to balance the stress of life without running to the kitchen.

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Sandra D.

It doesn't matter how many times you fail (we all do, like all the time), what really matters is how many times you get back up ! :heart:
Btw I ate crisps last night which was definitely not in my meal plan... So I have to so better today !
But we got this !! :muscle::muscle:

Caitlin H.

Bounce back babe !! Don’t dwell. You got this !!!

Caitlin H.

05/14/2019 6:28PM in 509s DamnFine Dietbaddies - via iPhone
  • Dietbet only requires a weigh in at the start and the end !! I am most successful with weekly weigh ins !! I like to participate in #weighinwednesday on IG and would love to have a thread here on Wednesday’s.
    I am posting a few hours early for those who may be ahead on me on time zones and what not .. feel free to participate if you’d like !! Post your weigh in Wednesday down below and feel free to share how much you’ve lost for the week and or since starting the game !!!

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Down almost 2 lbs :grin:


Down 1 lb but need to lose 8! I really need to start working out, I suppose the wine isn’t helping either :joy:

Brittany A.

05/13/2019 1:26PM in 509s DamnFine Dietbaddies - via android
  • Did a 2 mile walk this morning with my toddler. I love being outside and not always trapped in a gym or in the house for my exercises.

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Brittany A.


Caitlin H.

Love walking outside with my boys !!! Its been hella rainy here but as soon as we get some sunshine our walking sneakers will be on !!!


05/13/2019 6:12AM in 509s DamnFine Dietbaddies - via iPhone
This dietbet is a special one for me. When I started my health journey, I weighed in at 255. If I win this one, I’ll be in One-derland for the first time in YEARS and 60lbs. down (195 is my Dab goal). Wishing you all success! Let’s get it 💪

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Wow, congrats! My starting weight last year is the same as yours was. I'm not quite to the 100s but at the end of this I'll be 8lbs away. We can do it! :)

Caitlin H.

Soo many people in here ARE going to reach onderland during this game !! Sooooo exciting !!! Cant wait to experience your milestone with you !!!!
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