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Dana J.

03/18/2019 8:48AM in Biz's DietBet - via iPhone
  • Hi my name is Dana and I am a 55 year old mother of 3, and GiGi to a 2 1/2 year old grandson. I have been an off and on ww member for three years. I am now 8 pounds away from my goal and have been seeing a much slower loss now that I’m that close. For me I am trying to be healthy and live a long life, so while weight plays a part it’s more about wellness and bring around to see my grandson grow up. I’m an RN and see so many unhealthy people with issues that are under our control to change or prevent. I have been following Biz for several months now and she has motivated me in so many ways, while making me laugh on the daily. I use so many of her recipes, the pizza dough obviously! I use her very berry sauce for my plain yogurt and just ordered safe and fair granola to add to it. I’m hoping this diet bet (my first) will get me closer to my goal. Good luck to you all and look forward to getting to know you all. This is a pic of my daughter and myself last week on her college spring break. We went on a girls trip visiting some wineries and breweries and I tried unsuccessfully to not eat like an asshole (my favorite bizzyism😉). But I stayed the same weight no gain or loss and I’m ok with that!

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Love this picture! And I tell myself not to eat like an asshole at least 20 times a day. :D

Jeannette G.

03/18/2019 8:21AM in Biz's DietBet - via iPhone
  • Starting my morning with a chia pudding for breakfast. Have a great day everyone.

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Dana J.

Hi Jeannette! I’m planning on trying this chia pudding this week. It looks delicious!

Jeannette G.

Hello Dana, the pudding was very good.

Dana J.

03/16/2019 6:35AM in Biz's DietBet - via iPhone
This is my first diet bet. Will we get a notification by email or on the app for instructions. If I’m understanding it right we will post our first weigh in after midnight tonight?

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I just submitted my weight. It was easy!


Dana, you should get an email - you need to click on the link they provide, it will have a word that you need to write on a piece of paper which is unique to you - you weigh with the piece of paper when you take a picture of the scale, and then take a full body shot of you standing on the scale. :D Let me know if you need any help!

Dana J.

03/13/2019 5:09PM in Biz's DietBet
I’m so excited to start this DietBet! This will be my first one.

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Dana J. accepted the challenge.
03/13/2019 5:06PM in Biz's DietBet
The pot is now $3,360

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