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07/10/2019 12:10PM in Summatime Fine w/ Franny
  • Hello world today was successful at the gym got up laid in bed for 2HOURS bc I didn't wanna go the gym but took my supps and preworkout and forced myself to get in there this am did a 60min fasted cardio and surprised myself with my results HAPPY WEDNESDAY EVERYONE GET THAT CARDIO AND PUMP IN :)

Brenda L. , Cassidy W. and like this photo.

Darby P.

You are killing it!


07/03/2019 7:38PM in Summatime Fine w/ Franny
78% to goal
-12 lbs so far

Feeling ok! Being low on money is hard because there is really no variety with food. I am doing Keto/IF by the way. My long streak with IF so far is 28 hours... Swimming for exercise so far this month. I will start to incorporate some walking when it's not 110°. I am in central Fl.

Hope y'all are doing well!

Briana R. , Nicole S. and like this comment.

Darby P.

You’re doing great! So awesome!!

Darby P.

06/27/2019 10:41AM in Summatime Fine w/ Franny
Anyone have a recommendation for reducing muscle soreness after working out? Monday was leg day...today’s Thursday and I’m still hobbling around like an old woman lol. I already drink BCAAs; tried BioFreeze and it didn’t help. There’s got to be something to make it better lol.

Abbi Zaboo , Ally , SuzieQ and maripolla like this comment.

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Joni C

Take an epsom salt bath, drink lots of water, and lots of stretching! I’m in the same boat tonight.

Regina P.

I third what Grace said! It can be painful but definitely works


06/26/2019 11:26PM in Summatime Fine w/ Franny
  • Has anyone worked out 2 times a day I was thinking cardio for an HR in the am and after my night shift doing weights for 45 min is this a good or bad idea ?? Opinions please :)

IsFrannyFitYet , Gabriela F. and like this photo.

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Do whatever your body will allow you, if you're feeling super energized and your body can take 2 workouts go for it! I used to do double days all the time when I first started!


Sweet!!! Thanks everyone I'm gonna try it out with 3 days a week see how things go :)

Audrey R.

06/25/2019 5:05AM in Summatime Fine w/ Franny
  • Finally after 8 long weeks I hit my first goal!

Mayra C. , Ally and like this photo.

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Nancy M.

Congrats ! That's great!

Bethany M.

Woohoo...great job Audrey!!

Sarah B.

06/23/2019 1:10AM in Summatime Fine w/ Franny
I am joining again for my second in a row! I am hoping to win this dietbet! Last time I lost weight but not enough! Last dietbet I was focused more on nutrition, intermittent fasting and mindset on food! Now this time I want to add in exercise regularly for a minimum of 3 times a week! I think if I can do this this time than I will win my dietbet! If I do it will be the lowest weight I’ve been in 2 years :)

Mayra C. , pummz and like this comment.

Darby P.

You’ve got this!


06/21/2019 10:17AM in Summatime Fine w/ Franny
  • Did a morning fasting workout and was feeling good about the day. But then my eating went downhill. So instead of sitting on the couch feeling guilty and bloated, I got a late night swim in. Not a mega calorie burning session, but I feel better and happy to get back on track. I take it!

Mayra C. , Ivonne M. and like this photo.

Bethany M.

Definitely a win!! You got out there and got moving.

Darby P.

Great recovery!


06/20/2019 10:10AM in Summatime Fine w/ Franny
  • A new low guys!!!! So proud of myself, hope you all are getting ready for our game to start! Encourage friends and family to join the more the merrier and bigger the pot!

    Tomorrow I will post some helpful tips for any newbies on how to get weighed in! You can start weighing in on Saturday but don’t worry you technically have up to 14 days after the game starts to get weighed in (sooner the better tho)

    Make sure these next few days you are putting a plan together for yourself. Physically write out your goals and what you want the next 4 weeks to mean for you, if you need help/questions leave them in the comments so I can respond!


Mayra C. , Kathy B. and like this photo.

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Brook T.

So amazing!! You constantly inspire me!

Amy S.

Congratulations! Recently I’ve dropped the ball and regained lots of weight. Using this dietbet to motivate me to stay consistent with simply being healthy!! (At least staying active and not eating junk food for every meal) :blush: so excited for everyone to reach their goals!!

Darby P.

06/14/2019 10:04AM in Summer slim w/ ISFRANNYFITYET
This game has been a struggle for me. At the first of this week, I was about a pound away and I was super stoked because I thought it was doable to win in the last week...then I get on the scale this morning and 3lbs appeared overnight. I’m going back and forth between laughing about it and being pissed. I went ahead and signed up for the next game. Being able to see that I’m not the only one struggling makes me appreciate how hard this really is.

HW , Abbi Zaboo and like this comment.

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Glad your already planning on sticking with it and doing the next one. Great mindset! :muscle::thumbsup: you got this!!!


Same exact thing Franny said. Sticking to my exercise schedule and nutrition with zero slip ups. The past two wks I have been bouncing around the same two lbs. Nothing more for me to do but give my body time.

Katie C.

06/12/2019 8:47PM in Summer slim w/ ISFRANNYFITYET
  • Left is April 20th right is today. Not sure I see a difference, what do you guys think

Abbi Zaboo , Keisa P. and like this photo.

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Bethany M.

Absolutely Katie!! Have you taken measurements?!?


I see it! You may be having a hard time because you are standing closer to the camera in today’s picture. That can confuse the eye!
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