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Favorite Health Food: Broccoli

Favorite Sinful Food: Salt&Vinegar Chips

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Walking

Fitness/Exercise Apps: MyFitnessPal, Fitbit

DietBet Winnings: $103.96

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Samantha B.

06/13/2019 4:15PM in MOLSINSPIRES - THE LAST CHANCE FOR SUMMER - via iPhone
  • MADE IT!!!! so stoked!

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Tanya M.

Ohhhh I’m so doing that tomorrow after work!!


Is Molly doing another bet? If not what beta are y’all doing next?

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Julie P.

Ilana Muhlstein! I won $28 on her last one :blush:

Samantha B.

06/13/2019 1:22PM in MOLSINSPIRES - THE LAST CHANCE FOR SUMMER - via iPhone
Yalllll I am fighting to the finish!! 😂I am 0.4lbs from my goal and I am determined not to lose this bet!! I’ve got 10hrs according to my timer and I’m so nervous. Anyone still pushing with me???

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Lauren H.

You’ve got this!

Crystal C.

I pushed it & barely squeaked thru! Hope you made it too!

Laura Lea L.

06/12/2019 6:21AM in MOLSINSPIRES - THE LAST CHANCE FOR SUMMER - via android
  • Thought there would be a more noticeable difference but I did it ! Congratulations to everyone that made it ??

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Laura Lea L.

Thanks so much guys :heart:

Samantha B.

I did my first dietbet immediately before this one and thought the same thing!! I still can’t tell a difference honestly and I’m almost 10lbs down. BUT my resting heart rate is down almost 10bpm and the scale has moved so I’m sticking to the process. Results will show soon enough! Congrats!!

Sarah C.

  • The scale has been moving in the right direction.....but very slow! I have 2.3 pounds to lose. Is it possible? If so what can I do? I'm drinking a gallon of water a day.

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Im towards the end of a 42 hour fast (eating at 7pm tonight). I was holding onto a ton of water, and by drinking a good amount, roughly a gallon, and consuming a good amount if salt, with a touch of butter here and there (fat doesn't break a fat, carbs and protein do...), I finally dropped 2lbs of water! I don't have a large intestine to clean out but if you do, it can clean it the sludge that adds weight! And it's super healthy for you :heart_eyes:

Samantha B.

I’m with you!! I still have 3.2lbs to lose and I work night shift, so my eating and sleep will be out of whack. I’m pushing water and eating clean (have egg roll in a bowl prepped for work meals).. I can’t fast while working, and I’ve been on my cycle the past week, so I’m hoping my body lets go of another 2lbs before weigh in


I started to look for another game since nothing motivate me more than loosing my own money. And my niece wedding is coming. What games are going to do next?

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Melissa W.

I'm looking around, but kind of nervous. I'm afraid since I did so well this round, my weight loss will slow significantly AND I have a trip home to Chicago and I know temptation will be everywhere. Ahhh I can't decide!


More reason to do it!! Might help you stay on track better when going home :blush:

Merisa G.

06/07/2019 7:22AM in MOLSINSPIRES - THE LAST CHANCE FOR SUMMER - via android
How long do we have on the 13th to weigh in? I work nights so I want to weigh in when I wake up in the afternoon. Will that be too late? If I'm at my goal I'm going to weigh in the day before

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Samantha B.

Glad you asked!! I work nights also and have to work Sun/mon/tues this week... knowing I have til Thursday makes me a little less nervous :raised_hands:

Merisa G.

I live in Utah so it's Mountain Standard Time. I just gotta plan out the best time to weigh. It probably isn't right when I get off work. Haha


05/27/2019 1:54PM in MOLSINSPIRES - THE LAST CHANCE FOR SUMMER - via android
  • Turkey chili ?? In place of tortilla chips,I love to dip celery in my chili. It has a nice crunch to it!

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Haha Lexa I actually hate celery. I only like it in this instance because I cover it with delicious chili :joy::joy:

mols inspire

such a good idea with the celery!

Mary D.

05/23/2019 10:53PM in MOLSINSPIRES - THE LAST CHANCE FOR SUMMER - via android
I'm heavier than when I started....this is not going according to plan 🙈

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Ali H.

Hey that’s okay!! You totally got this. Weight fluctuates on the daily, it’s totally normal!

mols inspire

stay patient and develop your discipline
hard work works!!