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Pernille P.

07/20/2021 7:41AM in #FF40s Round 4
6.4 pounds down. While I didn’t make the goal it’s better than gaining. Feels good being a looser.

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Julie H.

Way to go! Over 6 lbs lost is a WIN!!!

jenn k.

That’s incredible- especially during summer. Great job!

Amanda T.

07/16/2021 8:24AM in Fatgirlfedup's Summer Startup
I’m 71% towards my goal… I just need to stay strong & stay on task for the next 10 days!!! 😊

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Rebecca K.

You've got this! Ive got 2lbs to go. Lets finish this strong. :)


Nice work!
Julie H. has weighed in at xxx pounds, down 1.8 pounds
07/11/2021 4:05PM in #FF40s Round 4

Total weight lost is now 32 pounds! Average is 1.6 pounds.

Carmen B.

07/05/2021 6:58AM in Fatgirlfedup's Summer Startup
Oh no! I have more weight to lose than when I first joined the game. Time to get serious!

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Same here!

Keisa P.

Ugh after the holiday me tooo!

Megan L.

07/03/2021 10:13PM in Goal Getter Transformer - Win a Home Gym!
  • Got 'em today!!!

    I decided to nix the distance ring from my dashboard. Not actually seeing them all closed when I know I made my personal goal was bad for my mental health.

    My personal goal is 3.11 miles in a day and for some reason it is defaulting at 5 miles of distance a day. It does not count the distance in my bike ride today either. Boo.

    The bike ride today was awesome! I started just about 9:30 when the sun was almost set. The whole way I got to see my neighbors fireworks displays. So cool! The feel of wind at my cheeks on a hot night. Sunset, fireworks, and sweat!! Loved it!!

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Keith A.

Great workout, Megan! I love the fireworks ride - I've enjoyed runs to see Christmas lights before, it's always a nice break from the monotony of the workout!

Julie H.

I have mine set for 3.11 miles (8,000 steps) as well. I normally ride my bike each day, too, so figure it all adds up. If you click on your steps in the Fitbit app, then click on the little settings gear in the upper right, you can change the goal steps/distance to whatever you prefer. It'll then close it out each day you hit your goals instead of requiring 5 miles. :blush:

Mia L.

07/02/2021 3:37AM in #FF40s Round 4
How is everyone doing? I seem to be stuck. I have a hired a nutritionist/trainer, so I am excited to see what she has for me!
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Mia L.

Alisha Benson Bidetti from FF40s! I have no interest in macro tracking, so she has devised a plan for me where I don’t have to! Just tracking calories and protein. She’s awesome!

Julie H.

I'm feeling a bit stuck as well, but I know why. Making good food choices has been a struggle the last two weeks. I won last round by smallest margin. I'm hoping I straighten out my eating after today.
Julie H. has weighed in at xxx pounds, down 2.4 pounds
06/29/2021 6:09AM in #FF40s Round 4

Total weight lost is now 13 pounds! Average is 0.7 pounds.


06/16/2021 3:39PM in Fatgirlfedup's Summer Preparation DietBet
  • It was about 80 degrees at 11am this morning so decided to get 2 miles in with the hubby before it got too hot today. Love our walks & talks together! Did you workout today?

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Alicia G.

I did a walk early in the morning before work.


Got in a walk this morning, but not as long as wanted, thankfully the kids are done today so if I over-snooze again I won't be in such a rush to get back.

Monica T.

06/16/2021 7:17AM in #FF40s Round 3
I only hit 26% of goal this round, but I’m counting that as success. One family birthday, one graduation, a camping trip, continued recovery from surgery and one super heavy, stressful ongoing mental health struggle in my house and I didn’t gain weight? That’s a huge win in my book. ALSO, on Sunday my husband looked at me and asked “have you lost weight? You look so much leaner!”

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Mia L.

Love this!!



Jennifer M.

06/16/2021 5:22AM in Fatgirlfedup's Summer Preparation DietBet
I’m out of town this week. If I don’t have a digital scale to weigh in on for my progress weigh in what do I do? Will I get kicked out of the game if I don’t weigh in this week?

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Jennifer M.

I guess it’s DB. It’s not the weigh out. It’s the weekly weigh in. I’ve never done this before so I don’t know if it’s required or not. But I’m out of town and I went to target and bought a scale, took my pictures and took the scale back because I have a perfectly good scale at home lol. I got a notification saying I needed to weigh in again. So I went to Walgreens and got a different scale because that’s what was closest to our hotel. I’ve weighed in 3 more times since then in the same exact clothes on the same scale the last 3 times in the same place and I keep getting the same notification that I need to weigh in again. I don’t know what else to do. The pictures all have the required things in them. My weight of course has fluctuated a couple ounces here and there throughout the day but they’ve all been super close. What am I doing wrong? I haven’t had a single problem on any of the weekly weigh ins. Not sure what’s wrong. I’ve worked so hard and I’ve met my goal so I don’t wanna just give up and lose my money.

Francesca W

I am confused as to why they are telling you to weigh in again? Are you a member? Maybe if you are a member, when you weigh-in, I believe you win prizes. I am not a member so I’ve only weighed in when the DB was over. Can you screenshot and share the weigh-in again message? I think if you weigh in on the 21st when the diet that is over, you will be fine with any scale.
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