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Ilana Muhlstein

06/18/2019 5:41AM in Summer Strong Slim Down with Ilana Muhlstein
  • YOU GOT THIS!!!!

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I really need to do this today

bree m.

Today I will write down everything I eat!
SoPrieto has weighed in at 148.1 pounds, down 1.2 pounds
08/16/2019 6:05PM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame29 #PeculiarFatties

now at 20% of their goal

Total weight lost is now 928 pounds! Average is 2.7 pounds.


08/01/2019 7:59PM in reSOLUTIONs Reset — Win $5,000 in Prizes!
So it turns out that starting a new job and being incredibly stressed will make me lose weight. Probably because I’m running around like crazy and don’t have time to eat! I just wish I could lose this belly and I know the cortisol from all the stress isn’t helping. Anyone else feeling particularly stressed? Any recommendations on how to relax?

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I usually like warm things to de-stress - a warm bath, a cup of tea, my fluffy blanket (yes, even in the summer heat!). However, i’ve discovered that scented face masks cold from the fridge are pretty lovely as well. I have some that smell like strawberries, coffee & chocolate. Feels like my face is having dessert for 20 minutes while I relax. LOL


Yoga! I just started and am addicted


07/27/2019 4:17PM in reSOLUTIONs Reset — Win $5,000 in Prizes!

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SoPrieto accepted the challenge.
07/23/2019 4:56PM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame29 #PeculiarFatties
The pot is now $420

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Welcome to the ShameGame So!!!


07/15/2019 8:35PM in Summer Strong Slim Down with Ilana Muhlstein
I made my weight! So excited. Gotta keep it going though. Looking forward to joining Ilana’s next DietBet. Who’s with me?!

Barbie , Rachel M. and like this comment.

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Mary Sue

Great work!

Sarah b

Well done! I think another 4% in 4 weeks is too big a goal for me now, so I’ll just be sticking with the transformer I’m in, for 2% this month. This was a great group though, I’d deffo sign up for another with Ilana


07/14/2019 2:05PM in Summer Strong Slim Down with Ilana Muhlstein
Girl’s night last night and family visiting today. My will power is really being tested! It is so hard to stick to a diet when everyone else is eating and drinking whatever they want! It’s even harder when they say I look great and shouldn’t be dieting and keep pushing good on me. I am still 15 pounds away from my goal weight! I’m trying to stay strong but it is so hard.

Julia S. , Simone S. and like this comment.


As long as I plan ahead what I'm going have, I can avoid temptation (or choose something that I can enjoy but manage without going crazy). If I haven't planned ahead, then I order first and try not be awed by what everyone else orders. It's nice when people notice you look healthy, but you know what's right for you. When I'm with some of my more "pushy" friends/fam I don't even tell them I'm trying to lose weight so we don't get into that discussion. I just order appropriately for what I want to eat and say "no, thank you" for the rest of It. They'll get over it.

Karen D.

07/12/2019 8:19AM in Summer Strong Slim Down with Ilana Muhlstein
  • Very excited! So close and at the beach!!! ???? When I return home I’m doing a Shakeology 3Day Refresh to finish this off!!

    Let’s go ladies and gents, we can do this!!!!!!

    I know this ends on Sunday. Is the final weigh in on Tuesday the 16th?

Oralia F. , Michelle B. and like this photo.


Final weigh in on Monday or Tuesday

Karen D.

I believe it ends tomorrow and we have till Tuesday to submit our final weigh in.


07/09/2019 7:25AM in Summer Strong Slim Down with Ilana Muhlstein
Trying to avoid the scale until weigh in. I’m so close and I feel like if I meet my goal early I may go off my diet. I have very little willpower as it is haha. How do y’all fight cravings? I am having carb cravings so bad this week.

Juliana da Mata , Caroline H. and like this comment.

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Coffee, tea or water helps with cravings. Low calorie snacks like fruit, veggies and small proteins help.


I'm fine when I keep my intake at around 50 grams of carbs a day, sticking to mostly vegetables. Once I start adding breads--there's no turning back. So, I avoid cravings by staying low carb. Last week, I pretty much ate half a "party size" bag of tortilla chips and 4 snickers ice cream bars... I snapped out of it with the shock on the scale and the upcoming end of the kickstarter. Try water. It might be what you need. Ultimately--track what you eat and Keep weighing. You're body can handle a few treats as long as they don't become a regular meal. Good luck!


07/08/2019 4:26AM in reSOLUTIONs Reset — Win $5,000 in Prizes!

Ashley , MacDaddyAndy and like this photo.


And sometimes longer.. but it’s OK !!! Keep moving forward!!!
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