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+1.1% Since last weigh-in+1.8 lbs
-3.9% 1-Month Change-6.4 lbs
-23.6% Lifetime Change-49.2 lbs

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Jestine L. has weighed in at 159.4 pounds, up 1.8 pounds
09/18/2019 6:05PM in Back to School, Back to You w/ Chris & Heidi

now at 0% of their goal

Total weight lost is now 959 pounds! Average is 0.4 pounds.

Maria O.

I joined DB less than 3 months ago so far I have played 5 games played 4 games and one ongoing. I plan on using my payout to join more.
I have lots over 40 lb in less than 3 months. I am fine with that I don’t even care if I get just my 30 back as long as I loss the weight. This is not a money making app for me. It a place where I seek motivation to stick to my journey. Once I reach my goal weight, I will cash out and go shopping.
If you are looking to make money, you are in the wrong place. You will make some but not that much.

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I have played 45 Dietbets and have only lost 1 game. I have not only lost weight but so far my net profit adds up to $641.17 USD but I’m Canadian so that’s over $800.00 CAD that has gone into my pocket. And that is net, so that is after deducting the cost of playing the games. So I’m happy with both the money and the loss of weight results.

Maria O.

Personally as I have said, I do not care how much diet bet or the host keeps as long as I do my part loss the weight and get my $30 back. My investment at the beginning of my journey was $65 now I have about $100 and one more game closing soon and I have lost 40lb on this game and 57 overall journey just in less than 6 months. I am fine
I just need a 100 lb more and I am good

Jestine L.

  • Final weight submited, and I made my goal! This win makes 10 out 10! A bigger win is that I started my journey at 218.6 a size 16/17 in March of this year. I have been holding onto a pair of Silver jeans size 32 for years(literally years)...hoping to one day get back into them. I have been refraining from trying on clothes till I made it to my all time goal, but I thought today what the heck! Tried the 32's on and they were TOO BIG!! So I went to the store this morning just out of curiosity, and OMG im a 28 in Silvers a size 6 normal size!!!!!! So I bought the 28's and some shirts Mediums/Larges....in the juniors section at that! 60.6 pounds down from March! I'm loving the new me❤❤❤

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Delisha C.

That's incredible!! There's Hope for me!

Betsy D.


Lauren H.

It's saying I can now submit my weight, its giving me the word and everything but not letting me submit my pic, is there a bug?? X

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Try to turn on the location on your camera settings.

Jenny W.

Mine did the same. I submitted my weight through their website on my phone.
Jestine L. has weighed in at 160 pounds, up 3 pounds
09/15/2019 6:05PM in Sweatin Through September W/ Franny

now at 37% of their goal

Total weight lost is now 2,406 pounds! Average is 2.6 pounds.

Jestine L.

09/09/2019 3:04PM in Breanne's Fat Blast
  • Quick question, so I still have 1lb to go to hit my goal. Everyday I always submit an "unofficial" weight. Today after I submitted my "unoffical" weight I got an email I lost. I thought the offical weight out doesnt end till 11:59pm on 9/10. Did i just screw myself? I still have the option the submit my weigh out on the screen
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Unless you submitted the 2 photos, it does not count as an official weight. Unofficial weigh-ins are just that, unofficial. If that's what your screen looks like then you can still submit an official weigh in with pics and win if you lose that last pound. I suggest first thing in the morning

Taylor E.

Mine did the same thing after I submitted my pics it said I won it won’t count officially until you submit your pics
Jestine L. has weighed in at 162.4 pounds, up 2 pounds
09/06/2019 6:05PM in Sweatin Through September W/ Franny

now at 0% of their goal

Total weight lost is now 1,073 pounds! Average is 1.2 pounds.

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Jestine L. has weighed in at 163.4 pounds, up 1.2 pounds
09/02/2019 6:05PM in Sweatin Through September W/ Franny

now at 0% of their goal

Total weight lost is now 145 pounds! Average is 0.2 pounds.

Jestine L.

08/29/2019 1:29PM in Midsummer Melt with Franny
  • So proud of myself, I have been sticking to my goal for 6 months (which is something cause I never have went longer than a week before) and I have a little over 20 lbs to my all time goal weight of 140 lbs. Started Feb 28th, 2019 at 218.6. This DietBet win makes 8 wins out of 8 games. Congratulations to everyone who won, and those of you who didn't, stick to it and never give up!

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Megan C.

Yup, I think I'm done with DietBets for awhile... 4% is harder and harder every month. I really liked the Transformer I did! And you really get to know the people!

Crystal L.

That is Amazing Jestine!!
Jestine L. has weighed in at 165.4 pounds, up 2 pounds
08/23/2019 6:05PM in Midsummer Melt with Franny

now at 100% of their goal

Total weight lost is now 2,758 pounds! Average is 3.3 pounds.

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