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Samantha B.

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Favorite Health Food: Broccoli

Favorite Sinful Food: Salt&Vinegar Chips

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Walking

Fitness/Exercise Apps: MyFitnessPal, Fitbit

DietBet Winnings: $103.96

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-0.8% Since last weigh-in-1.3 lbs
-1.9% 1-Month Change-3 lbs
-6.5% Lifetime Change-10.7 lbs

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Felicia K.

07/26/2019 8:38AM in Felicia Fitness Health's Summer DietBet!
*Giveaway and Weigh Out instructions*
Good morning everyone and happy Friday! Final weigh ins begin Monday and last until Tuesday (as late as 11:59 pm that night) It will be the same process as when you weighed in! Once weigh ins begin you will get a word that you need to write down. Once your weight is submitted and verified, you will get an email saying you won! (This can take anywhere from a few hours to a whole day, just be patient!) After everyone has submitted their weight and the weigh ins have ended, you’ll learn how much money you get back! I’m so excited for everyone! If you don’t hit your goal, remember it’s not just about that here in my games. You took the leap for yourself and JOINED. That’s so huge in itself. You hopefully gained some motivation, ideas and tips while also losing a few lbs! I will be hosting another game October 1st and I would love you to see you all there again 💗 Thank you for being so amazing! Today I will be giving away a 12 pack of smartsweets (flavor of your choice). Just comment below with any emoji/comment you want! Nothing specific today :)

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Catie D.

When do we find out what we win?



Syd Journey

07/22/2019 10:51AM in Syd’s Summer Lovin DietBet! Weekly Prizes $$$
  • Hello and welcome to our 7th DietBet game of the year! My name is Sydney and Ill be your host for this 4 week challenge! As more people join in please tell us a little bit about yourself: your name, where you are from, what prize you are most excited about, and of course your overall reason for joining. Also please make sure to upload a picture to your profile as we love to put faces to names :) Settings > account settings > upload photo.

    If it’s your first time joining my games then WELCOME! Ive been hosting DB games for almost a year now and I can honestly say that our group is the most fun and interactive. For this game I will be giving away a Ninja Air Fryer, a FitBit Versa, Motiv8 products, a Hydroflask Water Bottle, a $100 Target Giftcard, along with tons of Amazon Giftcards. There will be lots of chances to win :) .

    EARLY SIGN UP REWARD: (First 200 people to sign up are eligible to win a $10 Amazon Gift card)
    Winner #1- Brandi
    Winner #2- Rhonda H.
    Winner #3- Abby W.
    Winner #4- Sam W.
    Weekly Challenge Winners will receive a $10 Amazon Giftcard (three winners picked each week) If you are from another country we can figure out a different gift card type.
    Weekly Challenge #1 Winner - Krissie F.
    Weekly Challenge #1 Winner – Victoria C.

    Weekly Challenge #1 Winner - Gabriela C.
    Weekend Challenge #1 Winner- Sara B. 

    Weekly Challenge #2 Winner- Andrea W.
    Weekly Challenge #2 Winner - Sam Wilson
    Weekend Challenge #2 Winner - Tiffany M and Karen J
    Weekly Challenge #3 Winner - Kyndra0415 (Hydroflask Winner)
    Weekly Challenge #3 Winner - CaminoChick and Robyn F
    Weekend Challenge #3 Winner - Nichole T and Sophie K.
    Weekly Challenge #4 Winner – Danielle C and Kate O
    Weekend Challenge #4 Winner- Maddalena C

    $100 Target Giftcard: Breanna R.


    Ninja Air Fryer: Xoxohall (thats their handle name) 


    FitBit Versa: Brook G (wearing a red shirt in her profile picture)  

    MVP: Person who invites the most people to the game gets a special prize $$$!!!

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I am so happy to have won an Air Fryer! I keep searching for one then stopping at the price and I've won one so now I can try crunchy healthy things. Thank you so much Syd!

Syd Journey

IM so happy for you!!! It should be at your home by tomorrow :) ! Congrats my girl!

Samantha B.

09/10/2019 11:19PM in Syd’s Summer Lovin DietBet! Weekly Prizes $$$
I literally tried til the last 1.5hrs... 62% completed.. lost 4lbs, was short 2.4. This was my 4th dietbet and I’m now 2W/2L.

Congrats to all who won!

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Samantha B.

09/08/2019 6:46PM in Syd’s Summer Lovin DietBet! Weekly Prizes $$$
  • Week 4, day 7. Cant believe I stayed strong all weekend and stuck to all 3 components 😁 I still have 3.7lbs to lose but I’ve been so strict all week and saw zero progress until this morning so I’m hopeful I’ll see more in the next 48hrs. Both games I’ve won were by the skin of my teeth so if you’re still a little ways away too, dont give up!! Keep pushing until the very last minute! Sometimes your body will absolutely surprise you!

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Syd Journey

So so true!!!!

Samantha B.

09/07/2019 7:16PM in Syd’s Summer Lovin DietBet! Weekly Prizes $$$
  • Week 4, day 6 still going strong with all 3 parts!

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Samantha B.

09/07/2019 7:19AM in Syd’s Summer Lovin DietBet! Weekly Prizes $$$
  • Weekend workout challenge complete! 52min walk.

    Woke up this morning completely bummed that the scale went UP 0.1lbs. I just don’t understand. But instead of wallowing, sleeping in longer, or going to drown my discouragement in a McDonalds chicken biscuit, I threw on my workout clothes and got outside. Hoping my progress is just lagging and will show ASAP. Now to drink alllllll the water. Happy Saturday, guys!

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Samantha B.

09/06/2019 7:54PM in Syd’s Summer Lovin DietBet! Weekly Prizes $$$
  • Week 4, day 5 complete. 👍 Despite sticking to all parts, the number on the scale still isn’t moving. I have something like 6lbs or so to lose to meet my goal. 😫 I’m trying so hard not to get discouraged and finish strong. 💪 I’ve got two screenshots tonight because my Fitbit isn’t connecting to MFP like usual and is only showing my calories from one category. ??????? I’ll post my food log in the comments if it will let me, if not I’ll make it a second post..

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Samantha B.

Samantha B.

09/05/2019 8:44PM in Syd’s Summer Lovin DietBet! Weekly Prizes $$$
  • Week 4, day 4, all complete.

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Samantha B.

09/04/2019 9:00PM in Syd’s Summer Lovin DietBet! Weekly Prizes $$$
  • Week 4, day 3 complete
    I absolutely thought I was going to bomb today and instead rocked it harder than I have in weeeeks! 😁

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Michelle A.

09/04/2019 5:50PM in Syd’s Summer Lovin DietBet! Weekly Prizes $$$
I've been hitting my step goal, water goal and food goals, but don't think it will be enough to meet my weight goal. So sad.

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Michelle tell us more about the problem. Maybe we can help...

Michelle A.

I started so strong but now I'm so close to the goal but afraid it's not attainable in the couple of days we have left. Oh well... at least I'm on the right track.
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