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Natalie B.

04/08/2019 9:26AM in Spring into Action w/ AshleyMcfitterson - via iPhone
NSV: Went to American Eagle and was actually able to try on shorts and shirts in the store, as opposed to shopping the larger sizes that are online only!

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Jamie Lynn

This is my dream! At any store!


That is so awesome!!


04/04/2019 11:51AM in Spring into Action w/ AshleyMcfitterson - via iPhone
Weigh in’s start the 11th and win or lose, I just want to tell you all that I am so proud of you!

I still haven’t met goal, but I’m increasing cardio & not giving up yet. Let’s keep grinding!

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Natalie B.

I thought the contest ended on the 9th?

Sharon R.

We should be able to weigh in on the 10th.

Natalie B.

04/01/2019 11:53AM in Spring into Action w/ AshleyMcfitterson - via iPhone
I was so sure I had gained weight this week and was mentally berating myself for my Saturday night Domino’s Pizza binge before I stepped on the scale this morning but turns out I lost almost 1.5 pounds and am only 0.1 pounds away from my goal weight for this DietBet! What a pleasant Monday surprise 😊 I hope everyone has a fantastic week! Hang in there, we’re almost to the end!

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Natalie B.

03/23/2019 11:16AM in Spring into Action w/ AshleyMcfitterson - via iPhone
This is my first DietBet so I’m still not familiar with all the rules, but how come I’m not allowed to submit an official weigh in anymore? I did two after the first weigh in and I tried to do it today but wasn’t able. Are you only allowed to do one per week?

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Jamie Lynn

Official weigh-ins are only for the start and end of the game, unless you pay the extra $5 for a membership. In that case you can do an official weigh-in weekly to be entered into the prize drawings.


Yep it’s just once a week for members for the weekly prizes! Weigh in unofficially as often as you’d like :hearts:


03/22/2019 9:32AM in Spring into Action w/ AshleyMcfitterson - via iPhone
How much weight has everyone lost so far?!? Good motivation for everyone!

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60% to goal, hoping this weekend to continue to be good and not ruin it

Natalie B.

85% of the way to my goal :muscle:

Dawn B.

03/15/2019 6:36PM in Spring into Action w/ AshleyMcfitterson - via iPhone
So, is it ok to ask where everyone is from? I’m living in a rinky-dinky town in up state NY. Funny thing, I used to hang out in this town as a teenager, moved here a few years ago and don’t know anyone around here.

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Natalie B.

I used to live in western New York (near Buffalo) but now I live in central Wisconsin.

Jeanette S.

Sacramento, California

Natalie B.

03/14/2019 3:24PM in Spring into Action w/ AshleyMcfitterson - via iPhone
Got some new shorts in a size down today! They’re still a little snug, hopefully they’ll fit better by the end of this challenge 💪

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Mary Kate L.



Non-scale victories are the best!!

rebekah n.

03/14/2019 3:14AM in Spring into Action w/ AshleyMcfitterson
Hello everyone! My name is Rebekah and this is my 3rd dietbet. The first two I lost ☹️😩 I always just end up giving up! I dont need to lose a ton of weight since I am almost at my goal after having lost 40lbs a year ago.

My main problem now is eating too much. 😋 especially at night after work when I feel I “deserve” it after a hard day at work. Any suggestions for how to deal with this??

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I eat when I'm tired. So now when feel like eating something at night, I just go to bed. :D

rebekah n.

Thank you so much everyone for all the advice! I’m really overwhelmed by all the helpful tips. I think I’m gonna try the not eating after 8pm and see if that works. If not, I’ll move on to another piece of advice and see if that works for me. Really thanks to everyone for taking the time to respond! It really helps!
Natalie B. accepted the challenge.
03/04/2019 7:29PM in Spring into Action w/ AshleyMcfitterson
The pot is now $350

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