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Favorite Health Food: Roasted asparagus

Favorite Sinful Food: Chili dogs

My Weight Loss Program: Weight Watchers

My Diet Plan: I don't follow a plan

Fitness/Exercise Apps: I don't use any apps

Fitness Devices: FitBit

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03/18/2019 6:19AM in Biz's DietBet
Good morning! I am so excited for this challenge. I know I am the only one standing in my way of success. I seem to have success, then somehow self-sabotage. I hope to break that cycle these next four weeks. Maybe we could introduce ourselves if you like?

I am Biz, hostest with the mostest (ha!) and live in Chicagoland. I lost 70 pounds on WW in 1999 and kept that off for years until my husband got sick, and his needs came first. This December he will have been gone five years. FIVE YEARS! I can hardly believe it. It's taken a long time to get over the life I thought I was going to have with him. No retiring to a lake house where he could fish all day and I could cook all day.

So TODAY is the day. Not SOMEDAY that I get my sh!t together.


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I’m Trina from Chicago. Been on and off ww for years but in 2017 when I lost my post baby weight it was the only time I really made goal. Then in early 2018 I got diagnosed with breast cancer. Caught it early and got treated and I’m well now, but I’m on this effing medicine that blocks estrogen and puts me into fake menopausal stuff (I’m 41). So I’ve gained back about 12 or so of the 40 post baby pounds and I’m ready to nip it in the bud. Biz, I love following you on insta and feel like you’re a friend. Which is creepy cuz you don’t even know me. But if I ever see you at Macy’s on state during lunch hour I will go into full on fan girl mode- Lol! Anyway, when I saw this challenge knew I’d have fun if I gave it a shot. So here I am!

danielle j.

Hi! I’m Danielle from Maine. I have 2 kiddos; 3 yo boy and 1 yo girl. Life is hectic! I always try to meal prep for the week on Sunday. I’m really good at prepping for 4-5 days but always fail hard on the weekends. Hoping this is a kick start to stay on track 7 days a week!!!


03/14/2019 5:31PM in Biz's DietBet - via android
4% doesn't seem like much but when I did the math, I panicked! But we can do it!!!

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Shannon R.

I did the same lol

Sheree B.

Sure does make you think! And not put that “donut” in your mouth for breakfast that is on the counter the day after your sons birthday :flushed: Instead made breakfast :egg: :raised_hands:

Alicia H.

03/06/2019 7:37AM in Biz's DietBet - via android
This is my first dietbet! Super excited!

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It’s my 3th diet-bet! I’m now playing 3 game’s at once! :sweat_smile: