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To be able to keep up with my toddler and unleash my inner MILF

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Favorite Health Food: Salad

Favorite Sinful Food: Cookie cake

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Walking

My Weight Loss Program: Weight Watchers

DietBet Winnings: $135.77

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Syd Journey

05/22/2019 11:55AM in Syd’s Do it for You DietBet! Extra Prizes $$$
  • **Pinned Instagram Post**
    Hey Strong Squad! Go ahead and post your Instagram below so we can check out your page and support you! Also feel free to tag me on your IG posts and stories! I love seeing your progress :) My IG is @syd_journey. Use #sydsdietbet <3

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Irene O.




Syd Journey

06/10/2019 8:31AM in Syd’s Do it for You DietBet! Extra Prizes $$$
  • Good Morning Strong Squad!! First off WOW! I am absolutely blown away by how many of y’all participated! That makes me so incredibly happy and inspired! So thank you :). Here are our three winners from the challenge: Elisabeth King, Smurf, and Clark P. Also congratulations to our weekend workout challenge winners: JulieAnn M and Sass. Winners please email me at sydneytrrs@yahoo.com to claim your $10 Amazon Giftcard. Im so proud of everyone that participated! We made it past week #1 !! Awesome job everyone!

    Now onto the next challenge. This is something I struggle with a ton as Im sure others do as well: The actual diet portion of weightless. So hopefully this challenge will help all of us stay on track for week #2. The Food Tracking Challenge! This week I want for all of us to track our eating. You can either write it in a personal journal, use My Fitness Pal (thats what I personally use) or any app you choose. You can do a simple “ I tracked my food today” or you can use screen shots or even pictures of your meals. Feel free to post daily or you can wait until the end of the week to let me know you tracked everyday. Im fine with either :) Post on the DietBet wall or the Facebook page as I check both places daily. I will go ahead and pick two winners this week for a $10 Amazon Giftcard on Monday morning 6/17/19 PST. Good luck everyone and stay strong! We got this!!

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Paige H.

I love tracking my food, I do it every day!!

lisa s.

I track every day through my Fitbit app!

Syd Journey

06/07/2019 11:54AM in Syd’s Do it for You DietBet! Extra Prizes $$$
  • HAPPY FRIDAY!! Weekend workout #1 is here!! Im going to try and keep these posted a little earlier than usual for the time difference for most players. As always you can feel free to modify each exercise as needed. I tried to post some modification options for people that suffer with knee problems like myself. If you still can’t do these then no worries! Do what you can this weekend and I’ll count it as a participation. My goal is to get all of us to stay active as we go into the weekend :) ! Since we have such a big group this time, I’ll go ahead and pick two winners on Monday morning 6/10/19 for a $10 Amazon Giftcard! A simple post of “I completed the challenge” will work. Post on either the DietBet wall or the Facebook group page. I check both places. Good luck Strong Squad !!! We can do this !!!

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Jessica S.

Running a little behind but got it done this morning

Linh H.

  • Got it done!


06/03/2019 5:35PM in Syd’s Do it for You DietBet! Extra Prizes $$$ - via iPhone
  • How is this for a workout? I climbed above the airplane! I never would have even considered it 30 pounds ago!

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Diana V.

I love that museum!!! Great job Emily!

Rachel R.

Wow! Super impressed!

Syd Journey

06/03/2019 9:17AM in Syd’s Do it for You DietBet! Extra Prizes $$$
  • Welcome everyone!! I hope you are all weighed in and ready to go. I'll be honest, Ive been on the struggle bus lately with my eating habits and getting myself to the gym. But that is all changing starting today! If you are new to my DietBet games, please make sure you introduce yourselves. I have weekly and weekend workout challenges for everyone to participate in which are at no extra cost to you. All you have to do is participate. The challenges and prizes are open internationally so everyone has a chance to win! Before I lay out the first challenge, I would like to congratulate our Early Sign Up Winners: Jacqui W. and Berenice R. Please email me at sydneytrrs@yahoo.com to collect your $20 Amazon Giftcards.

    If y’all have been playing my games for a while you already know which challenge I LOVE starting out with…….DRUM ROLL PLEASE….The Staying Active Challenge! This will always be a favorite kick start challenge of mine! I want for each of us to really focus on getting at least 30-40 minutes of exercise for 4-5 days this week. You can walk, run, swim, take an exercise class, or anything else that gets your heart rate pumping! If you are just starting out your weight loss journey, I highly recommend starting off with walking. I walked everyday for 2 months for 20 minuets at a time and it really helped me shed some pounds. Im personally going to focus on jogging and getting my strength training in by following the BBG program. Feel free to post daily when you finish your workout on either the DietBet or Facebook page. I check both places. A simple "I did __ today" or you can post a screen shot of your watch tracker including your workout. I will go ahead and pick 3 winners this time on Monday morning 6/10/19 PST for a $10 Amazon Giftcard. So gear up and lets get moving Strong Squad!

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Nikki B.

  • Skipped 2 days last week... so on Saturday I did them ALL to catch up! 💪

Nikki B.

  • And today!

Amy Frat

05/29/2019 7:14PM in Syd’s Do it for You DietBet! Extra Prizes $$$ - via android
  • Cycled 10 miles today

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Dang that’s a long way! You go girl!


05/27/2019 2:59PM in Syd’s Do it for You DietBet! Extra Prizes $$$ - via iPhone
  • I’m back for diet bet #2 with Syd after success with the first one. Can’t wait! Luckily this starts after our family trip to St. Louis- I’ll get to enjoy some good BBQ before initial weigh-in 😂😂 here’s my before/current weight loss status since starting in January. What you can’t see in this pic is my mama belly and thunder thighs, so workouts, here I come!

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Rachel P.

05/26/2019 3:33PM in Syd’s Do it for You DietBet! Extra Prizes $$$ - via iPhone
Hey everyone! I’m a 30 year old full time shift working nurse and mom of 2 from Canada. Just had my third delivery in September of last year (a surrogate babe) and am struggling to lose the weight and get back on track ever since! I have tried one DietBet before and totally gave up on myself. NOT THIS TIME!! Ready to take things up a notch and make 30 my best year yet!

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I’m a nurse too!


05/12/2019 12:59PM in SPRING TO YOUR GOALS W/ FRANNY - via iPhone
  • Last few hours of our game!! Just wanted to reminder you all not to give up and push has hard as you can.
    Probably not going to pull a win out of this game which I’m ok with this time around, I know I have made progress and lost weight so that’s still a win! I hope as many of you as possible win your money back and prove yourself wrong these last few weeks!

    Make sure to tag me in your posts tomorrow win or lose I want to see and hear about your progress. Also, if you’d like drop me a comment on how this dietbet has helped you or encouraging words that I can share with others to show them how helpful dietbet can be! I want feed back from you all on this game and how I can be better for you all in the next game!

    Next game starts 5/20 and I hope you will all join me in another 3 weeks! All final giveaway winners will be posted later this evening!


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Jessica P.

I agree with Judith H. that it was nice to see you active here, Franny. This was a first for me that the dietbet host interacted with posts.

Shana O.

Well...I didn't meet my goal LOL only 3 lbs away. But, I did love it, and I did make progress either way! Franny, your workouts were great, def helped me switch up my routine!


05/03/2019 4:21PM in SPRING TO YOUR GOALS W/ FRANNY - via iPhone
  • Happy Friday everyone so the challenge this weekend is just simply to try a new machine at the gym! I want you guys to step out of your comfort zone, remember nothing challenging comes from them. I know it's easy to get intimidated at the gym and sometimes not know where to start but take a chance on yourself and do something this weekend that you normally wouldn't.

    My goal this weekend is to use the Smith machine for bench press.. I don't usually have an issue with working out around men since I do Crossfit I have grown accustom to it BUT something about the regular gym and it being so unfamiliar gets the best of me. I usually only do bench if my boyfriend is around but this weekend, actually tonight I will challenge myself to do it alone. One thing I find extremely helpful when battling gym anxiety is to just blast my music. Believe it or not I am insecure at times so tuning everyone out helps.

    Sometime before Sunday come back to this post and let me know what you challenged yourself with! It can be anything. Try a new weight machine or my favorite try the stair master for the first time! I promise you won't regret challenging yourself!


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I tried some new exercises I haven’t done before and a heavier weight than normal on my deadlifts!

Cherice H.

I tried the stair master for the first time (been too scared until now) and was able to complete 18 minutes. At least I did it! I’ll try again on a non leg day and see if I can last longer :thumbsup:
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