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Caitlyn J.

To be the healthiest version of myself!

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Favorite Health Food: Tuna and Egg Salad

Favorite Sinful Food: Cheeseburgers and French Fries

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Kickboxing and Full Body Circuits

My Approach to Weight Loss: Calorie Deficit and a good mind set

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: Calorie Deficit

Fitness/Exercise Apps: I don't use any apps

Fitness Devices: Apple Watch, Pulse Heart Rate Monitor

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-2.6% 1-Month Change-4 lbs
-4.6% Lifetime Change-7.2 lbs

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Caitlyn J. accepted the challenge.
04/27/2019 10:46AM in Fatgirlfedup's Post Easter Spring Slim Down
The pot is now $180,180

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04/24/2019 9:08AM in Syd’s April to May Slay Diet Bet $$PRIZES$$ - via iPhone
It’s only been 2 days and the struggle is real. Days off work are hard as I get so bored. I’m trying to read and crochet but my stupid sugar addiction won’t shut up. I’ll feel so empowered each day I get through without caving 💪

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Jennifer H.

And it does get easier!! Hang in there!

Jessica M.

sugar addiction is no joke!


04/24/2019 8:37AM in Syd’s April to May Slay Diet Bet $$PRIZES$$ - via android
  • Getting a little exercise in on my lunch break.

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Caitlyn J.

That's awesome! Keep it up

Jennifer H.

04/24/2019 7:48AM in Syd’s April to May Slay Diet Bet $$PRIZES$$ - via iPhone
I started my first dB with Syd on October. I haven’t missed one and have won them all. I’m down 68 from then. I’m in Disneyland with my daughter. This is the 3 trip here since October. The progression has been awesome. The first time I was nervous. I had to bring a scale to weigh out for a bet. I now know I can be here. I’m honestly not even tempted by the food here. I can find healthy things, and drink tons of water. It’s so liberating to not have any anxiety about spilling over the seat or grabbing the seatbelt before I sit down, because I wouldn’t be able to see it after. There is just so much worry when you’re morbidly obese.. I feel so grateful! I get to really focus on my quality time with my daughter and not food or if I can get an end seat.

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Paula M.

That’s amazing! So inspiring. Congrats!

Syd Journey

This honestly brings me so much job Jennifer! Im so beyond happy and inspired by you!!!


04/24/2019 7:12AM in Syd’s April to May Slay Diet Bet $$PRIZES$$ - via iPhone
Day 2: USTA tennis match!And we won, so yay us! :) Fun way to get in 90 minutes of exercise, outdoors in the beautiful weather. Lunch AND dinner was salad from Cava (half lunch and have dinner), using my birthday credit. Still eating too many sweets though.

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Caitlyn J.

Congrats on the win! And sweets are my weakness too, especially during these holidays !!!

Cari P.

04/24/2019 6:24AM in Syd’s April to May Slay Diet Bet $$PRIZES$$ - via android
This dietbet is my first time having also joined as a member. I went to add my current weight and it gives me the option for official weight update or unofficial weight update. I've never seen this before. Is there any pro/con to doing one or other or is there a certain day I'm supposed do the official update?

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Caitlyn J.

Official weigh ins are the first and last of the diet bet to basically confirm your results to win! The unofficial ones are just so you can keep track, that's why you don't need to take photos with them!


The official weigh ins are how members participate in the Weekly Progress Prize contest. If you submit an official weigh in every week, then you get entered every week.


04/24/2019 4:46AM in Syd’s April to May Slay Diet Bet $$PRIZES$$
35 min treadmill interval run completed! Love when I can get it done in the morning!!!

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Caitlyn J.

Morning workouts are my favorite!

Caitlyn J.

04/23/2019 6:18PM in Syd’s April to May Slay Diet Bet $$PRIZES$$
Hit a non scale victory today! Was noticing my bra had been feeling much looser than usual these last few days and was able to remove my bra extender !!! Although its just an added 3 inches it still is crazy compared to last year where the straps were digging into me ! Have you guys gotten any non-scale victories lately ? :)

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Syd Journey

Yes!!! I love that NSV!


04/23/2019 6:09PM in Syd’s April to May Slay Diet Bet $$PRIZES$$ - via android

    Grabbed a run/walk today. It was mostly a walk today but at least I was moving. I still am freaked out about my fitbit not working/really hard to run intervals when you can't time yourself.

    10K is less than 2 weeks away??!

Ellen K. , Syd Journey and like this photo.

Caitlyn J.

You got this !




04/23/2019 5:37PM in Syd’s April to May Slay Diet Bet $$PRIZES$$ - via iPhone
It’s day two (or four I guess since I weighed in early) and I’m already struggling to keep my binge eating at bay. Any suggestions? I’m an emotional eater; stressed, sad, happy, angry, etc.

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Jennifer H.

For me, I have found that not turning to food at all because of emotions has been a better habit to develop. I have found a hard cardio workout (like spin) really helps with my anxiety. I have also found that fueling my body with clean food : protein, fruits, vegetables, etc.. literally cures my mild depression. I’ve been consistent for 6 months now and my emotions are so much more manageable. Sleeping 8 hours and drinking a gallon of water have also helped. Self care has been new for me, but so worth it.

Jennifer H.

Also, before I eat anything suspect, I think about how it will make me feel.. physically, emotionally, etc..
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