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Favorite Health Food: Greek yogurt

Favorite Sinful Food: Cake

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Treadmill

My Approach to Weight Loss: Weight watchers

My Weight Loss Program: Weight Watchers

My Diet Plan: I don't follow a plan

Fitness/Exercise Apps: MyFitnessPal

Fitness Devices: I don't use a device

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05/09/2019 5:37PM in Biz's DietBet - via android
Stressful day. Tell me not to compensate by pigging out! Grilled chicken here I come.

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Lindsay G

Stay strong!


05/09/2019 3:40PM in Biz's DietBet
Happy almost weekend! As I am gearing up for Mother's Day weekend, I am trying to not let FOOD be the focus, but time spent with my Mom and daughter.

I hate going out on holidays like that because it feels like I am rushed because they want to flip tables.

So I think I am going to suggest that I bring lunch over to my Mom's house - thinking maybe a healthy quiche and fruit.

What are your ways to stay on track during holidays? My WW leader always has great advice - she said if you splurge, make it an episode and not a mini-series - love that!

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Great idea!!!

Sheree B.

I am going to concentrate on portions and more veggies! We will probably have some sort of steak & potato on the grill! I have really been realizing the portions are the “BIG DEAL”


05/07/2019 3:06AM in Biz's DietBet - via android
Good start of the week so far. Dinner with friends tonight. Must stay on track!

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05/06/2019 2:55AM in Biz's DietBet - via android
Day 1. Let's do this.

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04/15/2019 6:27AM in Biz's DietBet
Good morning, and happy Monday!!!! I hope everyone had a great weekend, and more importantly, a great experience on this Diet Bet.

By now, you should have gotten a separate email with a different word to weigh in with, much like when you first submitted your weigh in.

You have until 11:59 p.m. tomorrow, April 16 to submit your final weigh in.

Can you let me know in the comments what you thought of this? Would you do it again? I may be hosting again in May - let me know.

Have a great day everyone - hugs and love - Biz

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I ended up meeting my goal and it's all because of you Biz!! I would absolutely do this again when you host it and I just want you to know that you are an absolute inspiration!!


Yes! Would do it again!

Allison R.

04/08/2019 5:38PM in Biz's DietBet - via iPhone
I got on the scale this morning and was almost back to the weigh I started at. I don’t think I’ve been doing THAT badly, but I have been gaining and losing the same 10lbs for like 6 months. :( not gonna win this one I don’t think.

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Hang in there:kissing_heart:


Right there with you...:(


04/07/2019 5:55PM in Biz's DietBet
Happy Sunday night! Most people dread Sunday night, but I love it. I take a couple hours of my Sunday and prep for the week with my food, figure out my clothes, etc.
I once worked at a job that was 15 minutes from my house, and I used to wake up 10 minutes before I had to leave to make it to work on time.
Now I enjoy waking up 30 minutes before I have to, to ease into the day - I never thought I'd become a morning person!
I went to brunch with my stepson and his wife who were in town. It was at a place that had cheezy egg skillets, Belgian waffles, stacks of pancakes - and I ordered two scrambled eggs, a fruit cup, ate half a piece of toast and only had one piece of bacon.
I was so proud of myself! And since that was brunch, I had a little more points for dinner and made beef and cheese taquitos in the air fryer, with some cilantro lime rice and fat free refried beans.
How was your weekend? What's on your meal plan this week?

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Susie M.

I have a meal plan for tomorrow morning and lunch. Does that count? :grin: I just got everything together so I can grab it and leave in the morning: Dannon Light and Fit yogurt, an orange, a banana, laughing cow cheese wedge, poppables, tuna with diced dill pickle and light MWhip, OLE wheat tortilla, grape tomatoes and my gallon jug for my water.

Annie A.

I had my sons 4th bday party and I was so busy running around I didn't get a chance to sit and pick at the chips and dip. Sat down and made a huge salad.. everyone else had pizza, rice krispie treat, candy, and cupcakes.


03/31/2019 8:10AM in Biz's DietBet
Good morning!! Happy Sunday - and can you believe only 14 days - two weeks - until our final weigh in!

I tried to drink a gallon of water yesterday - I got about 90 ounces, which is better than I normally would do during the week and especially on the weekends. I guess it's easier at my desk to have my water bottle in sight?

I have the house to myself this morning, listening to music, sipping hot coffee and making my meal plan for the week. I have two dinners out this week, so I have to be mindful of that to make it all work.

Are you meal planners? Or do you just buy stuff and wonder what you are going to make? I spent $11.70 on meat on Saturday, and finished up my shopping at Meijer for $41 - I normally spend around $40 a week, but I stocked up on water and coffee because we were almost out of everything.

The woman in front of me? She spent $240 on groceries! Mind you, I have no idea how many people are in her family, but I would faint if I spent that much on groceries.

So for me - I spend between $160 and $200 a month just for me. What do you normally spend on groceries - totally curious!!

"If you fail to plan, plan to fail." Hugs! Biz

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Katrina M.

Family of 4 (2 adults/2 kids)and 100-150 per week. We rarely eat out so all 3 meals are factored in to that budget plus about 300 @costco a month with is food and other stuff

Andrea H.

We live on an island (Newfoundland,Canada) and it’s very expensive for healthy foods . It’s just my husband and myself and it’s definitely 200$ a week :see_no_evil:


03/28/2019 12:31PM in Biz's DietBet - via android
  • This is my skinny pizza dough calzone. Thanks, Biz for the recipe. 4 oz of dough around pizza sauce, light mozzarella cheese, Turkey Pepperoni, peppers and mushrooms. So good and filling! #nsv

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Looks good


Yummy, don’t know why I haven’t done this yet!


03/27/2019 5:50AM in Biz's DietBet
Good morning! Happy Wednesday! Can you believe there are only 18 days left in this bet? Time is flying by - we are almost to April, and I think we are 86 days until the first day of summer. It will be in the 50s today, and I cannot wait.

Today is my son-in-laws birthday - the SIXTH and last March birthday celebration in our family. Which is one reason I wanted to do this Diet Bet - to remind me that I can't eat like an asshole the whole month.

We are going out to dinner tonight - but I've already scoped out the menu and plan on a low point dinner - their signature tomato basil soup for an appetizer, and the ahi tuna salad.

What is your strategy for going out? Do you always plan ahead?

Have a great day guys!!

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I have to pre-track or at least have an idea of what my meal will be! If I know we’re going out, I have to plan my day accordingly!

Connie B

I try to plan ahead. It doesn’t always work but at least I’m eating mindfully!
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