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Gretel S.

about 17 hours ago in Franny’s November Game
NSV: A shirt that I've liked and I would wear when I wanted to look/feel sexy. I thought it accentuated my curves in the right ways. I put it on today for the first time in about 1.5 months and it looks loose and sloppy. I don't feel so sexy in it anymore, but I'm feeling thin! Hope your day is surprisingly good too!

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11/18/2020 4:36AM in Franny’s November Game
  • I made my goal this morning! That makes 71.8 lbs down since April 24th and 101 lbs from my highest known weight!🙌

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Huge congrats on your hard work!!!!

Candina H.

Killing it!

Gretel S.

11/16/2020 5:21PM in Franny’s November Game
I did challenge #3 today. Intervals of running/walking. I hate having to watch the time, so I decided I'd listen to reggaton and I run during every chorus of every song and walk during the verses. Good music makes me so happy, it doesn't feel like a chore! Haven't found a way to make burpees fun yet!😜

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Savanna P.

11/07/2020 7:00AM in Franny’s November Game
Y’all!!! I am so excited!!!! I weighted this morning and I am out of the 250s!!! AAAHH!! I have been stuck in them for so long!! Love DietBet!!!

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Yes girl! :clap:

Rebecca C.

And here I am trying to achieve the 250's!
great job!!! Hopefully I'm right behind you

Gretel S.

11/06/2020 4:41AM in Franny’s November Game
Sing it with me: "Oh we're halfway there! Woah-oh, living on a prayer! Take my hand, we'll make it swear!"

I'm at 50% and I'm feeling stronger than I have in weeks! Has anybody else done barre blend? My muscles ache in new ways every workout! So good!

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Mila E

11/05/2020 6:44PM in Franny’s November Game
  • I can eat pineapple 🍍 everyday. It’s so delicious. Here’s my late night snack. Staying on track.

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Gretel S.

Me too! It's so good!

Gretel S.

10/11/2020 12:21PM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame 43 #AllHallowsEat
  • My lock screen has some of my favorite lyrics:

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This Kat Is Chonky

My favorite band

Gretel S.

09/29/2020 4:36AM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame 42 #GardenOfEatin’
Enjoy my money, friends! This is the first dietbet I've lost since November. I got super reckless and intend to continue for a few more days. Congrats to all who made their goal! See you next month!

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See you for the Next Challenge.

I'm at the bottom end of my weight loss so meeting the challenges is getting a lot tougher. I previously used to use my weight out for my next weigh in when losing the weight was easier. Now that it is becoming more difficult it is taking every day and ever workout to meet the challenges, I weighed in today for #43 and will Fast today to reach a lower number to beat this challenge.

Gretel S.

09/24/2020 3:39PM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame 42 #GardenOfEatin’
My 1st job was serving at the local diner in my hometown (pop. 553). We had an amazing Friday AYCE fish fry and we would serve around 450 people every week.

I remember my first tip. My 1st grade teacher had met friends for coffee and dry toast. After she paid her bill, she placed a dime in my hand, smiled, and said "This is for you."

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Steven B.

09/24/2020 9:01AM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame 42 #GardenOfEatin’
  • #TellUsThursday

    My first job was also Long John Silvers! I was 15 (in 1985) and no way could I last 3 years! The smell of fish when you went home was no joke! I lasted two maybe three weeks at the most!

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Kirk W.

I love LJS!! I have to take a shower after I eat there, I can’t even imagine working there.


Hahahaha! Wimp!
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