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Julie A.

10/27/2020 7:57PM in Crushing Fall w/Franny + lots of challenges
  • Hallelujah! Made it! Cut my weigh in close but I needed those extra hours haha

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Julie A.

10/27/2020 9:03AM in Crushing Fall w/Franny + lots of challenges
Trying to weigh out and I’m .2 lbs above goal 😭 if I drink a bunch of water and go for a walk will that help or hinder? I usually gain weight after the gym so I don’t know what to do but there is no way I’m losing by .2 lbs hahah.

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A sweaty workout and you are golden!

fallon d.

Did it work?? U got this


10/26/2020 10:18AM in Crushing Fall w/Franny + lots of challenges
  • Challenge winners for workouts 7&8 Figgy & Lynn!! Congrats ladies. Please send me a DM on IG

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Woo hoo! I am super excited thank you! Congrats to all the winners!

Julie A.


Julie A.

10/24/2020 3:22PM in Crushing Fall w/Franny + lots of challenges
  • 60 mins cardio today followed by leg day! Challenge 7 complete!

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10/23/2020 6:37PM in Crushing Fall w/Franny + lots of challenges
  • Challenge 7 & 8

    Tomorrow or today depending on when you read this 60 min of cardio. You choose. Walking, running, incline, bike, stairs if you’re feeling dangerous lol if you can’t do 60 min straight pick something you can do! Make sure you’re pushing yourself. Also I want you to track all food.. post a screen shot of your tracker or physically write down all of your food. Either way is fine!

    Sunday is a 20 mins EMOM
    EMOM stands for EVERY MINUTE ON THE MINUTE so on minute 1 you’re doing 3 burpees, minute 2 you’re doing 10 air squats, minute 3 back to burpees, minute 4 back to air squats... back and forth for 20 min straight. Rest when needed. If you can’t do 20 min modify to what you can ETC.

    On Monday 10/26 I’ll be picking two winners for two $100.00 amazon gift cards! This will be pinned to to top of our game please post proof of your workouts & tracking here in this thread.

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Brandy E.

  • Got it all done


Challenge closed


10/19/2020 11:59AM in Crushing Fall w/Franny + lots of challenges
  • Happy Monday all!

    I was up bright & early today. Ran 4 miles at the gym and did some weights. Eggs & turkey sausage for breakfast and managed to bring my lunch also! Super successful Monday so far and I’m planning on getting some extra steps in tonight.

    Just picked the winners for challenge 5 & 6 Chandler & Jadrea please send me a DM on IG with your email so I can send your $75 Nike gift cards! Congrats ladies and soooooo proud of all of you who participated!

    Let’s start this final week strong and end it even stronger!

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Brandy E.

Congrats ladies!!!


Omg!! I won!! I didn’t even see this!!!


10/18/2020 6:00PM in Crushing Fall w/Franny + lots of challenges
Hi all!!! Weekend full of hard workouts for me & home cooked meals which tbh is almost a bigger win lol. Happy to say I did both challenges + some. So proud of you all who got them done whether you were able to do the entire thing or not... ohhh hey you who hasn’t done it yet.. there’s still time!

Let’s start this final week strong. Get your grocery shopping done & meals prepped. Make sure you’ve got your workouts planned out. If you’re someone who’s making excuses you better get it together and I say that in the most loving way possible. I want my team to win 🎉

Picking gift card winners tomorrow morning. Good luck everyone.

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Julie A.

Heading back to the gym for a second time today to get the last challenge in! Really looking forward to a rest day tomorrow, the first challenge wiped me out!


  • Got in a nice strong workout this Monday morning!! I have already meal prepped for the week and even though I’m starting to go back into work I’ll continue my walks on my lunch and a mini workout when I get home woohoo nothing can stop me

catherine M.

10/18/2020 7:42AM in Crushing Fall w/Franny + lots of challenges
  • Well it happened. “ONEDERLAND”!
    I started my journey 4 years ago at over 300lbs and to see that 1 this morning was pure joy. There are so many people who have encouraged and inspired me but these last 2 dietbets with Franny and all of you have really pushed me to hit this goal so thank you.

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Debbie K.

Yay congrats great job

Tara S.

You look amazing

Julie A.

10/16/2020 8:57AM in Crushing Fall w/Franny + lots of challenges
  • This dietbet is flying by! I can’t believe we only have ten days until weigh in. I’ve been fairly quite this game but still killing my October goals. Eating well ( even on thanksgiving), getting my water in, getting min. 12000 steps per day, killing my workouts and getting in a casual nightly walk. Only missed closing my rings one day. I am sitting at 3 lbs away from goal 😬

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10/15/2020 5:26PM in Crushing Fall w/Franny + lots of challenges
  • Hello fellow DietBetters! I’ve been MIA because I got married 10/10/2020❤
    I have to share something with you all! So, I have excess skin on my lower belly that I plan to eventually remove, but for now I do what I can to hide it. My dress was made with a corset, so it could be tightened to hold me in where I need it most. Well, I tried my dress on about 2 weeks before the wedding and I still had room for tightening, so I was good. However, the day of the wedding I found I had lost too much weight... yes, I said TOO MUCH, but only because I couldn’t tighten anymore where my lower belly needs it most. Needless to say, I counted it as a win and felt amazing in my dress anyway! Now, I need the motivation to get back on track! I posted a couple of pictures in the comments as well.

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Gretchen H.

You are so stunning...What "tummy"? I adore your dress & your hair!

Julia L.

How wonderful! Congratulations
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