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03/20/2019 9:13PM in Biz's DietBet
Hi guys! Sorry I was MIA today - I had no battery on my laptop on the way to work, my wifi wasn't working at work, so crazy!

How did everyone do on Day 3? Tonight was a challenge because I have a Cooking Club that I belong to. No one is on WW but me, so the food sometimes is never very healthy - but guess what? Our theme this time was spring food! Which meant nearly everything was light.

Ricotta dumplings in a light broth with asparagus; spring rolls, ahi tuna, vegan carrot and ginger soup with charred corn and jalapeno, wedge salads with a light homemade blue cheese dressing - the only thing that wasn't that healthy was the chocolate cake with vanilla bean ice cream.

But I always remember that Giada from Food Network? You know the tiniest chef on the planet, once said when asked how she said so thin around all the food, she said "I eat a little bit of everytign and not a lot of anything. EVERYTHING in moderation. And that's how I handled the night!

I had a small pour of wine (not the usual three glasses!); I tasted a little bit of everything, including the chocolate cake and dessert and I came home satisfied and not overly stuffed like I normally do.

How was your day?! Promise I'll be on here more tomorrow - hugs and good night :D

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Laura F.

Everything looked so good!! Way to go not over indulging :muscle:


My day was awesome! I didn’t have delicious looking Cooking Club food, but I earned rollovers!!


03/19/2019 7:29PM in Biz's DietBet - via android
Day 2 in the books. Stressful day at work but didn't eat like an asshole AND worked out!

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So proud of you Tonya!!


03/19/2019 6:37PM in Biz's DietBet
Hey guys! Sorry I was MIA all day - it was my birthday today! 51 years young. :D

My twin sister and I hit the ground today by starting our day at the gym! We did the treadmill, stairs, free weights then swam and hot tubbed. We went to lunch, where we split two entries (salad and grilled chicken) all while walking around on foot instead of driving.

I ended my night with my daughter, her husband and his family for dinner at a steak house, where I had 4 ounces of beef, shrimp and well, because it was my birthday, two beers. :D

But this was HUGE for me, and I have this Diet Bet to thank. I normally have the mentality that calories don't count on my birthday and start my day with Dunkin Donuts (hello apple fritter!), then would have a giant burger with fries for lunch and probaby Lou Malnati's Deep dish pizza for dinner.

I am so proud of myself - and I have all of you guys in this bet for keeping me on track today - thank you!! How was Day 2 for you guys?!

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Andrea H.

That’s awesome !!! Happy Birthday!!

Mindy L.

You guys know how to celebrate :beers::tada:.. today’s a new beginning ..on with the show !

Dana J.

03/16/2019 6:35AM in Biz's DietBet - via iPhone
This is my first diet bet. Will we get a notification by email or on the app for instructions. If I’m understanding it right we will post our first weigh in after midnight tonight?

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I just submitted my weight. It was easy!


Dana, you should get an email - you need to click on the link they provide, it will have a word that you need to write on a piece of paper which is unique to you - you weigh with the piece of paper when you take a picture of the scale, and then take a full body shot of you standing on the scale. :D Let me know if you need any help!


03/16/2019 5:59AM in Biz's DietBet - via iPhone
I didn’t realize I had to weigh in two days before. I’m out of town until Sunday. Can I weigh in tomorrow afternoon? Sorry, newbie

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kelly s.

Initial weigh-ins establish a player’s official starting weight. The initial weigh-in must be submitted starting from 48 hours before a dietbet begins up until 14 days into the game. Players joining late do not get extra time to submit their initial weigh-in nor extra time at the end to meet their goal. If a player fails to submit their initial weigh-in, they will be disqualified with no refund. Note: weights are never revealed without a player’s explicit permission, except privately and confidentially to the DietBet Referees.


Hope that helped!


03/14/2019 5:31PM in Biz's DietBet - via android
4% doesn't seem like much but when I did the math, I panicked! But we can do it!!!

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Shannon R.

I did the same lol

Sheree B.

Sure does make you think! And not put that “donut” in your mouth for breakfast that is on the counter the day after your sons birthday :flushed: Instead made breakfast :egg: :raised_hands: