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Need to lose four years of baby weight

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Favorite Health Food: Ceasar salad

Favorite Sinful Food: Cookies

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Crossfit

My Approach to Weight Loss: Diet and exercise

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

Fitness/Exercise Apps: MyFitnessPal

Fitness Devices: LetsCom

DietBet Winnings: $238.89

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Syd Journey

09/09/2019 9:22AM in Syd’s Summer Lovin DietBet! Weekly Prizes $$$
  • Happy Monday and happy weigh in day!! I want to start off by saying how proud Iam of everyone. If you are like me and didn’t reach your goal, DO NOT BE DISAPPOINTED IN YOURSELF. You win some and you lose some and honestly even if you lost 1lb its a win in my opinion! Iam proud of us for trying! And for all of the winners in our game, CONGRATS!!! Way to dig deep for this last week :) ! I hope to see you all in our next Fall DietBet game starting next Monday! For now here are our winners listed:

    Weekly Tracking Challenge Winners: Danielle C and Kate O. (won the $10 Amazon Giftcards)
    Weekend Workout Challenge Winner: Maddalena C ($15 Amazon Giftcard)

    $100 Target Giftcard: Breanna R.

    Ninja Air Fryer: Xoxohall (thats their handle name)

    FitBit Versa: Brook G (wearing a red shirt in her profile picture)

    Winners please send me an email from the email you signed up with on DietBet, just so I can make sure I have the right person :). My email is sydneytrrs@yahoo.com. Thank you so much to everyone that participated!!!

    Link for our next game is below. And again, as always, thank you so much for trusting me as your host! I appreciate it!! Cheers and onto the next one! :)


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Thanks for hosting another great game, Syd! I now have three wins under my (looser!) belt! Definitely signing up for your next game.


Thanks for hosting Syd. I didn’t win. In fact half way through I realised after four months I just needed to 1) unplug and 2) give myself a break from the food tracking and the obsessiveness of large goal weight loss! I still lost weight and I feel so much better for having taken the break! So the last few weeks of September I’m going to slowly get back to the diligent consistent lifestyle and get back to the DietBets in October!

Thanks for being amazing!
Sarah x

Syd Journey

09/08/2019 8:22PM in Syd's Fierce for Fall DietBet! Extra Prizes $
  • **PINNED INSTAGRAM POST** Make sure to share your Instagram handle so we can go ahead and support you <3 Mine is @syd_journey

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@myselfexcavation not that I'm there much but with this game I'm planning to make it a priority

Amber A.

08/14/2019 2:13PM in You are CAPABLE ❤
  • GIVEAWAY!! Everyone worked so hard these last 4 weeks.. I'm so proud of y'all irregardless of if you met the 4% goal or not! So I decided to do a giveaway!! The picture is a little blurry (per usual lol) but it is a health and fitness journal/planner by the Happy Planner brand. The bundle comes with the classic size planner, postit notes and tons of super cute stickers!!! If a man (bc I know there are a couple) wins I can find a more masculine version!!

    TO ENTER: Simply comment below your first name and email! I would also love to hear what you thought of the game :)

    ***Winner will be announced 8/15 @ 7pmCST***

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Marie-Ève L.

Marie-Eve: marieeve_lefebvre@hotmail.fr

This game was perfect to get myself into my fitness journey once again! So much motivation! Thanks a lot! :heart:


i know i missed it as i just saw this now my name is Patti , Patricia, PZ or just plain ole Z ha ha. I am trying to amuse y'all. apachiz@yahoo.com. Amber, you are a great hostess! My first couple of DB's were with a non-present host and while I have nothing but admiration for her and thankful to read her story which ultimately got me to Dietbet, I prefer a more interactive host. Amber popped up in my IG one day, I connected then I saw she was doing her own Dietbet so I joined immediately. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


09/16/2019 6:18PM in Syd's Fierce for Fall DietBet! Extra Prizes $
  • Determined to get that workout in! Doesn’t matter what time it is! 💪💪

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Melissa R.

09/16/2019 6:17PM in Syd's Fierce for Fall DietBet! Extra Prizes $
Will it hurt to weigh in tomorrow? My scale is shipping still😫

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You have up to two weeks to weigh in! So weigh in as soon as it gets here!

Stephanie B.

You will be fine! Just do it ASAP

Syd Journey

09/15/2019 10:27AM in Syd's Fierce for Fall DietBet! Extra Prizes $
  • Happy Sunday everyone!!! Official start date is tomorrow so if you haven’t done your weigh in yet please make sure to do so ASAP. I’m super excited for this game to start and I’m so glad so many of you are putting your health first for the next 4 weeks!! Since more and more people are joining, I thought I would make it a little more fun by doing a $5 Amazon Giftcard Drawing !!! Enter your name below for a chance to win a $5 Amazon Giftcard! I’ll pick three winners on Wednesday morning 9/18/19 PST! Also feel free to invite your friends, family, coworkers, or anyone you feel would love to be apart of our amazing group! I’ll be posting the early sign up winners tomorrow along with our first weekly challenges so stayed tuned!! Cheers friends!

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Jessica B.

Jessica Becerra

Alexandra L.

Alexandra L


09/11/2019 11:53AM in Syd's Fierce for Fall DietBet! Extra Prizes $
I’m Freda from St. Lucia in the Caribbean. Just finished up Syd’s last DietBet on Monday and won and used the money to join this one.

I think she’s the best host ever! And I look forward to doing her dietbets until I get to my goal weight. I have about 20 lbs to lose to reach my goal and I’m hoping to get there by November.

I’m mostly interested in winning the Fitbit or the air fryer! 😊

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Jeanette R.

09/11/2019 10:30AM in Syd's Fierce for Fall DietBet! Extra Prizes $
Hi everyone. This will be my 2nd dietbet. I finished Syd's last dietbet on monday, and WON so I used my winnings to buy into this dietbet. 😀 I love that it really does keep me accountable! I'm trying the Dietbet membership this time as well so we'll see how it goes. Good luck everyone!

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Finding Torikins

I did the same thing!!!


Same thing I did! Just got my money


09/06/2019 7:14PM in Syd’s Summer Lovin DietBet! Weekly Prizes $$$
All goals met this week 💪💪💪

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Syd Journey

09/06/2019 4:09PM in Syd’s Summer Lovin DietBet! Weekly Prizes $$$
  • Happy Friday everyone!! We are almost to the finish line! I hope you have all had a great week so far :). Im still struggling with my own goals at the moment and don't think I'll make my weight by next week, but I won't be giving up!! You never know what can happen :) So if you are struggling too you aren't alone. All we can do is try our best and FIGHT!

    For our last weekend workout challenge I would like to do a free for all :). Im not sure if its hot where you are in the world, but here in California its HUMID AND HOT! So I didn't want to kill everyone with a guided workout plan lol. I was hoping most of us could swim or go for a walk to cool down :) Complete one day this weekend of any activity of your choosing for at least 30-45 min. Ill pick one winner Monday 9/9/19 PST for a $15 Amazon Giftcard. As always, I accept sweaty selfies, screen shots of fitness trackers, or a simple "I did ____ for my activity". We got this strong squad!! FINISH STRONG!

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4mile run :sunglasses:


I spent everyday this week cleaning as my work out, lol, our basement flooded so there was really no choice ! but it made me sweat that's for sure, I got lots of water in and made sure to take my electrolytes as well because I was feeling those headaches coming on knowing I wasn't getting enough! I really wish I hadn't had so many issues posting from my phone on the app so I could have participated in the feed more :( hopefully dietbet works out the kinks with the new update so it runs smoother :) Going to continue to dietbet it up for these last 25 pounds!!!
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