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08/31/2019 7:28AM in King Fatty Cakes’ ShameGame30 #FattieLeague
  • Hi there! My first time with this group. You seem like a super fun bunch of people!! Just for fun... What sucks most about being your current weight? And what are you looking forward to as you get closer to your goal?

Jen , Naomi O. and like this photo.

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What stinks is nothing, really, because I’m 40lbs down this time (80lbs from highest). I’m 10ish from my realistic goal, but probably 25 from my dream. I’d like to have a visible belly button, or hipbones.

Naomi O.

Being this heavy limits my mobility and stamina and wearing cloths that "fit" feel too tight and look gross, I would love to feel semi comfortable in a t shirt and jeans! Good luck to all my fellow fatties!!

Heather C.

08/31/2019 6:33AM in King Fatty Cakes’ ShameGame30 #FattieLeague
  • Center is the best! Y’all edgers are gluttons for punishment.

Mn M. , davisgirl and like this photo.

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Britt W.

Center always


Middle only, please. Or, I can cut off the edge.


08/31/2019 5:07AM in King Fatty Cakes’ ShameGame30 #FattieLeague

Julie S. , Naomi O. and like this photo.

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Stef P.

I threw popcorn out and spit on it so I would stop eating it :joy::joy: felt like Miranda on sex and the city when she eats cake our of the garbage

Mn M.

I do this all the time :joy:

Yvette N.

08/30/2019 6:31PM in King Fatty Cakes’ ShameGame30 #FattieLeague
  • You know what I have to do tonight?

    At all, at all.

    Except hold this couch down with my butt! After I pour some wine.

    What are y’all up to?

Leo , Stef P. and like this photo.

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Mn M.

Cheers! Your cakes sound hilarious


Was supposed to get to do nothing, too. It lasted ten minutes. #momlife

Teresa P.

08/30/2019 4:50PM in King Fatty Cakes’ ShameGame30 #FattieLeague
  • He’s cute but he’s an asshole.

Deborah B. , Heather B. and like this photo.

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Teresa P.

I do love him. The snuggles and breath bonding make up for the ambushes.


Samesies, my cat is a dickhead


08/30/2019 12:31PM in King Fatty Cakes’ ShameGame30 #FattieLeague
  • weigh in approved, let’s get it meowwww #fatkittycakes #furbabyfriday

Heather B. , Tickette and like this photo.


Majestic Kitty pose!
Love it! What is your fur baby's name?

Mn M.

08/30/2019 11:56AM in King Fatty Cakes’ ShameGame30 #FattieLeague

Jen E. , Jamie B. and like this photo.

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Mn M.

We were driving home and my daughter was picking the pepperoni off the other pizza and feeding me :joy:

Jen E.

Looks delish :yum::yum:


08/30/2019 6:31AM in King Fatty Cakes’ ShameGame30 #FattieLeague - via iPhone
  • #FurBabyFriday - Come share your fur babies, feathered babies, scaled babies or even your skin babies if you desire!!!

    This is my Sophie who is much younger here than she is now.

Heather B. , Caffeinator and like this photo.

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Confirmed!!! :grin:


  • This is Gaius who doesn’t give a shit that he took my spot on the sofa and won’t move

Teresa P.

08/29/2019 8:40PM in King Fatty Cakes’ ShameGame30 #FattieLeague
Wait-WUT?!?!?! I join this game and now they automatically use my ending weight from the last game as my start weight for the next game? I realize that makes sense but I might have gone easier on the potato chips and chocolate today had I known.

Tickette , SpoiledRabbit and like this comment.

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That almost happened to me but I believe I selected no when it asked to use my final weigh in as my starting but the app updated again so who knows! I’m sure the refs will fix it for you though! Best of luck :)

Teresa P.

I’m going to just be accountable for the crap I ate yesterday and get back on the wagon today. Thinking it’s mostly water retention from all the salt I ate anyway. I may regret it on the 28th but, sorry future self. Past self is forgiven and present self is going to eat my veg.


08/27/2019 11:44PM in King Fatty Cakes’ ShameGame30 #FattieLeague
  • 11:40pm
    Just had a bowl of cereal 😫 mix of Krave with Frosted Flakes!!! Burp ... need this bet to start ASAP cause I’m falling off the wagon hard

Christopholofigus , Tickette and like this photo.

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Ace Money

Prefunk my dear prefunk


Sameeee, but cereal though :ok_hand:
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