Kolina K.

To be healthy and have more energy

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Favorite Health Food: Salads and overnight oats

Favorite Sinful Food: All things sweet and chips

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Hiking :)

My Approach to Weight Loss: One day at a time

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: Intermittent fasting

Fitness/Exercise Apps: I don't use any apps

Fitness Devices: I don't use a device

DietBet Winnings: $40.60

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-2.3% Since last weigh-in-5.6 lbs
-2.3% 1-Month Change-5.6 lbs
-11.3% Lifetime Change-31 lbs

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Ashton G.

01/27/2021 2:16PM in Kicking off 2021 w/ Franny
I bought a size medium leggings as “goal pants” a couple of years ago. (They were only $10 otherwise I wouldn’t have bought them for that purpose.) they never fit, but I tried them on this morning and I could finally get them up around my hips! Probably another 5-10 pounds before I can wear them comfortably, but I am so so so happy! Not sure what I weigh currently, but I was only 0.3 lbs away from winning last week when I had access to a scale. Home stretch!!!

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Kolina K.

Congrats ms!! Those non-scale victories are the best!!


Whoop! Whoop! Well done x


01/27/2021 12:54PM in Kicking off 2021 w/ Franny
I am .5 under the weight needed! I made it now to keep it off and lose more before weigh ins! I have done this three times and lost every time! Not anymore 2021 will be different!

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Kolina K.

You got this! Congrats on making your goal!


01/26/2021 5:41PM in Kicking off 2021 w/ Franny
  • Got my walk in today with my little guy. It’s been raining lately in So Cal and yesterday even snowed a tiny bit which is unheard of by me lol Little DB update this go around has been super hard for me to loose weight especially with breastfeeding. I’m down 4 lbs and still have 4 to go to make my wt. I dunno if I’ll make it for this weight in but I’m planning on giving it my all. Either way I’ve lost weight so that’s something to celebrate <3

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Sarah W.

Such a cutie. Also way to go mama! You're doing great.


Thanks Sarah!

Ashley S.

01/26/2021 11:16AM in Kicking off 2021 w/ Franny
  • All the desserts that I have to be taunted by for my shift at work. Staying strong!

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Omg I would die you are a champion

becky p.

Goodness.... you are the MVP of this diet bet for sure. Stay strong!


01/26/2021 12:16AM in Kicking off 2021 w/ Franny
  • Transformation Tuesday photo on left approx 3 years ago photo on right New Year’s Eve 2020

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Kolina K.

Killing it!!


Thank you

Kolina K.

01/23/2021 7:05PM in Kicking off 2021 w/ Franny
  • Dinner tonight is brown rice quinoa mix with baked chicken breast and green beans sautéed with bacon, mushrooms and onions....not going to lie I just wanted to heat up a frozen pizza but proud I made myself a healthier dinner instead

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Sarah W.

That looks so good! :yum:


Looks good !


01/23/2021 10:57AM in Kicking off 2021 w/ Franny
Ahhh I have 3.9lbs to go how am I going to pull this off??! I think I have to do keto, gosh I hate keto but it’s the only way I know how to drop 5lbs in 1 week 😩

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Sarah P.

If you do keto for the last week its only 7 days, just take it a day at a time

Kolina K.

You got this!

Molly W.

01/21/2021 4:29PM in Kicking off 2021 w/ Franny
Eating salad while my husband sits next to me eating pizza. Who the heck is this self controlled chick?! Never imagined I could practice self control around pizza... let’s keep being awesome everyone!!!

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Allison P.

Congrats ...tell me how I can learn to do that lol

Keala J.

Keep it up! I’ll be going to my cousins house tonight to watch the fights and they are ordering pizza, I’ve decided to bring my own food so that I’m not tempted!

Sarah W.

01/21/2021 11:44AM in Kicking off 2021 w/ Franny
  • This is the smile of a girl who has hit 2 major milestones this week. I said goodbye to my seat belt extender & 50lbs are GONE FOREVER!!! 👏🙌💪 Also working hard to get a 3rd milestone any day now. I'm one pound away from saying goodbye to the 300's

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Kolina K.

Congratulations on your amazing accomplishments!!!

Candina H.


becky p.

01/20/2021 7:35PM in Kicking off 2021 w/ Franny
I’ve been MIA because I was on vacation from the 7th-17th.
I didn’t have access to a scale, but weighed in yesterday I think and I still lost!
I enjoyed myself and there was some walking, but it was a road trip- so not a ton.
But as far as food goes, I tried really hard to balance indulgences with healthy. I made my friend go to the grocery store quite a bit, but I think it paid off because I was down from my initial weigh in.

When I got back I went right back to what I was doing since the beginning of the year. Yesterday I walked 3 miles and did a short body workout and meditation. Today I did a 7 mile hike (easy and flat).
But the real reason I felt like posting is because
1- I’m always so inspired when I come on here and see everyone pushing to hit their goal and be healthy!
2- I am experiencing a very non-scale victory right now. I felt super hungry so I went to the kitchen and made a salad and also heated up some soup. I ate the salad first, took a few bits of soup and decided that I was full. I’m officially putting the soup back in the fridge. That is huge for me.

Anyway, hope everyone is having a good Wednesday!

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Kolina K.

Congrats, to me that is an accomplishment to return from a vacation and not having gained any weight, I’d be stoked!!

Molly W.

This is so awesome! Way to go!
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